Pick A Side : Win By A Nose


global warming
bankrupt morality
Big Gods don’t cry
cries of shame
cries of grief
sexual orientation
right to life
right to death
does The Hen
protect fertilized eggs?
do people eat fertilized eggs?
are they healthier when they do?
Was the first fight (Esau) for Birth Rights?
Don’t make the last fight for Women’s Rights!
Chicken Littles don’t fall down
people do
pick a nose : win by a side
brutal sports feed our killer instinct
whether a child with a gun or
a real estate investor
“Do you really believe;
if Corporations didn’t believe,
they would throw their dollars
down that cesspool of violence
with TV advertising?”
Let them live in fear
when they build unions
find the most corruptible charismatic
(the Trojan Horse)
insert this dark light into unions
and cause their downfall
jail the corrupt union boss
The People/Workers
lacking a leader
are easily divided
which way are you going honey
“I’m goin’ home…
goin’ ho-oh-om.
Jus’ kidding.
“I’m goin’ to the White House
the Dark White House.”

Ann Colter Slanders the Irish On Irish Bill O’Reilly’s Show


In Ann Colter’s tirade of slander of Rosie O’Donald
she included “Irish”. Being as empty headed as Ann is
she did it on Bill-Catholic-Irish-O’Reilly’s show.
Since Billy boy only thinly listens to his guests
I’m guessing he missed the “Irish” word.

And this is what the tirade was all about:
O’Reilly thought Ann Colter would be
a good replacement for O’Donald on “The View”
and Colter, offended, did her little body twitch
while denying any similarities.

When O’Reilly asked her if she would refuse,
if she were offered a job on the view, she replied,
“If they offered me enough money.”
When O’Reilly said they could replace
the little conservative blond on the view
Mrs. Colter replied, “I like her,
I think she is cute.”

Ann Colter’s recipe for women:
If you are cute enough and money-hungry enough
you can say anything you want
and you don’t have to say it comically as Imus did…
just spit out what ever venom shocks
and Rupert Murdock will buy it.

he asked if she would stop / she said yes but not when

oh mothers
who tend to like a son’s girl
not so much the girl’s boy
and fathers
who tend to be opposite from the mother
and those that no body is good enough:
“Let your children go.”
no one is the property of another
birth certificates and marriage licenses
are not titles of real estate
they are papers marking beginnings
deaths and divorces marking endings

“Listen to the children, watch the children;
know their angers, know their fears,
know if they are bullies or friendlies;
then wipe their tears.”

Oh Democrats and Republicans
“they’ve” made donkeys and elephants out of
otherwise independent voters who still trust
their very own common sense
“If we don’t ask better questions
we will live in common fear.”

This morning, Washington’s Journal, Brian Lamb
asked call-in-viewers, “How would you find compromise,
on the stalemate between congress and Bush?”

This respondent says it is the stalemate
that prolongs the Iraqi war which, by association,
requires Top Dog Dems AND Top Dog Reps,
as they agree to a permanent military presence in Iraq
and privitizing Iraqi oil,
which adds up to why the Top Dogs
had “no exit strategy.”

Billy Crystal Plays Billy Goat Gruff

William Crystal I will tell you
when you were a teenager millions of mothers
were fearful of their 18 year old children
forced into fighting in Vietnam
being conscripted they were free to speak
of the war and how they were unable to recognize
who was friend and who was foe…
they were all Vietnamese.
Now, is your crystal bright enough to see
the one thing Osama bin Laden saw clearly
There was at least a 50/50 chance
America would not learn from it’s own history i.e.
Iraqis – friend or foe?
On the information highway there lives facts
that William Crystal et al Neo Cons
planned the (current) War in Iraq
BEFORE 9/11.

Well, here is Billy Crystal stating,

“Reconstruction can’t wait for security.”

what do you get when you have Perpetual War?
Iraq: A Perpetual Construction Site.

Why Attorney General David Iglesias Was Fired

Roberto Gonzales was forced to fire
a fellow Hispanic
henchman Pete Dominichi and
henchwoman Heather Wilson
delivered the threat but
our David was a Goliath
refused to abet and was fired
what did the reigning Whitehouse
really want?
the destruction of ACORN,
a 37 year old organization that had registered
ONE MILLION new voters (of course
the disenfranchised and the poor)
and “they” called it “voter fraud”
and they wanted indictment before
the 2006 election
and they did not get it
and so the Honorable
Attorney General of New Mexico
was “their” sacrificial lamb.

Willie Giest & Tucker Carlson


Willie Giest hasn’t noticed
Miss America is going the way of gone.
Or is that
the reason you told Tucker Carlson
you want Donald Trump
to have the girls have a shootout
to draw in the sex and gun crowd?
Dying dinosaurs dressed in shirt and tie
are such a drag on evolution
no matter their boyish charm.
What a shock it will be
when mortality
socks you in the face
of reality.
You did not create the Monster
but you bleed it excessively of butter
as if the story is about your smiley face
like a blind stoned cowboy
may you not go
into that dark light.



we are all failures in measure

it is thru our failures we learn to be kinder

when our failures die we swat at guns

look and see

what a violent species we are

see and hear us needing a “monster”

as if a “monster” child is not a tortured soul

surviving by denial guarantees our

becoming a more violent species

no peace
on earth

transfiguration is for the living
when innocent lives are lost

Shock Jocks and Shock Jills


if you ain’t laughing or turning the dial
you are missing the point of free speech

Jocks and Jills go up that Hill
some swing left
some swing right
mission accomplished when
they get the monkeys chattering
this time it’s about politically correctness

what will Kurt Vonnegut have to say
to Hamlet – to Papa Hemingway
everybody smile now
be candid, the cameras, are rolling
just like a stone that rolls
with the might of the mighty

no one can destroy the meaning
of a flag or a Jesus
it is the meaning not the symbol
the flag was created for
that Jesus came to impart

when little, like sheep,
we get led away
from where we were going before we came

who’s yer daddy
who’s yer baby
when pain comes raining down
who’s the clown who made you frown
who could make you laugh by crying or
pack up your troubles in an old kit bag

Imus stepped up with a mirror
of what our culture is becoming
accidentally or on purpose does it matter?
the subject is free speech
it was the market that was politically threatened
that did not let we the people decide
if Imus would continue to have an audience
which would be true if we truly had free speech

Imus only incited a war of words, not a riot
is Imus a little racist?
are we all a little racist when it comes to folks
of our own kind?
How many hate emails did the Rutger’s team get?
those that would incite, didn’t give us the number
it was — two or three
and they didn’t give us the love emails at all!
it was — hundreds

Imus, the Shock Jock opened the door
that kept hidden the pain
of many ages

Why has Imus taken off his cowboy hat? CNN.com asks


that’s what cowboy’s do, that’s why!
it’s a sign of respect and humility.
ask better questions!
who does an outstanding basketball coach
tell us and her team, “People can only
hurt you with their words if you let them,”
and in the same breath tell us
her team’s shining moment was destroyed
by Imus’ words?

Who’s interest was Al Sharpton acting in
when he went to Imus’ advertisers and
encourage them to pull out of Imus’ show
and why was Proctor and Gamble the first?
Could it be because his wife Deidre
was set for a book signing tour for
“Green This” – which offers cleaning products
which do not pollute like P & G’s?

Has anyone noticed how now in America
we have one continuous political campaign
of promises never kept?
Does anyone believe Hillary will support
anti-flag burning after (if) she wins
the democratic nomination or that
her “pulling out of Iraq” will happen
when she is president?

Whom does thou think
protests too much?