the Dusk of Now


i check the clock
set out this evening’s meds
the reckoning comes
there will be a last time for this ritual
there followed
a very tiny fear shiver
fear of the unknown takes a lot of taming
to spare the heart attacking
et tu?

rolling a Bugler
coffee in hand i move westward,
it’s Rose coloured dusk,
between here and there
a daughter decorates a Yucca Xmas tree and
a potbellied stove window
allows me to view the warming blaze
life is good…

after the tiny shiver
comes the memory of “of course you have an end”
and how can you regret it
there is the evolution
from our generation to theirs
of human consciousness

after dinner i will play a just a game
with systems to check before
it’s all click click
not the same as listening to Bach preludes and fugues
but the brain?
any organization is good
with plenty off time
to consider strategy

could be
i know you won’t tell me
so now i thus

of course, love,
i’ll be back 🙂

hair in the brain


hair in the brain
wild in the sack
hunting that which doesn’t exist
did we not learn anything when
snipe hunting?
got a better metaphor yet?
sock it babe
if you please
hair brain ideas are
born out of
it takes boques of swimmers
to consummate
ei and find
a better built metaphor

a brain in every hair
a pot in every pipe
spring time in the valley
her come back to he
this time…

which came first?
the rooster or the brain

oh praise thy Lord and pass the potatoes
(the day after piggy
and look, what, this Black Friday brings)
and in the beginning there was rain

o sol a mia
how long does love pain last?
haha snorkel
it lasts as long as we hold it

let me go, let me go, lover
lover come back to me
sing it again Charlie
do we sing our way
from love to peace?
can we
will we
might we
shall we?

o Weary Walking Wounded
scarred from the weight,
o the we’s who still sing
in their heart brain,
“We shall overcome…”
keep the faith

a Water Prayer


see me here now
under the shower
the end of day
the washing away
negative neutrons per se

cup me in your hands then
splash away on face
another cup
blow away unto face
it’s working time and hi ho
off to work we go…
off goes trouble
down the drain

the bottom line
the TV man says is
“Are we living life meaningfully?”

(now is the future)

had it a happy end
heaven only knows till it’s over
it were a peaceful place
with peaceful people
children being children
and as they play
what are you
dear father, dear mother

Marilyn Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

< ..) and diamonds not a girl's best friend but thank her allot lil' ol' hip loosen er does art effect ye ol' keep beggin' the question taking 100's of yrs. or more as the heart desires or not one only species that creates it's own death wish and how do you heal that Mr. Pope? it was a long slag from W. S. Maugham's human bondage to Gaga and Sally sally me 'round again you you with the fear of your charms sometimes the thrill is enough and consummation is followed by what? ownership? trial? error? or few are the sometimes mind/body/spirit unite who wants all of everything at once is wanting to start the fire? i don't know but i know my body/spirit's telling me to rest. i c u c intelligence is possible in our human species to evolve rainbow's end in open hand the other end bluebirds flying down in the valley hear the wind blow "love is a verb, not a noun" goodnight Irene

NOT the Nature of GOD to March

<..) no matter how you sing it thus nor glory-hallelujahs God does not march. for who are they for who chose die over kill? who chose kill over die? "No," GOD said, "it will not be I who destroy your Earth : what you do o(u)nto others, you do u(o)nto yourselves. God has no nature but what we give to he/she/it/they what say ya'all? God the Unknown the parts known in mind/body/spirit the music/song/dances all little creators creating little bits of heaven now here now there flowers blooming every where what is it with pentameter Mr. Jazz Poet "Only what who holds can be/not released?" i do not know i do know these not pentameter thoughts are broken lines call them poetry, or not i have a printer that cannot/willnot print these words i'll send into space with a click click of my mouse (return address findable)

words not printed

<..} no why not a piece of paper a dab in printer ink? either i'm taking a break from a first and/or third reader or my printer's broke and there's indecision about replacing th thing nor either or both for no one then do i write save those who can read without seeing if yer not laughing i hope you git well soon for some i'll light a candle glance at an old or new photograph or down the hill at my home and town it's a full moon night i howl you howl we all howl after reading Howl the litany is long of our martyred... we the walking wounded keep the faith .