He Married An Unhappy Ever After

poor lil’ fella

he lost his smile to Daisy Don’t
his heart to Rosy Thorn
Incurious Cat bumped his head
The cross burned his soul

he was Noman
afraid of an apple
divorced of the tree

then along game June
with April and May
Pan was playing his tune

poor lil’ old boy
played the cards he was dealt
with nary a reason why

but the music
turns to Mozart
and the spirit to the rain
oh see the new born king is lonely
was now and ever shall be
see them put one and then another
on a pedestal high
only to knock them down

ever after is after what?

after the rain is over
after the clown has cried
ever will be a fat lady singing
ever will be the lonely united

“Sing your cell song now,” he said.
Fear not to be who you are
day by day
You are only lonely
when you forget
we’re all alone
or together


“they” were not happy ever after either

Thanks and Praises George Washington, our King Refusal To Be

note to George:

today’s news blatherings of a New Born King
in England again to the foolish fools
turned my thoughts to you and your refusal
to be king, knowing the possibility
of citizens ruling themselves

you who left us 214 years ago now
surely are receiving your just rewards
as do your companions who gave US
a Constitution
a Bill of Rights
the powers to change/amend our Constitution
as we became educated/enlightened
into fulfilling your hope for US
to continue to create “A more perfect union.”

some would say you would roll over in your grave
seeing how divided we are today
but you are so much more than that
now and aware
it has come to pass:
the Whole World is Watching

thanks and praises

Note to Need Him Ministry

Note to “Need Him Ministry”, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, that paid for a full page add in the Silver City Sun-News July 4th, 2013:

Our country has been debating the issue of Separation of Church and State, from our founding, and continues today.

Both sides have gained some ground. Both have lost some ground.

Truth be told, you, N.H.M., choosing red for printing the word “God” in your ad, displays what you preach, an angry God. (pretty much what you use to keep your listener’s pockets emptying into your ministry). And royal blue for “Trust” (as in trust us to save you).

Why? Because to use royal blue for the word “God” denotes royal compassion…the nature of which Jesus said, “Follow me”…and He fed the hungry, healed the sick, forgave the sinner, and humbly washed someone’s feet. And that is what He meant when he said “follow me.”

And red for Trust…in that those who understand they must atone for their wrongs takes a degree of suffering, and if we are unable to atone with the person with whom we have wronged, instead of shelling out shekels for angry God ministers…feed the hungry…etc…you know the bible, fill in the rest.

But before you go…remember your past re Christian Crusades. Then look around you at the world at countries currently having a bloody civil war, and/or are threatening war. Islam is going thru the same “crusade” problems of a country run as a theocracy – like Rome was.