Winkler, Mary and Matthew

A Preacher, Church of Christ
with a wife who shoots him in the back
Selmer, Tennessee

“Listen, the Mary we knew didn’t do this,”
Anita Whirley said as she planted purple,
yellow and red pansies. “She was a wonder
ful person. We just don’t understand.”

Oh Mary Mary quite contrary to
the congregation’s information;
who knows the truth behind
behind closed doors?

Matthew Winkler, dead and gone,
gone to meet his Maker, a victim yes,
innocent? who knows, the police
that’s who; they are not telling
except to deny infidelity of either
wife or dead husband.

The A. P. quoted an official as saying
an Afghan court had dismissed the case
against Rahman because of a lack of evidence.

He said several family members of Rahman
have testified that he has mental problems.

“I am serene. I have full awareness of what I have chosen.
If I must die, I will die.” Rahman told Rome daily La Repubblica.

“Somebody, a long time ago, did it for all of us,”
he added in a clear reference to Jesus.

Rahman reportedly converted 16 years ago (1990)

Gen. Shahmir Amirpur, who is in charge of Policharki,
said Rahman had been begging his guards to give him a Bible.

Who the Christian who the Jew who the Muslim
more importantly – who started this war?

Not Mary, Not Rahman, Not Matthew – all victims victimized
who suffers most? Always and every war?
…the children period.

IRS Political Audits

Exon-Mobil joined at the hips
with Bush Administration
via Mogul Murdock
spins a lie with results
audit Greenpeace
in spite of foxnews spin
Greenpeace pure as as
Spring or falling snow
what IRS employee will come clean
and tell us who stirred the wires
ending with an audit Willie Nelson
so he’ll stop supporting legalization of marijuana
which he did poor Will…they made him poor
but who better than Bush or ex-Pres Ford
knows/knew to what ends
Power Brokers will go
making a deal with the devil
it is the tail that is in the details
blessed be Whistleblowers
want to sort THEM out?
blowing a whistle does not include
adulterated information…
like false scientists for profit
even as Mother Earth gasps for air.

Spying on Americans by Americans

Hello mother hello father
this is Johnny in Iraq
don’t you know the ears are growing
phone calls to and from ‘other countries’
include Iraq
and mother’s sons and daughters
we can tell you we are lonely
but not, we want, to come home
you can tell us that you miss us
but if you tell us come home, they will brig us
demote us degrade us but never let us
consciously object to following orders
Iraq quagmire is our quagmire
we can’t tell you, of the thousands
of us
MASHed out of duty from disease
you can’t tell us of the 18 new bodies found in New Orleans
yesterday and more days after Katrina
the body count, mysteriously stays, at 1,422
oh poor Uncle Sam
how did we let them make you, the eyes and ears of the world
and our bedrooms
how did right get it so wrong
mother father when you find me
standing trial at Nuremberg will it still be
“Following orders is not an excuse.”

Shazoom it worked!
Fear returns to so many
the mind controllers set off pipe bombs in tiny communities
protesters numbers shrink exponentially
but the candle’s wick is longer
brighter insistent warmer
shades of Edward R. Murrow
who will fill his shoes?

The Seed of the Burning Tree

i stand knee deep in burning coals
waist high in bombs bursting light
eyes filled with poisonous gas
ears to the crackling wind

i kneel deep in daisy filled garden
soft breeze caressing my face
tear drops coursing the river
bird song in my ear

i lie on the ground hugging
holding least i fall further
than i can remember being
down in the deep deep well

i turn to face my Maker
i cry, “o Maker face me!”
give me just one reason,
or take this cup.”

the crackling wind is silent
the air is sweet & pure
i see a tree in the garden
it burns but does not die

“My child, & you are my child
My love, and you are my love
You are the seed of the burning
Tree, and you and I are one.”

Reagan’s Star Wars Alive and Growing

name keeps changing but not
the goal to militarize space remains
take New Mexico (they did)
surprise! A corporation: Virgin Galactic
“50,000 people to fly
seat price $200,000 per ride”
Advertise one happy customer
70% of 8th graders can’t do 8th grade math

“Experts predict that thousands of jobs and
hundreds of millions of $’s of private investment
will be created in the next 20 years.”

Ask Alaskans there experience:

“In April 2001, it was finally admitted; only 1 or 2 maintenance
jobs for Kodiak residents would be produced at the site.”

and “…each rocket releases 11.5 tons of hydrochloric acid
which also destroys ozone”
(read – Planet Earth: the Latest Weapon of War)

“It is also in Alaska that the US plans to break the Anti-Ballistic
Missile Treaty with Russia, made in 1972.”

