i say goodbye to “politics and holy stains”

from where Jalapeno Peppers began:

May 1st, 2005

“…walking wounded: it’s just another mother
bird floundering and wondering at April’s long snow
but now it is May, just a heartfelt away.”

May 3rd

“evolution is intelligent design
when the head lies to the heart
a gut reaction!”

to where politics and holy stains end
here, today,
Fri day is a good day to die

dear reader, you must be
when/if here now
no, it is i who must
and you i want
to say, “hello”


Thank you Ken Peters for the image “holy stain”
as it was your thought for
did but let it go – today I find stains”
very interesting…
(most interesting because i can goggle it and get there
but i can’t hot link it (?)

7:11 a.m. time to say good bye to the old
in order to begin
something new
may haps?


Thank you to Michael W. Eliseuson
for allowing me to steal a few lines
from your poembeticas.

Porter Stansberry Grows A Money Tree

< ..>

“People everywhere just wanna be free”

stan by your berry’s folks
Porter’s gonna talk to ya,
and should ya try ta leave early
here comes a warning,
“are you sure?”

first he’ll scare with
“monetary collapse”
“100% income tax”
and then with
higher food, gas, energy, et al
as if
anybody would have money to buy anything
at which point he chalks in RED

first he says “money collapse started 2009”
(or the year Obama became our president)
then, as if you would forget this,
he later states it was starting in the 1980’s
when gas prices started going up

but he tells us how good US has had it
with cheap gas and names countries that pay
$5.40, $6 – $8 per gallon
oh scary! our cheep gas is coming to an end

Porter Stansberry! It is YOU who are afraid….

How much Arab suffering
went into your gas tank today?

“People everywhere just wanna be free”

When Kadaffi kills his own Libyan people
he is doing it with war weapons
made and sold to him by the US of A
and yes
Sir President Barack Obama
it will lesson America’s karma
to destroy those weapons
period and amen.

“People everywhere just wanna be free”

US Tax Dollars turn Medical School into Military Base


not news, it’s 2004 more Monster Bush crimes
after US forces kidnapped duly elected
President Aristide
flew him from Haiti to Africa
Burning Bush turned their medical school into a military base
no surprise to Bushites
who’d rather kill than heal

seven years in exile and now home
oh say did we hear how loudly cheered
by Haitians so full of love and joy
their beloved Aristide
came home.

and did i hear you say
Mr. and Mrs. U S of A
“I’m only paying my taxes,
not my fault.”
then hear me say
“I if you did not practice your constitutional rights
and stand/speak against injustices
committed using your tax dollars,
it IS your fault.”

President Aristide returning home, sorry Monster Bush

< ..>

after seven years in exile from Haiti
he flies home today
despite US pressure on South Africa to keep him
SA does the honorable thing and refuses
to obey “the one great super power”

Dear Frenchmen, lend me your ear
now is a good time to pay your dues plus interest
in forcing Haitians to pay for your departure
from the first democratic country in
the western hemisphere
a country where slaves revolted
and threw them out, but not without
France demanding many coins.

the times
they are



i guess i’ll believe in Purgatory if/when i get there

hell well known
opulent somewhere housewives
“gorgeous and blond or other”
while mothers, fathers, children, elders
live the pain of earthquake and flood


only love may cross over

the poet pens in his lonely din
crying blood tears
many long years
light the candle now
cigarette in mouth or tray
he pauses to remember

it was a lovely day almost
and almost hard to remember
but now
the wave of grief is headed this way
time to lie my body down
go to sleep
and pray.

o Christina, don’t you cry for me


can’t go to Lo’sianan
Haiti still cryin’
Japan now in the number
of those Saints
marching in and out again
Wiki Leaks lets out
ugly vile secrets
workers get less and less
fat cats want more and more
$’s spent shipping cats and dogs
from Iraq to America
old Egyptian Gods laugh “ho ho ho”
false prophets for profit scribble
“give me your money and I will save you,
THY God told me to tell you this.”

oh sad and simple wants:

goin’ home now
toy piano on my knee
gonna sing some true saint songs…

what the world needs now
crown the good with brotherhood
a daisy a day
Bill Baily won’t you please come home.

Where is the brotherhood God blessed America with?

< ..>

America America
` We ain’t gonna take it anymore

God shed his grace on thee
` Hell no! We won’t go!

And crowned thy good
` In the streets of Wisconsin

With brotherhood
` In streets across our US of A

From sea to shining sea
` 400 richest Americans
` have picked our pockets
` “all” is not enough for them.

The people


will never be defeated!

Too late to sit at home and hope.