god resembles the worshipper by Ken Peters

golden lizards dance in red sunlight
on a planet we have not yet found
and their god has a dewlap and lives somewhere underground

but men think they’re the highest
so their god has a beard
two arms, two legs,lives in the clouds
and no man thinks it’s weird

no end to the universe
endless possibilities to live
but every creature knows it’s nature
what it takes and how to give

simple men and simple lizards
take a different point of view
do you really think all creation
is centered on what you do?

golden lizards dance in red sunlight
on a planet we have not yet found
and their god has a dewlap and lives somewhere underground

Jeopardy: I fell out of love with you again.


using Clark and Rachel
for questions for
trivia collectors
how do you measure a cart on the ground
with wheels spinning skyward?

my ol’ masterpiece gave me a jolt
returning from many years closeted
stay tuned i’ll check manana
to see if the jolt is over and if
over, then what?

he seys never mind
what could have been was
and some of it was wonderful
and some of it was shocking
remember…the blessing

lessons hopefully
if not now in future’s time
we all go our own way
eventually, sometimes not
until we’re dearly departed

i’ll be on number 5
will you be at the gate
the one remember we use to swing
where was it then
down on somebody’s farm

Por Que


the war machine
the identifier of
“the essence of international relations.”
who is not sick to think about
their own role
big, giant or small
ain’t nothing but the real thing babe
now is a good time to take hands off
stockpiling our world with weapons of war
now is a good time to amend
previous and current
international relations
is not the great division
not killing the innocent / killing the guilty?
not for their guilt
but for their continuous slaughter
and where will it all end Charlie?
no se
only know it be time to pray
to whom ever, and what-so-ever manner,
“got help?”

Obama sings, “I so in love with you.”


i would sing for he

sorry am i
all the Do Littles
want everything now and all at once
cause they don’t know
how many secret closet monsters
in our government’s hordes of rooms
or how many news persons
overlook the flushings
1 by 1 and 2 by 2
but some of us understand
one giant flush Ron Paul says he can do
would create a Greater Recession
than the Great
some of us grew up in

oh lordy i wish for you singer Obama
what might be the greatest debate
of a milimium or two
with Ron the man
two highly intelligent men
SITTING across the table
unemotionally debating
the needs
of country and we the people
and how best to clean the mess
created by their predecessors

to your, Our Chief, i sing for
continued mind/body/spirit health,
i sing

Emotional Bulls and Fairy Tales


when ya know it right and ya do it
yahoo woo woo woot woot

if ya got a friend and wanna keep it
you gotta recognize the bull rising
of which we each still own
stop now what’s that sound
not not againn
“snort, snort”
we go ’round the mulberry bush
we’ve touched an emotional tag
(sometimes ours sometimes theirs)
slip into fairy dust
(down the rabbit hole if’n
ya don’t want to really be here)
a b a friend
find the what it takes
to second that emotion
jot down the frame
to reexamine in solitude
for now is a good time to
to find solutions

Her Own Water Lou


how long ago i toad ya
i’ll die for my own sins
now and since i tell ya
thar’s more understanding
of what dies
and what is reborn
time passing insight…

unintended pain
has consequence
not all bad

intended pain?
Jeepers how the old Gods
inflicted pain on one another
got lightning bolts?
or does your cup runneth over with mercy?
wasn’t there a precise measure
in tit-for-tat
and didn’t we all go blind
to the bright shining mirror
of reflecting eyes?
remember this one reflection
“i saw the enemy and is was me”
once seen
“life unexamined is not a life”

this is my story and this is my lou
if i hurt you i hurt too
sometimes before, sometimes after.
some are more conscious now –
i know i am

and who would not hope for,
not wish for, not work for,
the evolution
of our human consciousness

ain’t it a long road back home?

and if there is no back
and if there is no “hereafter”,
is human kindness counsiousness
not worth the work?

do we need to choose between the acorn and the tree?
chicken or egg?
you or me?
can we hear the children crying,
“Why can’t we all get along!?”

For Shame! Dr. Pepper!


i’ll take my heroes jolly and green
you can suck up your jeep riding
muscled hero showing how great
tossing a Dr. Pepper can
to litter our earth.

someone fooled the wool on you!
he he he he man drink beer
tosses his can in our public parks
uses live trees for targets
while his ol’ woman
tosses disposable diapers
next to our clean water running

whadda ya tink, yo mon, yo wo’mon
ya radder be reincarnated as a tree target
or a dirty disposable diaper
taking 250-500 years
before disintegration
before the next reincarnation?

i agree
maybe we do maybe we don’t
and/or if we do maybe
we stay in our own species
well then
is it surely possible
we reincarnate in a different country,
in a different skin, in a different religious family

would this not be karmic balance
if we are born into any of the above
that we hated and/or abused or refused
aid or comfort
because they were “different”?

No, I won’t drink you Dr. Pepper
or Coke
or Pepsi
not because of your offensive ad
big But because
sugar is poison to the human body.

Hootie says it’s not too late Dr. Pepper
get your kicks away from Route 66
and down the green path
of sustainability
ours and yours.

who would whip into submission?


in my dreams and after the fact of
my six year old self
running in circles around my father
holding my right hand with his left
left hand switching blow after blow
on my growing welted legs
deathly afraid i couldn’t make a sound
mind was going lickety-split praying
for help and in my head i heard
“he will stop when you scream”
i screamed
he stopped
and i wonder and i wonder
if i could have allowed my body to completely collapse
and would he pick me up and cry
then could i hug him for the first and only time
in those hard days of depression
when he built his own house
with a loan from a bank then
lost his job
lost his house in which had lived
a mother, a father and three little girls
and me on the way, or at least, next…
his hard labor WPA considered charity
mother felt the shame of the better-off

next chapter
earning a living day time
building a house night time
7 acres
eventually electricity
always an outhouse

last chapter
and the blessings keep coming
even in my sleep-dream
a male was in charge
of several men and women
and when he ordered me to do something
he had no right to demand
i refused and sat on the floor
he had a leather whip in his hand
which he whipped and whipped
but did not touch
we both knew the rule
“no corporal punishment”
it was not pleasure, but satisfaction i knew
looking into his eyes and seeing frustration
looking at his curved mouth
with dogged determination
he knew signified nothing.

thanks and praises
mother and father
who art in Heaven
your strength
followed me thru the valley
to near the end of this path
where the dear and dearer play
where never is heard
a discouraging word
and smiles
the dress of the day.

Welcome to Workers Hump Day


if moon is up is earth down
if earth is up is sun down
if everything is up
is nothing down?

then why permanent frowns
hey ya all not looking
at yourself in your own mirror
smile, now, awhile?

kisses might be a sad adieu or not.
if yer smiling and you know it
Kiss those lips!
if yer frowning and you know it
Touch those brows

down in the valley
hear the wind blow
lean yer head over
hear the wind blow