midnight in the summer sky

midnight in the summer sky
rain falls when eyes are full
i want to stop them so i write
of candles lost upon my desk
of candles placed upon my chest
and vigil candles lit so long ago
in memory of the dead
bath candle no longer used for bath
i place upon my postered wall
it lights my favorite charity
“doctor’s without borders”
it is the way of midnight owls
a silent howling of the heart
in search of peace
not too cry little zephyr
desk candle was only hidden from you
there behind those little boxes, see it?
light it, the wall candle also
for a wider view
not to worry weary zephyr
doctors without borders know
you’d join them if you could
hauling around your oxygen in a tank
is hard to do
what su do with your donations
is as much the donation
as the moral support
of knowing others care
to give.

How America Can Win In Iraq

Off the Slate
“There’s bad news today
from both Iraq and Afghanistan,
where it seems that recent military successes
aren’t translating into political progress.”

getting troops out of Iraq
will not be an American defeat
no, no “cut and run”
it will be a George Bush American Foreign Policy defeat.
And it would be a win
for America’s republican democratic process
to end this illegal
ill begotten Iraq War(.)

Immigrants are Hard Working, God Fearing Christians!!!

Elephant in the Room,”
announces Goldberg, Jonah of
National Review On Line, is
“the line between US and Mexico.”

Yo Respondo:
that line is not
unlike the wide wide ocean
our forefathers crossed
seeking a new life!
of course he was not referring to himself
as a Republican elephant
further he prrotrudes,
“Immigration is
the 4th (or 3rd) estate in the 2008 election.”
full meaning
to freeze us in horrific fear:
“They’re taking our job!.”
“They’re lowering our property values!”
“They’re bringing in diseases, gangs etc!”

Tell me Red Robin
which candidate
this election
do they most want us to fear?

What Bulging Eyes, Michael Tanner

is it the suit/tie of the CATO Inst that binds
or your faulty logic that suffers the brain
report is faulty in it’s reporting
America is 37th in longevity
and 54th in fairness.
Telling C-SPAN viewers
Life expectancy is no measure of health
The reason our health care is so expensive
is because we want the best
Ya sure Tanner Tanner
We love having doctors who’s God is Money
ain’t got no time for home visits
ain’t got time for bedside manners
well ok no, it is not all doctors
it is more the man in the middle
insurance companies, pharmacologies
moreso HBOs taking a chunk of the pie
for doing the paper shuffle
Yeah, Sicko Sicko
(thank you Michael Moore)
O Michael, archangel,
there you are with but two of your namesakes
does the one on fire have time
to melt the one on ice
before we all do the right thing?
The God of Pain suffers equally
good and evil
but it is only the meek
who truly own this
our Mother

who shall i say is calling?

i touch my finger to your pictured face
wanting so to come home to you
i’m not afraid to stay here
but i grow weary and it grows hard
and harder still
it is
yes again
Thanksgiving Eve
the day before
turkey gobbling
strutting parades
and children starving by hundreds of thousands
today’s news:
* U.S. submits missile defense plans
* Tropical storms loom in south Asia
yesterday’s news:
In Myanmar they are torturing Buddhist Monks!!!
but you came
you left
too soon for us
yes we know how you suffered for humanity
and why 23 years was more than enough
2 and 3 the number of life
my dear persecuted
by peers and not so peer
the scorn scorning adults
simply because you were a happy handicapped daredevil
jeaously can be so very deadly
but you kept smiling
oh, such a one, at peace with yourself
those last many days
your own mother could not stop that ocean
of pain and why why whys
on this paradise called Earth
we still have not learned to get along
again i remember
the staying because your mother stays
your mother staying for friends, relatives, and me
you, who so knew
the power of love
spirit, alive and strong
reminding me
reminding us
flowers bloom and flowers die
but the essence lives
in our hearts
whenever they are open
oh my yes
i will be thanks giving in the morning
good night my departed friend
good night to your mother too
peace you gave when you touched our lives
ours if we but pause
there now i pause
and coulda/shoulds/woulda pressed delete
save for the zillions of suffering mothers
fathers too
instead, if my brain functions long enough
to send my message out in space
with a chance to heal
“It feels right, do it!”
will i make it?
hang the nest!

They’re Torturing Buddhist Monks!!!

for Christ’s sake does anybody care
in Burma
(why did they rename it Myanmar?)
why are Buddhist Monks being tortured
what and why
oh power power power
how seductive thou art!
Why are the Christians not protesting?
Why are not the Jews lamenting?
From heaven to hell
we go flipping flopping
From shore to forest
we go marching warring
Heys you in your box
it’s johnny-jump up time
do something)

Key Israeli Parliamentarian: Egypt Enables Hamas to Train in Iran

If only Israel had not destroyed the SS Liberty
If only Israel had not acquired nuclear weapons
If only George Bush hadn’t lied to get US into war with Iraq
Or Sharon had not continued to build illegal settlements
Then the world and we the people
would not hear the cry of wolf
of course
both sides have committed wrong doings
have caused deaths of beloved ones
on BOTH sides
60 years of blood and tears where will it end
how how how
when when when
God knows both sides want peace
both sides are angry
WW I caused 10 million death
WW II caused 62 million death
do we really want WW III?
when Israel admits mistakes
when Palestine admits mistakes
yes…we’ve heard
Palestine wants to erase Israel off the map
and yes, THEY believe
Israel wants to destroy Palestine
how and when will it end?
“I’ll stop when you stop!”
that won’t get the trains running
on time or otherwise
In our mothers eyes are great lakes of tears.
In our fathers eyes are great slices of pain.
Lakes of tears, slices of pain
fill our “enemies” eyes
every much as in our own.
The centuries old dream of world peace
is not exclusive to any culture or history.
We have spent centuries rationalizing
our OWN righteousness
bringing us today with the capicity
to destroying this entire planet
and all that lives upon it
Want Peace?
Make Peace(.)

Mother Mary Come To Me

Joseph repairing the boat
Michael rowing to shore
there is no going home
with troops in landlocked
greeenzone, save, not safe
deathly quiet there
on the Middle East front
as Big Brother takes control
Dr. Catherine Wilkerson jailed
for protesting police brutality
committed on citizens
peacefully protesting in Michigan…
explained last July by a cop
in Central, Colorado,
“We can do anything we want
now that we have
homeland security!”
Jesus Joseph!
Set our mothers free!!!

Wolf Wolf Bush Musharraf?

(t)here’s a growing number
of Bush administration officials who
believe Pervez Musharraf
won’t survive current crisis.
an increasing number of discussions
about Pakistan’s future
and how they could ensure
a smooth transition to a new leader,
all while making it seem as if they’re not
actually playing behind-the-scenes.

Wolf wolf!

“There can be no war to end wars, because all wars bring more wars.”***


Is there a Bhutto in the house?

Shangri-La renamed Camp David?

The rich eat gold leaves while their children eat lead toys?

What is the difference between a Christian wanting rapture
fully believing all others will suffer a hell on earth
and a Muslim who wants 70 virgins and all it takes
is blowing up as many infidels as possible?

Sex offenders placed in nursing home
and seniors were sexually assaulted
Tim, that’s a Paw’lenty gross!

***James Hilton, 1933 Lost Horizon