Samuel Alito

(Charles Hurt on C-SPAN)

Bush lost support because of the war
now you say he will get it back
by appointing an anti-abortion judge
proving that which we have all known
the religofascists are dealing with the devil
“We will give you your war if you give us
the marriage of state and religion.”
It’s called dancing with the devil that brought ya.

People Without Conscious

“Scooter didn’t do anything but gossip”
(comment from caller to C-SPAN)

lying about a crime in a crime investigation
lie enough times and insure perjury charges
Scooter told enough lies to be caught
Scooter told enough lies to be caught
in any criminal investigation the question is motive
did Scooter lie?
the right hand holds the cross
the left hand holds the flag
right and left supported the war
people without conscious is a medical diagnosis
otherwise known as psychopaths

Harriet Bush Idol Miers

out here in middle America
we know that Christian values influenced our forefathers
with no intentions of converting disbelievers
within our judiciary
does The Lady of the Torch still hope?
when judges don their black robes
do they truly cover personal bias?
no litmus test the pundits echo
litmus test the pundits echo
who do we the people want to judge us?
another Sandra Day O’Connor yes!
Mister President George W. Bush
will you now be a uniter as you promised?
Please start with the horses mouth
yer an ol’ cowboy and ya know
those who are in our highest court
maybe just might have some collective wisdom
of desired qualities in nominees
appointed to a life time job for our forefathers
was more than the fact that the longer they served
the less likely they would make judicial decisions
of a partisan nature
it was also comprehending
some additional wisdom
is expected
with experience.

Stormin’ Senator Norman Coleman

accuses George Galloway of perjury
and obstruction of congressional proceedings
when the original accusation was
lining his pockets with Iraqi oil monies
is it easier to prove a lie than a crime?
in these times with media screaming Valerie Plame
how many whistleblowers crucified does it take
Tenets with their hair on fire
al Qaeda has already won
our US underbelly exposed
sex scandals in our military schools
torture in our prisons
got acute indigestion?
get sauerkraut
stir fry in vegetable oil
ingest copiously.

Who Broke the Cookie Jar?

opposite the same direction
necophants finding another one
attraction always in the beholder
boundaries described unclear
adrenalin can be smelled
when frying in the pan
the file marked do’s and don’ts
how many times around
how many falls and jumps
who can count them after
leaping and laughter?
even the pope is appalled at
the rights he knows are wrongs
count them:
destroying natural habitats
destroying wild foods
losing wild species genetic diversity
losing whole species
losing our topsoil
using up fossil fuels
decreasing freshwater availability
toxic chemicals air water soil
alien species invasion
producing gases damaging the ozone
population growth
consume resources and generate waste*
and we’re 45 minutes late…

*Jared Diamond, from his new novel “Collapse”

Happy Birthday Kenny Penny

this full moon will be in Aries but not for long
only hours before Taurus takes a’hold
reflecting yet another china shop
but we’ve a ways to go from Pisces
before Scorpio’s opposition
my 48 year old missing son’s birthday
happy birthday Kenny Penny
your sister, niece and mother
are doin’ the pizza party remembrances
thanks for at least returning in our night dreams
your penchant for 100% jumping in to next
softens the sorrow of missing you
understanding and accepting
we each have our own miles to keep
between the dark side and the light
they cannot cannibalize the moon and stars
nor hid the 13th moon
good night my child and peace attend thee
home awaits

Mercy Moi Dr. Bryant King

Memorial Medical Center, New Orleans

“most people know something happened
that shouldn’t have happened”
He boarded a boat and left the hospital.
THAT is what shouldn’t have happened
that is what happens when individuals
enter the medical field for the money.
da doctor seys he took the moral high ground
abandoning nursing home patients
instead of partaking in mercy killing
the feeble facing death by suffocation
with no electricity to provide oxygen
while what he did was abandon the suffering
something care givers never do
he would absolve his guilt on CNN
by accusing the compassionate of murder

“greeted the day as another chance to get something done for the people”

billy goat clinton the baby boomer
gave us bush the baby bomber
repressed sexual religions give us
repressed hormones that give us
violent eruptions
the grateful dead gave us back
extended families
government won’t protect us from
the military/industrial complex
won’t litmus test our highest judges
Solomon won’t you please come home
the Christian Soldiers are marching
lock kneed into religious “guidelines”
fearing damnation and fearing “terrorism”
they surrender freedoms one by one
Curt Vonegart returns
to name the Earth’s deadliest virus
a parasite that kills it’s host
the human species
and advises join a gang
meaning tribe but that word’s become a fire ball
it’s not over till it’s over
Revelations, like Orwell’s 1984,
was a prediction not a conclusion
the former depicting how bad it can get
the later how it gets that-a-way
it is not over till it is over
ending is still the future which depends on
what we the people do now.

I Feel The Temperature Rising

the house is voting
nay nay nay
shame shame shame
banana republic
right here in the US of A
politician gold lined pockets
who’s for state and who’s for profit
and who the prophet xified this time
it takes the breath away
blatantly oily greed
better than a junk yard dog
never give an inch
no to promoting car pools
gotta keep ’em car lovers in love
promised ’em sleek and slinky
sexy ladies follow anywhere
a gas hog goes
any pretty lady for a million smackroos
Julie Roberts how you doused ’em
who wants to be a millionaire
who wants to be a statesman/woman
whoring march of Christian soldiers
billy goat phone sex 8 to the bar
lunch hour over
everyone back to work