Christians That Do NOT Believe In Hell

you can tell
by the way they act on Earth
creating punishment for criminals (sinners)
that goes far far beyond security from the criminals’
threat to society
and NO
they do not believe even
in an after life of heaven or hell
they want their riches NOW
acting like Jesus’ kingdom was of the Earth
telling their children
“Do as I say not as I do”
for a reason…
believing their “secret sins”
are safely hidden in some closet
not in some “madam’s phone book”
as if they are not in the minds
of every human they have hurt
and when their belly aches for war
to get the “infidels” to march lock step with their religion
and call it “spreading democracy”
the “fuzzy feel good about ourselves”
that has been used by every president since Nixon
fulfilling Truman’s dreams of expansion into empire
Look! Dick and Jane.
All the wanna be emperors’ children
are losing their clothing too!

NAFTA equals Immigration Problem

the problem is Not
those of us and them that hire them
the “immigration problem” ballooned in the 1990’s
AFTER the signing of NAFTA IN 1992(.)
of course it is an emotional issue Doris Meissner,
INS Commissioner 1993-2000,
American families are losing their jobs
Mexican families can not support their families
and risk their lives to cross our borders
now mostly our deadly desert borders
of workers, American or Mexican,
they all lose
and the winners are?
Republican and Democrat Politicians
who sell themselves to the Money God
otherwise known as Satan
Redemption is near!
Cindy Sheehan resigns.
The Democrats have failed her.
The Congress and the President has failed US.
the “immigration problem”
is not about
who rents to aliens
who hires aliens
who pays for their health care
or if they have a driver’s licenses
the problem is


produce as much as you consume
falling in love with the Earth you are happy to do so
“What makes the green grass grow,
blood blood blood”
yeah fed anti-semitic, semitic being
both Arab and Jew
who have been more persecuted and abused?
who…what culture and/or religion
has NOT been persecuted and abused?
the Green and Red of Yuletide
was not blood for grass
Green and Red is new Earthly Birth
the colors of compassion
death only, is black Darth Vader,
the reality of Star Wars
is Consuming more than we are Producing
for every body born perfect this will do
is better than a starving world
in the face of Holy Cows
in the face of the fragile
imperfect humans

Still In Their Burkas


still the guilt ridden ones fearing exposure
buy lies
remember Christiane Amanpour enacting the visual
and the feeling of walking around with only eyes showing
and only in public when accompanied by a man
is it Pepsi or Coke or McDonalds
feeding the masses the forget-it-pill?
the list of promises broken are deadly
did righty forget how to read substance?
how many are happy Bush got his war dollars?
did we go to war for oil?
take out your video of Iraq War 1991
where some brave reporter
asked a soldier with boots on the ground
“Is it worth risking your life
to have cheaper gas at the pump?”
and YES, the soldier replied “yes”
But don’t say that aloud it hurts my right eye.
Why is it so hard to admit we have been scammed?
The status quo for the haves
has been captured by fear
(how long will it take before they see:
it looks a lot like perpetual fear?)
my confession
i was hit by a commedian before coming here

You Didn’t Have To Give Him the Money, Congress

the educated lower class will shut up with a minimum wage hike
along with whatsoever pork attached to negotiating away
those darer to hope’rs holding their breath
that sanity would reign, alas
#2 military man in Iraq who took a moral stand
fired by CBS
so powerful are they who have taken America into a quagmire
scary as hell, heah yeah
the rain falls gently from this evening’s clouds
quenching the flowers that bloom in May
and lamenting the flowers that die in Iraq
of course greed is an addiction and knows no limits
gimme anuder sagga ta bagga
i’m movin’ on…

Reagan’s Diary

of course the pages dealing with the Middle East
were redacted from the public
means Reagan’s Middle East secrets are still for security
which allows that there has been Middle East secrets since then
oh yeah
when US taxpayers dollars go into the Reagan Library
we will never get our monies worth until
the secret Ronald Reagan
is fully revealed thru his personal non-redacted diary

while up let’s go for Bush II’s library
if it does not contain the fact that he is a stripper
it will be not worthy
he stripped the light from the torch of Lady Liberty
he stripped the blindfold out of “Justice is blind”
he stripped one million+ voters of their voting rights
oh yeah
that’s what got us to here…

our burning Bush goes on killing killing
until he replaces Saddam with a willing Puppet
the will of the people scream louder
but not to hope
we have already been warned
“I’ll go on killing if only Laura and my dog believe in my cause.”
anybody counting
how many of his VERY OWN selected staff he has axed?
no need to count the axed staff as whistleblowers
when a whore accepts money for his actions
the only haggle left is the price
of selling one’s soul
to a burning up Bush.

did young man George go “Oh shit!”
when he reached mock speed
or did he shit and go “Never again!”
and that’s why the National Guard could not find him?

angry? afraid? happy? fulfilled? or acting?

We Came Back As Your Grandchildren


see how we paint and pierce our bodies?
Custer came back as and Indian does it
make anyone’s blood boil and would that be
the red man’s or the white man’s blood boiling?
what if we bonk someone and the person we bonked
will carry with him the right to bonk the bonker when he reincarnates
like a movie stuck on rerun
the only way off is to stop bonking
those who are rattlers and shakers
drummers and myth makers
understand all hoops have been broken
i’m ok if yer ok
now our circle widens
even as it heals
with no shame throw the first rock
with no sorrow stand up and cheer
my loss is heavy with me
my love says letting go
is what we do with flowers and stars
when the world turns…
but i’m dreaming
waiting for someone to say
“We are all illegal immigrants!”

What Republican Would Not Sacrifice Our Children For Oil?

Honorable Congressman Ron Paul would NOT.
(Republican and from TEXAS, even)
The only presidential candidate for 2008
who has the courage to speak the truth
even as the nine other Republican candidates denounce him
for stating the obvious
9/11 was directly connected to American Foreign Policy
and NO
they don’t hate us for our wealth or way of life
IT IS NOT ENOUGH, Hillary Clinton,
to say “When I am president I will get us out of Iraq”
when it could be done today
with the constitutional power given congress

Who has the credentials to broker peace between Israel/Palestine?


Who brokered a peace treaty in the middle east that has held for 38 years?

Anwar Sadat, Jimmy Carter and Menachem Begin signed the Egypt-Israel treaty in Washington on March 26, 1979.

Amber Wilkerson, Republican spokeswoman said it was hard to take Carter seriously because he also “challenged Ronald Reagan’s strategy for the Cold War.”

What was Ronald Reagan’s Cold War strategy? Iran/Contra.

Iran/Contra translated: Obtain illegal monies to finance the Contras when Congress refused funding.

What are the Republicans willing to sacrifice to stay in power by providing cheap gas?

OUR CHILDREN, that’s what!