Run Bush Run

Ukrainian exit polls good
American exit polls bad
our activist judges good
your active judges bad

satisfaction is a satisfied feeling
unlike the sated burping raptors seeking rapture
tired and weary maybe but not unhappy
Murdock Halliburton Bushy beady eyes
miss Cindy Sheehan carried to their carriage
get her out of sight she is a Picture of the mind
the mind unfettered by their echo chambers
multi-national corporations
global squaller
Civil War in Iraq Is
candle burning short it is
a long way from the sun will it come?
tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
national debt the ultimate pyramid scheme
the Great Depression a prelude to
Global Great Depression
civilizations do not crash people do
buy a dictionary before they are burned
for starters look up
the word
and a history book describing
how empires fall
“extending too far beyond their own borders”
hunger is terror
homeless is terror
bombs falling from the sky is terror
terror terror on the wall
who’s the biggest terrorist of all?

that’s trillion with a “t”

quit arguing and fighting over everything
and see it our way
the global is not warming
democracy is on the rising
WMD’s were snickered out the back door
John Roberts is after all
a handsome dude
don’t peck his credentials
vote now and pay later
if she coulda mommie woulda aborted me
i don’t have homosexual tendencies
it would abominate me
water still rising
Bectal salivating
The Statue of Liberty
was first the Lady of Babylon
ask God’s Learning Channel
praying for nothing less
than clanging banging of civilizations divided
can’t drink the water can’t pay the bill
gonna rebuild Baghdad in New Orleans
got oxygen?

Rita Landing

red ‘tache man o mon
what source that laughing smile
standing in the eye of Rita
one foot in Tex one in Lu’se’anna
feeling never so natural alive
no fret no furry is
is what it is
the dance
so near so far surging
away o away
little pieces of roof flying
timbers shiver

hearts quiver
god blessing/god cursing
nature is as nature does
not to be fooled by
galladipuss galloping
heartbreak is never seeing
after once having seen

what is it like Americans
running one mile per hour
down the superhighway
to run out of gas in nowhere
whose heart is so shuttered
with Godly fear or Godly greed
cough up those shekels
and pay the Piper
ugly poverty
never more
never more.


dei n ten sify
nine iffy
Nazism by definition is
demonizing intelligence
pointed heads of KKK
you never close your eyes anymore
the America that has never been
still on the verge of becoming…

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shores.
Send these, the homeless, the tempest-tossed to me.
I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door.”

everyone deserves a new tranny

blessed be surviving of late
how much will it take
to obscure a line in the sand
obfuscating tick tock
faith based monotheism
denial in style
rap a tat trap
how many drips to fill a tub
how many cups runnith over with toys
today John Roberts
day one of fall
here comes President Bush…
“Afghanistan 18,000 troops,
election…moving forward”
(don’t tell us how many less Afghans voted
this time compared to last and
women are still wearing burkas)
got gas?

Rita Katrina

bambina kachina
bubbalou coo coo
boo boo my baby
eight to the bar
interest goes up
rain comes down
pork only diets kill
cough up your shirts
and flag the train
Germany splits
Korea unites
civil war in Iraq
someone taking sides
America divided
blood red heat rising
in whomsoever
refuses to see what they see
can’t burn witches that’s been done
gulags for dissenters that’s been done
crucify the messenger that’s been done
only way out is thru the mud
bring back New Orleans
or not
question of the day