The Making of a Terrorist, Big and Small

In Omaha, Nebraska
a man is fired from McDonalds.
In Baghdad, Iraq
a man’s home is bombed to rubble.
What does it take to turn a human brain
into reptilian mode?
Destroy his home and livelihood
or blast his little children to bits and bones.
Fight or flight?
Flight or fight?
When one is hale or hardy enough
expect fight.
When one is old and feeble enough
expect fight from his grown children.
Terrorists, big or small
how everly created
will use what is near at hand
be it stones, Uzi, or home made device
Here comes the fractured brain
goes there for a bigger stick
bigger and bigger
till dropped from the sky.
Terror from the sky OMG!!!
How terrorizing is that???
“Get out of town in 48 hours
here comes shock and awe!”
Fly boys pull their levers
What is the sound of a 500 ton bomb
whizzing thru the air above your head?
It blasts into your neighbor’s house
the terror is knowing it may be yours next.
“An overwhelming feeling of admiration”
Never happened. (Yeah,
we know all about photo ops and movie moguls,
who will give us a Tail wagging a Dog,
for the Almighty Money God.)
When the dividing rod is Fear
war mongers’ dreams materialize
Why so long, oh humankind,,
never understanding
violence begets violence.
If we never evolve
to non violent conflict resolution
we will devolve to the stone age
if any survive…
“Can I have your stuff
after the rapture?”
If one virgin is not enough
70 will be excessive.

Imus In the Morning


No, Al Sharpton. Imus suing MSNBC
for breach of contract does not prove
Imus was un-contrite. His contract was breached(.)
Imus suffered the loss of being on main stream media
for for six months. He apologized to the women
who claimed to be offended after it was brought to their attention.
They and their coach accepted his apology, and further
the coach didn’t want to see him fired.
Al Sharpton wanted to see Imus fired
and he got his wishes.
Al’s actions were appropriate
any time one feels offended by a comment on mass media
they have the right to protest the advertisers – proving
democracy works – protest and free speech lives
at least in this instance.
Sharpton, as a Christian, says he forgives him,
but doesn’t believe Imus has suffered enough.
When will we hear Al Sharpton apologize
for any thing he has said on mass media?
And here’s to you Kim Candy:
Anyone who is anti-Hillary
IS NOT making a sexist statement.
Also, Candy, I took your statement,
“Don Imus is to old to know anything about Rap lyrics.”
as a racist statement against the elderly.
I am a septuagenarian and know something about Rap.
I am also a female anti-Hillary.

“When kicked in the rear by an opponent, you know you are in front.”

doesn’t matter then, why one is kicked
even less, in front of what?
all avowing “No new taxes!”
Heard that declaration before?
“Right to bear arms a ‘family tradition.” – McCain
Good for the rest of the country but not for D.C.
Top 3 priorities for cutting taxes:
“Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid.” – Thompson

Which debates have been polled
to be more interesting:
When the media asks the questions
or when the public asks?
What moderator holds the firmest
time limitations? Anderson Cooper,
thus far.
Which moderator
gives equal time to all contenders?
Thus far, none.
Don’t tell us who the top dogs are,
we already know it is those
with the largest war chest, and
most advertising dollars.
Equal is equal
until the first primaries.
What candidate would overstep
time limits if, when used up
he might be shut up
before the final question?

Hesse’s Dog

Rascal, Sadie and Sandy
now gone, dead and gone
all victims of suburbia
and one bully boy
but poor Hesse’s dog
now free to roam
without a name
home alone
none of his neighbors know his name
so lonesome he yet howls
“Hesse won’t you please come home?”
He howls not for food
the neighbors throw him scraps
He howls not for water
water crashes from the sky
It is a mournful howl
his family all up and gone away
and no one knows his name.
Where the shame of holy stains?
Where the politics of life?
December rains heavily upon my roof
“Dog, are you sheltered,
perhaps under a tired old car?
What will stop the rain, this heavy rain?
Have more patience little zephyr
have faith and trust in Mother Nature
perhaps this is only a rinse cycle
perhaps father Sun is only sleeping
the hours are few till He is due
to rise again, so shine again
till ittsy bittsy Charlotte
will up the spout again.