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Poetry Archives of Ken Peters | Poem


Poetry  Archives of Ken Peters

A Day With the Dogs  / A Million Miles Away

A Small Prayer  / A Sojourn of Nine Poems

  All Our Lives  / An Elegy for Corinne and Ben

Architecture  / at a loss

Banishing Darkness  / Bearings  / between the waters

Blood So Blue  / Born That November  / Boxes

Breaking Fast  / come too far  / Doggerel  /  dubious apogee


Evening, Evening  / feel the power  / Golem

Horror Story  / Hutchinson Island At Dusk

I Don't Believe In Fate / I Forgot About Until Just Now

I Love the Baby Cheeses

 In Need Of Reprieve (When I'm Alone)

 is it coo coo to Bossa Nova?  / It Is

Learning To Drum / Leoniods  / Life Saver

lighter than air  / little smoke

Mask Making & Music  /  Meet In A Sandwich

Misguided  /  Morning, Morning  / N’Awlins

No Room In The Life Boat

Openings, Orifices and Opportunities

 Opus Opa  /  Ovipositing  / Paradigms

 Reasonable Priced Religion Wanted

Relief  / Remains / Say It Three Times / Shrug

so much for pretending / Solipsism / Sometimes

Stone Cold Sober / Sundownsuperstitious

Sushi Blues

the bum's rushing / the color of cotton

the imperfect gardner

the poker game at the end of time

The War At My Doorstep  / to and fro  / to be rich

top o' the food chain to you

tripplin / warning for a young woman

  warning from the government

Waves On The Shore  /  Windows  / Why This Gravity

Who / who will

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