Millennial Carnage

bursting waters 9 months 11 days
birthing violence of the ages
who’s gut is not cramping
after this steady diet times
increased violence/increased terror
school shootings beheadings
civil wars one side
still armed with stones
the other not so many bodies
smart bombs bunker busters
who’s gut is not cramping
is not human
goodbye to September
hello October what political surprises
will be vented on American voters
this time, this time…
November 7, 2006
38 days and counting…
reduced gasoline prices in the middle of an oil war?
done that, done that
Marshall Law?
Round-up of dissenters
spying eavesdroppers ready set…
What’s going on in Mexico city
after their last election?
How did Bush get the power
to order Mexican Pepsi Fox
to not legalize marijuana and he rescinded?
Let us have the whole truth of the whole drug war:
Afghanistan, Colombia.
who’s gut is not hurting now is not human
Iraq, India, Israel, Palestine, Sudan
Columbine Part II

“They are still beating their women!”

George Bush Gets Two Rights Right For Wrong Reasons

“We must get over our addiction to oil.” – GWB

(When he doesn’t repeat himself
we know he didn’t mean it.)

“It’s not a war OF civilizations,
it is a war FOR civilization.” – GWB

(When uncivilized,
men beat and/or stoned women
and lopped heads off.
When uncivilized,
warhawks drop mega bombs
on the innocent
and call it collateral damage.)

O say can you see
any Civility here
between dawn’s early light
and dusks eerie glowing?

Bill O’Reilly challenge

Bill Maher and Laura Ingraham
on a Bill O’Reilly boat
given separate times at bat
with no Mr. O’ throwing curve balls
was a dichotomy i’d like to materialize
up the same creek
with turn-off mikes should one speak over the other
no ramblers allowed
let them speak in poetry of short lines
perhaps use old high school rules of debate
(i can still hear their body language
and feel from which compassion would come
if/when i
lie bloody at their feet).
Let me here it again Bill:
“Why do we need religion to be compassionate?
Can’t we just be kind?” – Bill Maher
If one manner of humans needs religion to be compassionate
we must protect that religion with the life of our constitution.
If another manner of humans do not need religion to be compassionate
we must protect their right also.
It’s called giving peace a chance.

Americans Are Beautiful

the Ugly Americans are but a few
still swimming up the tube
to where neighbors help and share
this God fight has us most a’tizzy
in a junk yard all a’clamor
where you go when dead
holding more importance
than living life
the very dress of Lady Liberty
still on the cutting room floor
and in her eyes a dimming light
“Be thankful for
any arms that hold you,”
the poet penned, “when
your own light
is growing dim.”

Land of our father’s dream
Tilled by our mother’s hands
O children of the light,
to thee I sing.

not now fragile candle

it is not yet dawn of the next day
of his mother’s path reaching end
peace is in the making
mother and son reunion
this holy child’s
(all children being holy)
penciled fingers pause
to become
the next motherless child
eyes grow weary also
of world carnage
and personal carnage
sunrise will be soon enough
for the fisherman to haul
in the nets of night

disambiguating Bush

how does a slap in the face
bring US to our knees Bush?
“They kill without mercy?”
as opposed to US killing with mercy?
we are all veterans of Vietnam
who know why no draft…
military enlistees are required
to take a vow making it a crime
to speak out against US government
I’m begging you please Mr. Bush
stop dragging our sons and daughters
in front of the camera
aping bald face lies.
We all wear psychic goggles, now
no smoke gets in our eyes.
We have eyes to see what the good Lord
asked us to see:
we are NOT good neighbors, Sam I am,
so pass the bread and kill the ammunition
there IS more than one civilization here
and loggerheads is no way out…

The Day Before After Pill

she was a fake and he found out
now she lives in the nightmare of her dreams
nightmares of always lost
she buys a ticket to Washington, D.C
but “they” fly her to Norfolk, West Virginia
nor folk or foe only the endless halls
and elevators and mindless masses passing
she realizes “they” have tricked her, and,
more important, it’s a rerun
her hands cover her face in deepest desolation but
there’s always one angel this one
a female, a frump, dishwater blond, a middle aged,
touching her right shoulder
she awakens in disgust
of dream robbers.
8 a.m. Moonday morning in Tokyo
five years is a very long time
Pentagon’s birthday: 11 September 1941
Pentagon’s grutting: 11 September 2001
60 years and now plus five
old enough to retire old enough to crack
Iraqis killilled Iranians
we will kill Iraqis and then Iranians
when you come into my garden enter as a fool might
a child of wonder child of awe
child of everlasting curiosity
religiosity – check at the door
we all have tales to sleep and
we all have tales to weep and
now is a good time to be Mr.
Rogers’ good neighbor Sam.

we are Safer be very Afraid

the UN should be eliminated
Saddam didn’t follow UN sanctions
Israel is not required to follow UN sanctions
Saddam killed 1,000’s of Iranians
Bush wants to attack Iran his
killing of Iranians will be collateral damage’s No Brainer Quick Vote Today:
Do you agree with research that men
are more likely than women to support wars?
(but did prove 12% of voters were brain dead)

Pat Buchanan: “George Bush can be given credit
for no more terrorist attacks on America.”
Will Pat Buchanan also give George Bush credit
when/if terrorists attack America again?

ABC’s Fictional 9/11 Quick Vote Question of the day:

” Should filmmakers use fictionalized scenes
to dramatize the events leading up
to the September 11 attacks?”

One answer is obvious.
The events following the September ll attacks
lead to a war based on fiction.

Scene I: “Daddy why do they hate us?”

Scene II: Warhawks screech “They hate our freedom!
They are jealous.”

Scene III: Osama keeps repeating
“Palestine Palestine Palestine”
“Saudi soil Saudi soil Saudi soil”


Scene I: “Mommy why do all the people doing evil
call others evil?”

Scene II: “It’s called ‘a hole in the looking glass’.”

Scene III: Jesus turns his chariot around, crying
“I’m not going back there, they still don’t see.
Who wants to go to their own crucifixion twice?”