Where’s the Justice Justice Kennedy


gaging our children and in the same breath
freeing Corporations to buy elections
eagles not so majestic, like pigeons
are scavengers too here
on Planet Fiddlesticks
from the Isle of Pathos
Web Bot Reading Every Word
a. E. Houseman
proclaims postdiction
“And echoes list to silence now
where gods told lies of old.”
64 yrs since Alfred’s pen dried
bit by bit the lies of the new monotheist god
wid a capital G now exposed
truly Alfie
it was not the gods or God that lied
too many prophets for profits
excuse me it is Kennedy the subject now
with much regret not JFK
Anthony means “worthy of praise”
Wa zit gonna take
to expose the lies
of today’s
Money Gods?

forward can i go


you’re So outmoded Summer
so well not enough enough
those telly lies
between reality shows
still belly me yellow
not my period eny mo’
best buy of the season
What Do US Lobbyists Do
for dictators of any nation
after they’ve bought
Congress and President
who will never curb election spending
wow and how
the cost of any election has inflated
simple math tells us’ens
the going cost of the highest paid prostitute of the soul
does not soar as high or fast as the Lobbyists’ clients profits
oops and yeah…don’t forget the new Supreme Court judges
it is now illegal
for a kid to make the sign: Bong Hits 4 Jesus
but it is not illegal
to buy elections
lady justice’s chin drops to her chest

O Jeffe


wants less abortions
cause we need more workers
which causes our immigration problem
those more workers
are our children
like us
they want a living wage
now don’t you know
Corporations shiver at the thought
of raising workers wages
and ol’ Jeffe
he will build small little circles
on the West Bank
one circle at a time
believing he’s got a better idea
to bring about the return of Jesus
it is the essence of Jesus
that needs to return
as it does with every birth
even as this essence can be found
everywhere you look
if only
you and yours look up
from the lint
of your navel
listen to the lonely yip of the pup
calling for his family
Jews have always loved Arabs
like old friends, they forgave one another
the Holocaust
was the ultimate in shame and degradation
the Arabs didn’t do it
it is the Smug grab for power
(whether mundane or profane)
that in the Grabbing process
may cause the destruction of this Earth
Divine Intelligence
(you call God).

Bill O’Reilly Getting It


he got an expert
to teach his audience and himself
to read body language
in this age of doublespeak spin
and lying liars
nobody meaning what they say
or saying what they mean
and when we learn and when we learn
human thoughts are only electric currents
picked up thru evolved hearing
we never know exactly who
is reading our thoughts
(Mr. Bill doesn’t get that yet)
at first it is scary
learning thoughts are not as secret as we wish
second is anger “how dare you”
home base is drawing the conclusion
we may never know who might be tuning in
luckily the 4th little piggy
made his house of air
cause bricks do crumble
let me be gone
when my legs have crumbled
or let me learn
to love the lover who loves so well…
the fragile
the compassionate
Harp of Hearts.

Texas Towers Sniper


Whitman, so abused
by an authoritarian father
demoniacally driven to succeed
failure freed the demon
his father had installed into his son’s soul
son releases anger towards his father
sniper slaughtering strangers
slaughtering until he was slaughtered
resolving nothing
save a lasting picture
authoritarian power carries the burden
of seduction
of ultimate power
over a child
over a mate
over a city
ultimate the world
(unless you believe
Star Wars)

Reality Show: in a dumbed down world, lame sells

no one fears going to hell
hell all they hafta do is Accept JEsus
before their last breath
Hey sus, como esta?
blank as a fire cracker never lit
who’s holdin’ yer feet to the fire?
the Rabbi believes it curious
that anyone can believe in afterlife and final justice
without believing in “God”
OMG there be multiple gods
seein’ the zillions of variations of descriptions
with many multiple opposites all declaring
“Our God is the only God!”
well, dah, JEsus
see how they all run after the farmer’s wife
who dares to speak the truth
gulp! gone!
in a dumbed down world, lame sells
5 million bucks plus buys a ticket on a gated ocean liner

Mind Observing Mind Departing

hello goodbye
i say goodbye you say have fun
pump up the volume A em Pee
we’re goin’ for a ride

finder seys

UN der ev Er y TREE!

Poembrosia I declare
i ain’t got no underwear!
how else to moon
at seventy three?

Could it be harder than being named
Paris Hilton or Susan Butts?
Yes. How ’bouts
Helen of Hilton and Castor Viagra.

Immigration and Iraq

two peas in a pod under the Queen’s bed
loosing too many bishops and rooks
“If “they” (they now being Iran)
don’t follow the rules we have to stop them.”
– Senator Liberman
Who’s “rules” Mr. Independent Senator Liber’man?

when the most powerful Dems and Reps
do not want immigration reform?

where the most powerful Dems and Reps
do not want to Entirely withdraw from Iraq
leave it looking like Korea or Vietnam?

some hero writes about “Palace Intrigue”:
a “show a real thing –
turn on the blue light
he wants a blue suit”
or beloved Craig
“Any excuse will do when all you want is an excuse.”
was Dean Martin a “Beetle Buster”?
not in Sutbenville, Ohio, anyway