Family Quarantine Order | Corona Family Order

You are ordered to:

1. Identify the members of your family and street who are candidates for a ventilators.
2. Isolate them.
3. Bring food and supplies and leave them for cleaning by the Quarantined Person.
4. Keep children and family away.

We don’t have any leaders and we are stepping up to save SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE.
Every older person and weaker individual that you isolate could free up a ventilators  for a younger person.

This is not a request!

It’s a plan!

Summer Peeks into Winter | Poem by David Michael Jackson

Summer Peeks into Winter

What are you doing there, Tree?

Are your leaves gone?

Did they not nourish seedlings

because you were planted

in this soil beside the road

in this tended yard

where nothing grows

without permission?


Do you watch me standing in the cold

beside my door?

Do we both look through your branches

to the grey sky and think of spring and new seeds?

How is it that we are here, Tree?

We are handed down eyes that see and leaves that worship the sun.

Summer visits us, Tree.

In the cold wind she sings to trees

of saplings and babies and bees.


david michael jackson

……image from Abstract Original Art






Welder Poems | Songs | Verse about Welding

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Fee diddly dee, a welder’s life for me
A box of rods
A welding screen
A pair of gloves to keep me clean
Fee diddly dee, I’m appy as can be.

2nd verse
Fee diddly dee, a welder’s life for me
A spotty hat
A blue cravat
Look at the gap, I’m not welding that!
Fee diddly dee, I’m home at half past three!


Tell me, tell me learned elder,
How may I become a welder?

Let me be an honest toiler,
Let me only weld a boiler.

My imagination boggles
At the glory of the goggles,

Welding mild and welding stainless,
Welding welding, ever painless,

Firmly held in jigs and fixtures,
Nobly fluxed with cunning mixtures…….from Welding poems

Welder in Murfeesboro

Steel Sculpture




Daniel Napier Steel Sculptures

Daniel Napier is an U.S. Air Force Veteran of the Gulf war who resides and works with steel in Nashville, Tennessee. We will be presenting the steel and metal art by Daniel as it appears. We seek gallery representation and art contacts for Artvilla artists. To contact Daniel or any artist at Artvilla, contact [email protected] or contact the artist directly.

First published at Artvilla.

Visit Daniel’s site here

Rich Man Don’t Pay Poem

Rich man and the company don’t pay
but they get to have a say
and the snake oil man
is in the FDA
and the car man
is in the EPA
and there’s a party for you and me
in the national parks
with the D O E
Forget the roads and the bridges too
We’ve got too much work to do.
Planes and tanks they don’t come cheap
Your freedom is there for us to keep
Pay the bill at the hospital
and don’t complain how business is run
You must give your flag your all
and you can keep your gun

…..david michael jackson