Meditation | Poem by Julia Hones

Meditation Poem 2


The sun falls on my back
like a blanket.
Nothing emerges from it
to anchor the sunshine,
yet the heart is pure,
the mind clear.

The brooding on noises
will not muster the art of molding wings,
so the stillness reverberates,
nests inner voices of hope,
resets the eyes.

Amid the outside messages
and meaningless tracks
no direction arises
from the depths of despair;
there is no reason to grow flowers in a barren land.

Yet we belong to the glittering river
that never ceases to flow.

© Julia Hones 2015

Poems and short stories by Julia Hones have appeared in a vast array of literary journals and anthologies including Gadfly Online, Vox Poetica, The Artistic Muse, The Greensilk Journal, Black Mirror Magazine, Loud Zoo, The Medical Literary Messenger and many others.

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Meditation Poem 2

Meditation Poem