time to write myself a letter

time to write myself a letter
for the moment of that’s all
mombo computer will allow

how much of me went too far
cyber space connected
disconnected forever maybe

there it is!
my bottom line of wanting to do

next is yet to come

water is still frozen, sewer now plugged
i had a long afternoon in cyber space
less than before had been left behind

real life comes in and i’m reminded
of 2nd presidential terms and free
time for more silence more zen

the hour is wee a.m. and cloudy
three little men asleep in my compound
helps me feel worthy of newborn morn
or unworthy yet to need another haha

make that an everything-rose-color morn
given to sailors and mothers lament
the comings the leavings the joys
of returnings

I Be Lovin’ You Tina Fey

bein’ the hardest acting challenge i can imagine
the playing of the direct opposite of self
you share, you must, muss’ent you,(?)
some created gene with/from and before
Charlie Chaplain etc.
(dare not i should miss any of ’em all)

in these days of Climate Change
you gift us with memorable moments
of serious silliness
till the curtain falls on 30 Rock
once again and to be continued…

thanks and praises

Kathryn Bigelow the Torture Queen

she walks in haughty black as night
and all that’s worst of dark and bright
hide in her aspect and her eyes:
thus blinded to that tender light
which she to gaudy day thrives.

dares she her karma to behold
of torture and of torture’s roll
to sanction is to be party to
the piper is piping
oh fool, oh fool of gold & gory