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Theory of Our Universe

Our universe is but the air in a balloon
in a bigger universe.
The balloon exploded 14 billion years ago in our time
and a millisecond ago in the other universe.
In part of our millisecond,
toward the end,
we had time to study our situation.
As far as we could see,
our universe was expanding
and seemed to be falling
toward some unknown force
(The earth in the larger universe).
In a hundred billion of our years,
a child in the larger universe will
begin to say,
“Mommy, my balloon…”

Mother Bird with Babies Videos

Mother bird and babies
mouth open and waiting
for bugs and a worm
or a fish from the water
on the good earth

Intervention in Venezuela Poem

We can draft the ladies for war
over dominoes, wmd’s and oil.
We care about starving tikes
when we find some whites we like.
Our boss, the Russian bear
He makes it so hard there.
Golden Showers will have to call
From this side of his wall
Oh may I go in please
For freedom for oil companies?

Enjoy your draft, ladies
Some rights are not to please
You’ll have no retort
For “Greetings you will report.”

And when Venezuela’s refugees
starving and on their knees
arrive at our wall
What will be our call?

David Michael Jackson

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