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  Waves On The Shore

On the shore                   I listen to

        Waves on the shore        I listen to the  water

Waves on the shore      I hear

                   Waves on the shore       waves on the shore   water

A million voices     waves on the shore   a million voices

          water                     I listen to

           the sound of life     the waves on the shore  I listen to

                 Waves on the shore       a million voices

Waves on the shore      the sound of life      waves on the shore

I walk  on the shore     there’s a lot to see

      If I have a mind  waves on the shore   waves on the shore

  I listen to     I listen to             waves on the shore

      waves on the shore       I can learn       waves on the shore

waiting there      waves on the shore        waiting there

     I listen to   I listen to    a million different voices

Waves on the shore     waves of water    learn the voices

Listen to   listen to   waves on the shore    waves of sound

Waves on the shore    waves on the shore    waves on the shore

- Ken Peters


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