My Amazing Daisy


May this new year be unlike anyone we’ve seen preceding
There I was getting ready to write…something…and
The opening line was, “Tobacco was my sacrifice”
when you with your Cheshire grin appeared
and i am lost to giggles

don’t you just love it when kin show sensibility?

my off springs are staying in their casas tonight
well and er, were not New Year’s Parties for singles
lordy i remember my first one
spinning the bottle and
the one i wanted to kiss wanted to kiss another
and another wanted to kiss me i didn’t want
still lots of fun and laughs

the only other one remarkable enough to spell was
Mexico, beach, campfire, singing
camped out with a lover, the embers of said fire
still glowing, when he picked up my tobacco
and rolled himself a cig and i
felt guilty for starting him again i
picked up my Bugler, took off the lid
and emptied the tobacco on the embers

well that lasted about six weeks
and this is not about regrets it is
wanting my fellow tobacco kin
and all my fellow kin to think

i went over the cliff with my country tonight
in the last hours of this old year…

the last person i expect to see was my daughter
the last person i spoke to on the phone was my other daughter
the last person i expect to write to is my amazing daisy

with four hours and seven minutes left of 2010
i’ll bid you adieu