Fear created God : Love created Man

how many Hail Marys does it take
to birth a virgin sacrificed?
do Robertsons Christians believe 70
is 69 too many?
how many blasted-to-bits babies
buys one gallon of gasoline?
how many pennies saved starves a peasant?
if we don’t learn now is there a chance in hell?
a tie around the neck is still a noose
evil is still rooted in money
parents still teach lies demanding answers
teachers still teach cheating wanting A’s
preachers still want money hearing confessions
will we save ourselves
before the last tear drop falls?

Puppies of Peace

breath in peace
blow out war
in out
out goes our inner war
that peace may enter
not unlike birthing a baby
(strongly) huff huff huff
between contractions
those are not labor pains Mother
they are muscles contracting
that cause pain with resistance
all i am saying is
it does not have to be that uncomfortable
hawkers of wars
sitting down at the table
airing grievances
it’s called non violent resolution
it’s called Stop killing the innocents
Hiroshima taught us a lesson
the Gods of War will bomb civilians
our soldiers are our family
(bless US grandmas who tried to enlist)
just like every “sporting” event is played to win
history has taught us
when one side has superior technological weapons
the other side will fight with whatever means available
the UN made human shields illegal
it also created a nonproliferation treaty
which came first
the Wall or Humpty Dumpty?
“When will we ever learn
e ver

Geraldo Rivera and Andrea Yates

is it what happens in the heat of anger supplanted?
Rivera wrongfully counts down from eldest to youngest
the sorrowful deaths of the Yates children
Dr. Rivera declares
if you are methodical you can’t be crazy.
What’s not crazy about a mother killing her children
methodically or in the heat of the moment?
Evidence of “methodical” Geraldo states is the fact
“She waited until her husband left the house.”
How many times, would you guess Prosecutor Geraldo,
Mr. Yates left his house?
What is Reporter Geraldo Rivera’s disgusted tone revealing?
Could it be the truth of Andrea’s own words
as to why she did this dastardly act?
“I was afraid Satan would take control of my children.”
Is it Little Christian nino Geraldo refusing to admit
the reality of the bi-product of the seed of Christianity?

Is bipolar contagious?

Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, quotes

Reporting from the front lines:

Clapping Penguins applauding themselves

Prime Minister translated:

“we all agree…..
Defend Values of Humanity
Terrorism has no humanity”
(The Triangle with no oil)
“Iraq now has Free Media”
(made in the USA)

(Elsewhere, hospitalized due to his hunger strike,
former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein demanded
that doctors remove his feeding tube because it was
interfering with his ability to make anti-American outbursts.)

(Elsewhere, Ariel Sharon is taken to the intensive care ward.)

“We need each other;
we will defeat terrorism together and
Iraq will be the graveyard
for terrorism and terrorists.”

In Iraq
bury the hatchet
the BIG HATCHET then
there will be no more bodies.

“Condemn terrorist in all it’s forms.”

Mother Earth: She’s Terrified

behind her countenance
“boys will be boys”
what did you expect?
her son and lover
played Alpha once
blood was in the making
where will she gain confidence
their history will not be repeated?
“boys become best friends (she hopes)
after their sacrificial spill”
her eyes circle the world
around her all is violence
(once was never enough)

Pick up the drum mother
let them hear the drum of fear
speak the words of never more
of hearts turned inside out
How Dare they make Pansy an insult?
it is the way of peace and peace is in us all.
We need more Pansies!

Caroline B. Glick Pumped on War

“On the other hand, events of the past two weeks
have also shown some of the West’s greatest
strengths in fighting the war so many of its powerful
citizens and statesmen refuse to acknowledge.”

On the other hand, events ofer the past 4,000 years
have proven we humans have NOT learned from our
history of war which is our entire history!

“For me war has become a flat, black depression
without highlights, a revulsion of the mind and an
exhaustion of the spirit.”

~Ernie Pyle

Diana West’s Hezbollah

(quotation marks mark Ms. West’s blathers)

“…what a precious gift Israel would bestow on the Free World by destroying Hezbollah”

What a curse Israel bestowed on the Free World by creating Hezbollah

“American sympathy for Hezbollah profanes American dead.”

Here’s profanity: More Americans must die so the deaths of those that have already died will not be in vain – sorry that excuse was used up in the Vietnam War.

“In our wide-open society, however, such allegiance isn’t considered beyond the pale. But it should be. And it could be.”

And then America will be a Police State, where all persons actions are recorded and monitored: telephone, mail, finances, health, travel, associations, bedrooms – and free speech is no longer free.

Oh yeah. It already is…

Israel and Collective Punishment

remember grade school teacher hit
in the back of the head with a paper airplane
and not one student would rat on another
so the entire class was collectively punished?

in the Dog Days of Summer is it
ok to make war on the Sabbath?
authoritarian monotheists do do do

i remember you you you
couldn’t keep hands off
my stars stars stars

why is it easier for a boy
to masturbate than a girl?
genitalia is hand ier?

every thing tasty is fattening?
every human delight is sinful?
wine sex movies music rock and roll
authoritarian monotheists got us by the tail
least they lose control over we
the people with one last Baa
sheep to the slaughter with woolly eyes

the 6 year old who met The Little Prince
instantly became a better artists
by drawing a recognizable elephant
when his picture of a boa constrictor
swallowing an elephant was seen
by others as only a fearless old hat

my son-in-law declares
“I don’t know why I flew off my hat,
or why she shouted so.” Perhaps
it was not the subject stated
that gave voice to two equally
overreactions. (psych 103)

Is collective punishment overreacting?

Israel won’t agree to a cease fire until…

when Israel won’t agree to a cease fire
until Israel has fired enough
to stop the enemy from firing
is that when you call a cease fire?

“They hate us for our freedom,”
Newt Grinich repeats.

Does the world know who arms Israel?
Does the world know who arms Hezbollah?

Do Americans know
it is not Democrat or Republican
but the Military/Industrial Complex
and born again Christians
marching the world off to war?

Why did Albert Einstein refuse to become president of Israel?

“I should much rather see reasonable agreement
with the Arabs on the basis of living together in peace
than the creation of a Jewish State. Apart from practical
considerations, my awareness of the essential nature of Judaism
resists the idea of a Jewish State, with borders, an army,
and a measure of temporal power, no matter how modest.
I am afraid of the inner damage Judaism will sustain”…