(full story:

It’s called the Military/Industrial Complex honey
or Fascist State – Mussolini called it
or when the Pentagon helps finance corporations
like Virgin galactic
it is not what the High Rollers led us to fear –
the wedding of State and Religion
(though that is fearful enough)
while we the people argue over abortion and gay rights
the High Rollers belly laugh all the way to their High Rises
including stockholders of Lockheed Martin, Haliburton
et all weapons manufactures
This time set for a perpetual “Cold War”.
Ever seen a row of Dominoes fall down?
It begins with we the people
taking back our Beautiful America
politicians telling us what they can do for US
Let them listen to US tell them what we want.

In the beginning it was
“Owe my soul to the company store.”
In new Mexico it is becoming
“Owe our state to the company store.”
In the US of A, without the help of
we the people, we shall become
“Owe our homeland to the company store.”

Today, 50% of American workers tax dollars pay for
current and past military spending. When it reaches
80%, High Rollers will control 100% of our privacy rights.

Nothing to hide and you don’t care?
It was not the Jews, Hitler first led away,
it was the dissenters.

Billionaires 793 vs Poverty 3 billion

War of the Worlds: Rich vs Poor

brought to you by corrupt politicians or
it was never about “keeping up with the Joneses”
it was about BECOMING the Joneses

billionaires worldwide increased in 2006 to 793
largely due to bullish global stock markets
TOTAL NET WORTH JUMPED to $2.6 trillion.

3.0 billion live on less than two dollars per day
global population of over 6.0 billion people (April 2001)
ILO – 2005 – of the more than 2.8 billion workers
1.4 billion below US $1 a day poverty line
just as many as 10 years ago – or

THAT is not counting the jobless

Over one billion people on the planet lack adequate housing,
while around 100 million have no housing whatsoever.

It is estimated that about 8 million people die
each year because they are too poor to survive.

The needle is in the haystack
growing ever smaller
will soon take a microscopic Camel
to fit thru the eye.

Weeks and Weeks by Mark Phillips

(“Wisdom puts more strength in one wise person than ten strong men give to a city.” Ecclesiastes 7:19 [The Message])

The strafing lasted longer than expected,
striping the pastimes like highway lines
and everyone thought the heat snakes
rising from the road had been told they
could not last till winter.

And I’m sure no one found the cure
for cancer while
they reloaded their repeaters with
neutron seekers that leave buildings

It takes a blink to kill a thousand,
a millennium to cure a single disease.

It takes an army to decimate
and decades to recreate the
damage done so quickly by boots
trod upon the careless plains.

It takes night and day to reject
each hypothesis that does not measure
against the truth.

It takes weeks and weeks to run equations,
to make persuasions,
to cajole the old-guard into new-peace
by reason.

It takes a careless glance to kill,
a loving gaze to heal
and strong men to gently guide
the weak men who flex their muscles
before audiences who long ago

grew weary of the show.

Randy Cunningham and Partners in Crime

Republican Congressman Randy Cunningham
was sentenced for taking $2.4 million in bribes
from at least three defense contractors.

Defense contractior taking bribes?
Who would have guessed.

It is also a crime to bribe a government official!!!
Which defense contractors?

Where is the list of criminals that bribed
Ex-Congressman Randy Cunningham?

Where are the indictments?
We the people got beef!

Don’t Blame Dominos- Monaghan sold out

NAPLES, Florida…Domino’s Pizza founder Thomas S. Monaghan;
new town being built in Florida will be governed according to
strict Roman Catholic principles, with no place to get an abortion,
pornography or birth control.

Monaghan…at least $250 million and calls it “God’s will.”

God will call it just more junk.

God laments. “Why not donate $250 mil to rebuild New Orleans?”

anti-Semite – rewrite history by changing definitions?


CATEGORY: culture; language
DEFINITION: A name applied to the speakers of a set of related languages who inhabited portions of southwestern Asia since the time of the first cities.The Semites are first recorded on the steppe margins of the Arabian desert, encroaching upon the Sumerians to form the kingdom of Akkad c 2400 BC. The Amorites appear c 2000 in the same area and in Syria-Palestine, where they settled to become the Canaanites.

The Khabiru (Hebrews) appear in the same context. In the 12th century BC, the Amorites were followed by the Aramaeans, particularly in inland Syria.The Phoenicians from the 9th century BC carried their Semitic language over much of the Mediterranean.

Arabic and Hebrew are the most important surviving Semitic languages.Most, probably all, alphabetic scripts derive from the Semitic alphabet, created sometime in the 2nd millennium BC.The Semitic script was invented by speakers of some Semitic language, possibly Phoenician, who lived in the northern part of the Fertile Crescent.

(from Archaeology Wordsmith online)