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      Bears play cards while diplomats wait

      And children die

      Somewhere I knew all these things and more

      But not here

      Eggs, sausage and grits at the diner

      The butter sun sliding west across the gritty wasteland

      Under the humming flourescent sky

      I look up from my coffee to discover

      A certain density of atmosphere

      Atoms whirl and collide while the waitress

      refills cups and smiles a plastic smile

      I know this too but remember

      My son growing up

      My lovers laying down

      Sweet release now in slow dropping light

      While the truckers hunker and burble

      The old man hacks and hacks

      It does not matter

      Everything and no thing appears

      Loses focus and is gone

     I don't mind

      I go back to my eggs and the still melting butter

- Ken Peters


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