Judgement Day Poem

This way please.
The light had been so bright
when he entered the room.
He could smell a hint of sulphur
and a faint smell of lavender.
The receptionist was typing
on an old typewriter,
and ancient dot matrix printer
made a sound like gravel
falling on concrete
as paper spewed out.
She paused and pulled the sheet
from the machine,
laid it in front of me,
“Sign here.”
The form had headings,
sins admitted,
sins denied,
arguments won,
arguments lost,
arguments lost on purpose,
thank yous,
I signed.
The pen mad a scratching
sound on the paper.
The printer spit out duplicates.
She tore the top one off,
handed it to me,
“Door Number Two.”

Judgement day poem……October 2019….David Michael Jackson

Hairbrush Poem

Where is the hairbrush
where are the keys
where is my heart
my soul
my yearning for a soul
Where is the hairbrush
keeper of lost hairs
clinging to the bristles
with my dna
the proof that I was here
in this moment
with only you to read me
meandering on about my hairbrush
meandering on about life
as an observer
an imperfect camera.
The tree falls in the forest
without a sound
The hairbrush does not exist now
It will exist for a moment
when I find it.
It is in the other room
which doesn’t exist now
but will spring to life
when I enter
looking for the

………Originally published at Artvilla

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Oh to Be in Art Galleries Poem

oh to be in art galleries
“Modern Art 1” by Carter Jackson

Oh to be in art galleries
with purple and pink marshmallows
on a table in a corner
with a sculpture that I made
out of the spare parts
of my heart
and dreams.
Oh to be in art galleries
hearing the special words
of the purple and pink marshmallow man
as he talks of didactic
responses to form
in his purple and pink marshmallow words

Oh to be timeless in a temporary
purple and pink marshmallow world.

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Write | A Poem by DMJ

Where are my words?
I must throw them at this screen.
I must shout at the wind
the weak metaphor wind.
It whistles in my ear,
Though none may read
Though my words are wrong,
poorly uttered
wrongly put
Magnetic spots will go out
ones will be zeros
paper will rot while covering rocks
and the rocks will win
For nothing,
for no one,
for you.

Dave Jackson….aka David Michael Jackson aka nobody of importance. Move on.

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