“After the rapture, can I have your stuff?”

inquired the kid in grownup skin
all donned up
in Halloween surprise
the devil up his sleeve

will they stop making mouse traps
because the rich don’t need them anymore with
phone in hand calling exterminator
who would rather shell there shekels
than view the carnage
or dispose of the bodies
no they don’t run after the farmer’s wife
it’s just fun to squeal

there’ll be houses and cars
and stuff with no owners
even if they let the rampart rift
possibly destroying all life
as we know it
“Goodbye Mt. Calvary
soo long pigs of the trough
it’s a short mile to Tipperary
the gangs

“May God Have Mercy On Your Soul!”

how arrogant is that to claim
to know the Mind of God
written in stony righteousness
in a two sided debate
when one realizes they are losing
attacks the other side
with damnation of their soul
then washes their hands
by asking for mercy
for the one the he himself condemned
even before God
could open Her mouth.

How long can the nose grow
to protect the lie of innocence
to be the one with permission
to throw stones?

What Is Is

is what grows out of repression
of natural sexual attraction

see all the lovely flowers
become sterile
see all the lovely stamens
become dysfunctional
women become articifically inseminated
men pop pills to become functional

when love is aldalterated
it becomes war
what is illicit becomes desired
both in homos and hetros

when normal bodily functions
becomes gross in polite society
they become fodder
for blue collar humor and shame
for the elderly and the very young

when compassion becomes sterlized
humans become addicted to drama
then personal wars and international wars
become the desired daily diet

“If war does not become extinct,
humans will become extinct.”
– Buckminster Fuller

Mallard Fillmore, poor duckard

wants a scientists to discover why
we have a United Nation
now that they have discovered why
we humans have an appendix
(even though you can betcha conservative
Mallard Tinsley doesn’t look to scientists
for proof of global warming)
Go to your history books Mallard Bruce!
Or close your eyes and picture yourself
burning in a gas oven, or your skin peeling off
from an atomic bomb blast
and you will understand why the world
in unison cried “Never more!” and
why International law made it so
NO nation could attack another
without provocation
Of course we know Bush Mallard
is willing to break any/every law
(National OR International)
But of course
burning Bush and duckard Fillmore
would rather repeat history
than learn from it.


i surrender
give up
or otherwise lie down and in my own vomit
all those lovely conservatives win hands down
“Only God can give us our freedom.”
“Remember all our military
who have died for our freedom.”
God gave it to us but we must die for it
Bush was wrong about the Iraq war
but he’s still your hero
look at all the judges
now cohort ing to save millions of zygotes
i’ve cut off both my ears
so they no longer hear the screaming hordes
have them sewed on my toes to flip-flop
i’ll flip-flow thru the tulips
surrender my corpus to the callosum
who needs a two hemisphere-brain
when what’s right is always right
and lefts are always martyred for their message
good bye Chicken Little
thanks for the warning!

When Our Master/Slave Days Are Done, Michael?

when they are over they will be over
when enough masters remember
the past of being a slave
and all our revolution leaders
who cop’ted newly acquired power
into dictatorship
(how close are we Mike
to a democratically elected
president dictator?)
As a species
we know our history
of gory (not glory) war
hang down yer head Tom Dooley
now look back upon the splendor
as a species we’ve created
it took both master and slave
to create the Great Pyramids et al
the product awes us
but not the production
Our master/slave days will be done, Michael
when equal means what it means
not “some more equal than others.”

You Can’t Have Peach Without the Water

with nine Republicans
and six Democrats
sitting in US Congress,
Senator Cham bliss
Senator Isak son,
how many of the nine deny
global warming?
It is an Ice Age that follows
Global Warming ergo
you don’t have one without the other
“Let the snails thirst to death,”
decry the very citizenry
that drank the oil
that Jack drilled.
But what can the six do
to stop the nine
that ate the lines
that Bush burned,
“We will have World War III
if we don’t prevent ‘others’
from obtaining the arsenal
(that the US has).”

That Was A Skunk

ain’t never been worse.
them that lived
to remember Pearl Harbor thought it couldn’t
get worse.
those who use 9/11 thought
it couldn’t get better.
what did the world thought
when US elected an Actor
for President?
what will they think
when US elects a comedian?
Would Charlie Chaplain
have made a Peace President?
or Picasso
a Child Welfare President?
or Brahms
an Education President?
Who would wrap all three into one?
A comedian —
Steven Colbert.

Marlo Lewis – dapper, manicured…

…senior fellow at the
Competitive Enterprise Institute
comes to town without a yellow ribbon
for our ol’ oak tree gasping
Marlo seys
“the costs of Kyotoism…
economic pain for no environmental gain”
so he publishes a book held timely
for the very day, his nemesis, Al Gore
is named the Nobel Peace Prize recipient
plus decrying
“Europe is not one mile closer than we are
to achieving a ‘beyond petroleum’ transport system.”
and the reason why dapper Marlo Lewis manicured is?
Kyotoism is 10 years old
37 years since the Clean Air Act,
now watered down to near as nil.
love and power love and power
go together like good and evil
you can’t have one with the other
when the stench of money
fills the heart/mind/spirit
poe’ah little empty shell
go see Sally down by the sea shore
wash dat brain worm right outta yer hair
for’ here comes da next wave crashing…
“tis su nami?”

Major Major of Mind Control

heard in hinkley’s head “shoot! shoot! shoot!”
did we think hypnosis was a parlor game or
ID chips in our children was for Their safety?
why were we fed
visions of planes hitting twin towers
but denied pictures from security cameras
of THE plane hitting the Pentagon?
why has our foreign policy never change
even since the Cold War ended?
Do we think Bush is the problem he is not
Do we think Hillary will solve the problem she will not
Do we believe a third party has no chance it does
hold yer nose
here comes Crepitus)