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Status Report

It was nice of you to call, it's nice to hear

your voice. How are you ? You are

much better now.  I've seen the work you published

in the magazine. Yes, more than a few years had passed since:

and it shows, there are few offsprings,

he didn't say how many. One should not

count. So, how am I ? The same walls and

hundred & twenty square feet:  the ground always

around me and everything cracks. I tremble

at nights: sudden breaks,  the plaster

peels off,  up on the roof bats spit

showers of fruit mash softened by puke and grains. And if I

attend to this silence coming from

your phone, I can clearly hear:

herds of longings fading away, galloping towards the mountains.

- Elisha Porat

translated from Hebrew by Yuval Perez
(c) Elisha Porat April  2000

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