Poets For Peace by Frances H. Kakugawa

Poets for Peace

peace poets

Each time a poet

Puts pen to paper,

There is a sliver of hope

For Peace.

War and Peace: Shorter Version

Dept of Education

Dept of Veteran Affairs

Dept of Commerce

Dept of Energy.

Dept of Homeland Security.

Dept of Justice.

Dept of Transportation

Dept of Labor

Dept of Interior

Dept of Defense.

Peace, Peace.

Dept of Defense.




In her words:
I’m a writer, poet, former teacher and caregiver and an advocate for the power of writing to help improve your life!

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Hope and Illusion, Last Dance Poem by Dandelion De La Rue


Hope and Illusion, Last Dance

The ghost of
my old lover
hummed a song to me today
at sunrise
memories of Hendrix;
we thought we were
dancing in the cold cold
streets of Boston
watching the dawn
two sprites dancing
at the bottom of the sea.

I watched the sunrise
and thought of him.
We danced
because we thought
the worst was over
Aquarias was dawning
leaving money-hugging
power love
far away and
long ago
in the time before
in an unmourned past

We thought we saw
flying in from
Eastern skys
bringing peace
and art and flowers
bringing love.

Hope and Illusion
dancing together
watching sunrises
holding hands

Hands Poem

Hands make things
hands make everything
hands make our world better or worse
they can make bombs
they can make jelly
they can make jelly bombs
they can make you fat
they can hurt you
and others
they can stroke the hair
from my scalp
and make me feel
they can play music
they can write poems

The Sky is Falling Poem

the sky is falling

…..the sky is falling…..
there are blue
chunks in my yard
pieces of clouds are
on the trees
like gossamer
like cotton sheets
blowing in the wind
and if I look really closely
I can see my mother
with clothes pins in her mouth

and she’s hanging these

clouds and she’s


david michael jackson

And Where Have You Been I Said

And where have you been
chasing rainbows or chasing
and where have you been
as the grass turns green
and she asks
are the flowers
and where have you been
calmer days always led to pastures
not to roads
to streams not to skyscrapers
calmer days were maybe not so calm
and I am not so young
and I am not too old
to pick flowers for her

david michael jackson

Change the Channel This is Too Much Poem

Changed channel,
It was clear the head was missing from the body
as it floated in the first shot of the show.
It was clear the stump was bloody.
Closeup of the bloody stump,
flash to handsome cop,
“I guess he must have lost his head.”,
Lifts shoulders,
close-up of giant dripping multiple stab wounds in back,
Flash to pretty girl cop,
“That’s from an assault knife”.
To lab
lift sheet, show stump.

Changed channel, this is too much!

Flash to pretty Forensic lady

holding hand of corpse,

gnarly gross hand.

pretty forensic lady grabs snips

cuts off  finger.

Changed the channel this is too much!

Report of kids being shot.



Blueberry Muffin Poem by David Michael Jackson


A Blueberry Muffin Poem

Blueberry muffins don’t have to have blueberries
The word blueberry is a marketing term for a product
you see
the blueberries you may remember
were in the muffins baked by your grandmother
a person
today’s blueberry muffins are baked by a corporation
a person,
except this person thinks propylene glycol is
a blueberry


The Real Bears

But now sugary drinks are the number one source of calories in the American diet.
With one third of America overweight and another third obese, it’s a wonder
anyone is still swallowing what the soda companies are selling.