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Heartsong Rising | Poem


to River.  /..to Moongate


  Body, mind and Spirit 
  Comprise our souls. 
  For seat of the soul 
  To move from belly 
  To heart to song 
  Is to acknowledge, 
  Lightly, all we are. 
  To transcend 
  Is not to deny. 

  Moral opinion little affects 
  What we are; but 
  To dare to know ourselves 
  Permits decision a role 
  In what we do with it. 
  Love is a verb. 

  Having looked, as far 
  As I've yet seen, 
  The obvious choice, 
  When I remember, 
  Inevitable as I see it 
  But invisible had I not, 
  Is heartsong rising. 

  - Uncle River