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Volume V, Issue #1, January 1999



TOO MUCH TO BEAR by R. K. Singh, Dhanbad, India


NOTES FROM DEATH ROW - Lancelot Armstrong

BVSC Ode No.2 - Anon

MARY FRANKLIN 1928 - 1999 by Summer Music



after the frenzy
some will stay and some will leave
to live in a culture that understands this
this gift you gave
this reality
in music from the isles
beyond and beyond and beyond
any single "thank you"
so over welling
i find a bran' new way
to heart dance
this growing social club
inviting all to dance
por que -- to dance is to live
as Tigger from Winnie the Pooh says
to learn the true spirit -- which is love
returns the child to hood
the fox to trickster coyote
and grandma wears a smile
dancing with broom,  ignoring the dirt
she remembers -- feels again
caliente nights
que paso mi amigo?

- Summer Music

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this morning a white cloud racing east
like a break away sail
was crossing a small rift torn in the storm
in the false dawn's radiance pouring through
it fluoresced for an instant before the true sun
and last night in moonlight a white tailed deer
clearing some brambles flashed this way
the afterimage trailed a small ghost
i heard hooves on hard ground haunt the dark woods
too near me a tedious woman nags
contradicting her husband while he brags of
how he beat that salesman down a hundred bucks
i would gladly surrender the rest of my time
to live in one heartbeat of innocent vision

-Robert N. Erman

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Can they like
my casual carefree
sometimes stupid style
rap manners:

moving shirtless
knifeless forkless eating
wearing wife's old Saree
(for lungi)
without slippers sometimes

i doubt they would think
high of me after years
of coal-cultured frog-of-the-well
existence on campus

I've forgotten values
of my educated
my simple Banarasi roots
I belong neither here
nor there and

going to a new place
to tempt fortune I doubt
I can change

enough to be acceptable to
my kind and strangers
this itch to be elsewhere
is too much to bear.

- R. K. Singh, Dhanbad, India

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With twelve hundred miles behind me
spooling through my windshield and my rearview mirror
and long hours of wa tching 180 million lives go by
in glittering cities
of the Atlantic coast and the American night
I stop to walk the shore
in sleeping Savannah
There's two old friends walking together on the dark strand
The water's wide!" wept Jesus
The water's deep!" laughed Old Nick
and I don't even own a boat
- Ken Peters

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The mind is full of tricks, lots of tricks...
of magic, hypnotism, mantras.
The mind is like a fox, monkey, dog, tiger, lion,
a seductive woman, a baby
It is a pig that butts & ruts everything
and there are times when the wind cries and cries
It is an old lady, a very loving old lady sometimes
or a demonic old witch
The mind speaks both wisdom and arrogance
Or like a cat that closes its eyes
thinking no one knows what it is doing
Or like a rat boring holes to sink this ship
on which we journey through our lives.
Think about this...
whether a human is on death row or pope
of the Catholic Church
they are created equal and should be treated as human.
We all live in jails...
of race, of illusion, of desire, oh hunger, of homes, and of jobs
a jail of wife, children, money...
there are many many jails in our lives
and we live in all of them.
If a deer catches sight of man it will run away
even faster than it runs from a lion or tiger
we too, like the deer, find many fears in our lives
that rob us of our freedom.
As long as we are afraid we are not free.
There are dangers in our mind and desires.
Dangers that live in the selfishness of:
my race, my religion, my scriptures and my illusions.
Dangers of arrogance, doubt, suspicion
hastiness, impatience.
The arrogance of "no one is greater than I".
The mind can frighten us
It would murder our passions
Till we become like the frightened deer
running about...here, there, and everywhere.
Of course there is
something left for all of us to learn
we are still here...

- Lancelot Armstrong #69350
U.C.I 4-1, P61205
Raiford, FL    32083

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BVSC Ode No.2

oh hell of war
hardening the living against the dying
robbing us of this link
this drawing of humans together
damn military brain washing
creating "savage" in order to create "killer"
the long long memory of it is crushing
brave miscegenenation - following bliss
learning that which is good and beautiful

o hell of war
where will the ending begin?
el todo mundo en el todo cielo
la tierra estas nuestra madre

- Anon

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MARY FRANKLIN 1928 - 1999

"Life is but a dream rounded by a little sleep" - Shakespeare

Mary left us about an hour ago
in peace and i am sad
though i am happy for her as she was ready
they say it is a process
and she spent seven months processing
my daughter-in law's father
was Mary's husband for a while
from her death bed she said
"he was the one great love of my life,
"it was those beautiful blue eyes"
i guess now she's with "ol' blue eyes" now
that part of her she shared with us is ours to keep
and though i didn't know her well
i know her better now...

- Summer Music