It’s hard to tell a lie when you’re 84

or anything after 82
ask Clint Eastwood
who mightta if he couldda did
even albeit he told it to
basically and exactly
he told Bush’s mistakes
to an empty chair
which held only the Obama
Republicans refuse to see
they cheered loudly
with no comprehension
of their ex president being exposed
thanks and praises for reruns
the truth
will set us free
(along with a little justice)

Libya, oh Libya

every which way but loose
Ali Suleiman Aujali
the making of a film
for the purpose of inciting violence in the Muslim world
had method behind his madness
the film producer together with the donors
HOW the violent sect of the Muslim world, would react
and they did
WHEN two months before America’s election
and they changed the debate to foreign policy
WHO knows how long it has been since
listen to the children what they say
listen to your own child within – still there
then do the right thing…
we all agree there is too much hate
too much hate turn into violence
“where and how will it end,”
WHEN power people stop grabbing we all know
is not enough
IS there any doubt
human survival depends on
translated means
only differences
and somebodies somehow somewhere
need shared respect
to get from

“be be be” all the way home

shivering and shaking
he only wants home

all these many years
ago the leaving
his only choice..
this/that or war

he was
a fool hearted lover
danced with the dancing queens

did he play the lover’s game
as it was played on him?
no se

i only know

we choose
our lessons by our path

it is as our muse says
of snaggles,
“Love embraces,
then moves on.”
welcome to September

Jasmine Light

nothing needs too make sense anymore
hear them laughing in their ass as they
shell out cash of buying an election
seeing it matters not
to their followers when they spew
lie after lie after lie

i’ve already cried if they win
today’s facebook pinhead
deleted my responses to his post
when he didn’t want any more truth
but he read the words and they
are in my head as they are his
“I’d rather stand in line at a soup kitchen
than have a president who would lie us into war.”
it was when repeated my anti-war
i was defriended

futurerama gave me back
beloved Ali McBeal
and the remembering

we were so much dumber then
we’re smarter than that now

thanks and praises
creators of our information global highway
come on down
when you want to go fishing
or bird watching or feeding birds
of many color and song
or visit Jasmine Light
not to worry
she’s potted and moved
up west