A Solstice Wish For Me


a solstice wish or if you prefer
a Christmas wish to comprehend
the depth of this I plea:

to anyone anywhere who speaks
of any past infraction by me I say:

If you’re happy with your life today
it took the summation of the parts
that got you here.

If you are not happy, remember
the fault line has an expiration date be it
teacher, mother, father, or any other
authority figure you encountered
along “your” way.

Having sifted thru the ashes
again and a few times
I do here by wish for
“her version” vs. “his version”
etc. et al –
be gone.

I’m in the Here and Now
at least striving
to make it last…

Join me here?
Join me now?

Happy Solstice!

To Men of Good Will


Come out of the dark side little zephyr
it is what it is and the breakers can’t fix it
all you need is stay in touch
with people known
on the brighter side of life

These are the bad old times
and needed now
every woman a mother, wife, sister, grandmother
every man a grandfather, brother, husband, father
every child in touch with someone who loves them

“Sing your cell song now,” he said, and more
who knows who heard or who would be the echo
James Stewart’s wonderful life still dances
in the light of the moon the band still urges
dancing in the street, dancing to the tune
a blue moon in June
turned silver in December

Old man winter draws near
the shortest day the longest night
fairies or angels not so far
so many comings and goings thru the veil
O Holy Night
one candle lights another
blankets drawn over the shoulders
one heart beats goodnight
two hearts beat goodnight
exponentially becoming
peace on Earth
to men of good will.

Quoth Michael


On the twenty-fifth of December
the demonic demanded to choose
to birth the next sacrificial lamb
poor ol’ Elisha they’ll name him
again and again

still choppin’ ’em
after all these years
oh don’t you know the demon knows
get’s their women folk to hide
their sexuality so the men folk
fill first with lust, then fill with fire
who’s outlet becomes
after all these years
still choppin’ ’em

“In the name of God,”
some say.
“In the name of security,”
say governments of perpetual war.

“You out there so fine and fair
dancing with the Devil,
knowing it or not,
time to check reality:
He lives within
or nowhere.”

Ya don’t even hafta call his name
the one power He has that God does not
it the power to lie
fakely innocent.

If humans have not turned Earth into Hell
no other life form has,
if the equation is correct
pick up a mirror
to find the answer
“It’s the little things we say and do
that make a brighter day.”

Still Learning, After All These Years


took another hit last night
that true old truism:
“If you can ask the question,
you already know the answer.”

mother said
“Tell me when too many msgs.”
daughter left physical note:
“Txt’ing not working,
call if you need anything.”
and then it was

blood is not the same as water
nor smoke the same as fire
fire in the blood fuels anger
just drink the water – more, more

where to go from here little Tear Drop
down the drain and up again
spirit listening in smoke rising
we are the same – different bios

if you can’t dance with the who that brung you
dance with the who stands by you
step step slide slide
The Obbligato Star Swing

“No, Grandma”


you need no longer give advise
to your grown children
with children of their own
and more…

colors and solutions change
with time and generations
now is a good time to be
amazed, amused, awesomed

“good god great gravel gertie”
eighty good years and now
she speaks her thoughts aloud
and listens

time to count her living angels
and angels passes the veil:
David, Daniel, Tom
mother, father, all relations

perceived perception of time:
one week lasts a month
one day lasts a year
years flash by amazingly

every sunrise a surprise
every visitor makes a holiday
every “holiday” she holds her breath
till the madness is done

so many hours of days to think
questions, unlimited – for now:
out of 114,800,000 US households
how many are singular?

having totally allowed in
the feeling she once knew
of total aloneness and
the first question is why?

Henry is her Jasmine
he blooms thru all seasons
there’s always the gone before
still listening

well only recently
a question was answered:
“We will always hear you,
but sometimes we’re too far away
to answer.”

An Ocean Full of Tears


sending you an ocean full of tears
there is no containment here
they come in crashing waves
come hold my hand for someday
we will be nearer the shore
though waves crash still
the fierceness will be less so

ah, the shore…
where land meets ocean meets sky
those sacred moments when Father Sun
rises out of the water in East
descends into the water West

no, we are not there
we are in the limbo of fear
the possible loss of one more beloved
the possible loss of The beloved
yours, this time

you remember the drill, my love
breathe in breathe out
He has the will to live
You have enough for you
and for your children

we can not know the path
individually we are on
it is as my daughter oft reminds me
day by day

my candle burns
my thoughts are weak
my heart stretches
to be near you
i will be there
when the last tear drop falls….

Turkey No Longer Comfort Food


oh, to remember a Thursday in November
of family and dinner and laughter and love
the heavenly aroma of grandma’s turkey roasting
the one she raised and grandpa butchered

no more turkey in the straw
no more gobble gobble
no more mating Tom
not enough gravy to disguise
the tasteless leathery flesh
of a tortured life

“Employees stomped on turkeys’ heads, punched turkeys, hit them on the head with a can of spray paint and pliers, and struck turkeys’ heads against metal scaffolding.
“Men shoved feces and feed into turkeys’ mouths and held turkeys’ heads under water. Another bragged about jamming a broom stick 2 feet down a turkey’s throat.
“A supervisor said he saw workers kill 450 turkeys with 2-by-4s.
“One man said he saw a coworker fatally inject turkey semen and sulfuric acid into turkeys’ heads.”

where do cruel people come from?”

“My angel, my love,
they are what they eat,
and when they eat
tortured flesh
they live with a tortured soul.”



“But what do they want?”
grandson asks.
Indeed saying they did not believe
land could be owned.
So what do they want?
they want, “I’m sorry?” “Money?”
They should want (don’t we all)
after all these years
to join spirit with science
with all tribes
the sacredness of The Work
to un-pollute this planet
our home
the source of all life.

Inhumanity to any
form of life
pollutes the spirit
and Earth dies.
Yes or No?
Now or Never?
When are you coming home boy,
when are you coming home?