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warning from the government

  watch your back
  check your bag 
  stay in line 
  it's for your own safety
  there are vans with dark skinned strangers
  there are plans of dark eyed strangers 
  we must beware 
  watch what they're wearing 
  watch the gates 
  watch what you say 
  terror everywhere 
  but here 
  with us you're 
  safe just don't trust that stranger 
  yet some how I am not assured 
  and wonder where the terror 
  in my life 
  came from 
  no Arab ever leered and loomed 
  no latin tongued devil 
  broke my head 
  no commie brought crack to my town 
  no fellow traveler 
  deranged my train of thought
  who wants to eat from my plate? 
  who wants to collar my dog? 
  who wants to move right in?
- Ken Peters


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