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December  1 Krishna Roskin Reserected Metal
December  2 Melvin Yeo Old Man's Lament
December  3 Livio Farallo Spilling
December  4 David Jackson Songbird
December  5 Ken Peters Refusal to Mourn the Deaths at Texas A&M
December  6 Summer Music All Stones All Fall Down
December  7 John Whitehead  coup de grace
December  8 John Lenon Imagine
December  9 Ken Peters changing way
December 10  Erin Poh Knots For R. L.
December 11 David Jackson Tell Me Why
December 12 Robert Jackson The Guide
December 13 Mad German Coming Storm
December 14 Allen Ginsberg In Back of the Real
December 15 T. H. Keyes Who Listens to the Earth?
December 16 Mad German Thought Crimes
December 17 Charlotte Mair The Unveiling
December 18 Kenneth Rexroth A Sword In A Cloud Of Light
December 19 David Mitchell Voyages II
December 20 T. H. Keyes New Wine
December 21 Bob Erman The Phoenix
December 22 Ken Peters On The Wheel
December 23 Pamela Patrick Yule
December 24 Michael Eliseuson  A Small Bird's Nest...
December 25 Ken Peters Ragged Marchers
December 26 Wayne Jackson My Son Drips Popsicles About The House
December 27 Andrei Voznesensky  Goya!
December 28 Daisy Sidewinder Out of Oblivion
December 29 Sam Hill When Hope Is Gone, Hope Is All There Is
December 30 T. H. Keyes Ode To Immensity
December 31 Paul Malécot 
     & Ken Peters
The Flag of the Future &