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Soneto LXXIII | Poem by Pablo Neruda


Pablo Neruda
translated by Jodey Bateman



   I don't have a "never", I don't have an "always". 
   In the sand 
   Victory left its forgotten footprints. 
   I'm a poor man ready to love others who are like me. 
   I don't know who you are. I love you. I don't give or sell thorns. 

   Someone perhaps may know that I didn't weave bloody 
   Crowns, that I fought against mockery 
   And that truly I filled the high tide of my soul. 
   I gave doves as repayment for vileness. 

   I don't have a "never" because 
   I was, am, will be unique. And in the name 
   Of my changing love, I proclaim purity. 

   Death is only a stone of forgetting. 
   I love you, I kiss your mouth of happiness. 
   Let's bring the wood and make fire on the mountain. 


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