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A 1 Poetry Archives, August 1999

August  1, 99 Dandelion de la Rue Sisyphus Doesn't Live Here Anymore
August  2, 99 Uncle River Spiritual Orphans
August  3, 99 Daisy Sidewinder To David
August  4, 99 Summer Music Desert Flowers
August  5, 99 David Mitchell Surfing the Background Radiation
August  6, 99 Livo Favallo Matamoros
August  7, 99 Melvin Yeo The Ice Maiden
August  8, 99 Sara Teasdale Child, Child
August  9, 99 David Jackson For Willie
August 10,99 Dandelion de la Rue Nameless
August 11,99 Pamela Patrick Summer Vision
August 12,99 Meadow Clark Peaceful Healing
August 13,99 Jenne Micale How Dare You...People Starve In Africa
August 14,99 Ken Peters Rice In the Desert
August 15,99 Dawn Charlotte At Summer's End
August 16,99 Joseph Semenovich Sentimentale #2
August 17,99 Summer Music A Visa Card For Emery Pass
August 18,99 Robert Erman Ravens Over the Narrow  Streets
August 19,99 Vera Jackson Of Innocence
August 20,99 Anissa Marsa Extemporaneous
August 21,99 David Donlon Wildflowers Beguile Me
August 22,99 Pamela Patrick The Box 
August 23, 99 Rick Stansberger Dream America
August 24, 99 Summer Music I Want To Sing A Song
August 25, 99 Ken Peters Summer Song
August 26,99 Summer Music Extremes
August 27,99 Walt McLaughlin A Surface View
August 28, 99 Lorin Emery Land
August 29,99 Sam Hill Through the Heart
August 30,99 Paul Malécot I Hear the Heart-Beat of the City
August 31,99 Matt. Meyers Dance of the Inhabitants...Palace of Peace