Shame Shame Bob Schieffer!

While it is true that
Columbia University’s President Lee C. Bollinger
was “brutally honest,”
it is also true that
Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
was also “brutally honest”.
The first shame, Bob,
was the sin of omission.
The second shame, Robert,
was the snide remark you made
following Bill Richardson’s comments,
“Next we will have a real expert.”
Did he think he could erase from his viewers memory
the only reasonable/logical answer to the quagmire in Iraq,
the TOTAL removal of ALL our troops
now that we know the REAL reason neo-cons
invaded Iraq – the plan for a permanent military base?
Not all Con Artists are neo
some are as old as Schieffer
(grey hair is not always a sign of wisdom
even as a tie is no proof of a soul)

Ma Ho Gany

Bol Linger see Lee
egg rolling
Mah Moud Almadine, ja?
el shamo esta center stage
la learning is seeing
is it money or blood dripping down the chin
both? you see?
truth is in the debate
and the refusal to debate
The Ugly American
The Iran Gay Killer
the WAR is the Refusal
of a podium, Rush O’Reilly Bill Limbaugh cheese
(all our cameras are candid now)
Shame is the task master of truth
(there’s shame enough for all)
Mother Earth is bleeding Rivers
Who listens to Her now?

A Tree Felled in Jena

it was a holy tree
hewed to the ground
used for the ugly sin of racism
ugly head of gottahavesomeone to hate
holy lives so confused
“Who is winning the human race?”
the writer penned and
“We lived each moment
like it was the first,
or the last,”
reflecting on the ’60’s revolution.
It was a revolutionary revolution
nearly bloodless
save for Kent State
Hippies don’t die they just fade away
their victories were
civil rights for blacks
women’s rights, including choice
an illegal war came to an end
even so
the people’s revolution came to an end
thru trickery
and propagandizing the unawakened
“Hold on Sloopy,
we’ll be there soon.”

It’s 3 A. M.

come in again
are you here yet?
it’s tea time in China
roll another cigarette
the story is over
did we have a happy end?
just so many dawns before the light
a new beginning
what the sacred
who the profane
will it be the last hug best
or the hug that lasts the best?
forgive me i am playing now
memorable days
they we only gazed
as our fanciful flight flew
on wings of our own making
ilk of singing, ilk of birds
oh no, lost again
hear those dogs chatter?
arf arf arf
arf arf
doggy Morse code?
have a cup of Joe Huey
here comes a wake up smile.

Dennis Kucinich American Fries

top Democrat Bosses barred
presidential candidate Kucinich
from the Iowa debate the stepping stone
out of the gate to get the first electoral votes
the race
to keep the voters from hearing any more
common wealth ideas from Dennis
Iowa oh Iowa your corn
is better served as food for starving nations
know the truth of polluting ethanol
the magic in the cornfield is more than
than the thousands of years and ears
made sacred by it’s saving grace
of feeding the hungry
taller than an elephant’s eye
where childhood laughs and plays
with magical fragility
learned facing fear with pumpkin Boos!
boo hoo top dog Democrat bosses
“Sorry I can’t hear you you’re breaking up!”
and breaking up is hard to do oo oo oo
ain’t that so
of course there is intelligent design
but it does not materialize without
impulsive creativity
you go Dennis!
even knowing you have not a Chinaman’s chance
or the American dollar to buy this race
you are our four leaf clover
speaking truth to power

Petraeus Westmoreland

the Snake loses it’s head
fig leaves hide nothing
the surge worked, change was
Shiite cleansing from Sunni neighborhoods
Sunni cleansing from Shiite neighborhoods
even despite some founded love and intermarried
“We have to stay to prevent a civil war.”
And we do this by arming both sides?
Petreus repeast Westmoreland’s
“We’re winning in ____ (fill in the blank).
meanwhile back in Nashville, Darly Holton, a Gulf War veteran
who’s lawyers have said he has a long history of mental illness
and may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder
from his Army service
is scheduled for the electric chair tomorrow

“Beware the tail that rattles havoc
when the Snake loses it’s head!”

The Petraeus Dish

who needs a hell
when the anguish is so great
in the flashbacks of our lives
in a nation soo chasmically divided
all sides accusations holding a piece of the truth
it was a bird
a flippin’ floppin’ toady bird
that bit the apple
that Eve gave Adam
and a Snake
that slick-slacked US to war.
was 9/11 a near death experience for US?
are we so angry we were lied to
we would rather support the lie
than admit we were duped
bases loaded
3 balls and two strikes
hear the tick tocking?
here comes the next ball…
Petraeus, the pitcher
Bush, his commander in chief
Cheney, signals the pitcher
Ryan Crocker, the catcher,
from Walla Walla,
the ambassador to the largest embassy in the world,
the catcher.

Petraeus winds up
leg up, arm back
will it be another low ball
or three strikes and yer out
at yer

Bush Speak, Dick’s Brain

Wha da ya mean
I cant surge thru to the end of my term
you see the Dems stopping me?
Didn’t Dick tell ’em, you know,
those things called “them the people”,
hell’s belly, even Saddam told ’em
“It will be a blood bath if we,
the US, attack them.”
(Dick always speaks King’s English)
What was the plan going in?
“We’ll low ball the troops in,
not enough to save their infrastructure,
their museum, but enough to guard the oil fields,
then, when civil war breaks out,
we will have no choice but to stay,
and we’ll get our “surge”
and we’ll keep “surging”
till all their oil is under control,
our Iraqi embassy filled with our friends,
and most important our military bases
well you heard what Osama first said
“Get out of Saudi Arabia”
so we did
so we needed a new one…
There’s no way
they’ll get
This, Emperor’s cloths!

OK, Lil Bush
time for your therapy.

Alexandria Lighthouse Library

where did all the knowledge go
long time gone no
the evolution of the human species
carries the DNA
that led to the knowledge
the writers
of the books of Alexandria
though burned
the loss
was time
not know how
the little lamb has
but one “Bah” Michael?
baa baa black sheep
won’t you please come home?
I know you are you say
home is where the heart is
and did you know
human hearts now beating
to save the Whales?
They’re still using sonar
to jumble whale talk
but in the Paradise of Hawaii
bah is alive and well
protesting the Superferrys
that are killing whales.
What do whales
have to do with Alexandria?
“It was the worst of times.”