To Quote : To Mispoke


“To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”
– Alfred Tennyson

between the feelies and the squealies
when there is no safety in numbers
and recognition might bring distruction
and a squealie begs your help
sit him/her down, tell him/her wait
you will fetch what is needed
slowly walk away, turn a corner,
speed like hell back to a bubble!

no, Annie, don’t get your gun
that’a da way
this sorry World has swung
since territory was an issue
of survival

“ Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”
– Dylan Thomas

it was his father’s death, not his own
birthed Dylan’s pen to write
for men becoming fatherless
for women becoming motherless
the awareness moment
pre unconsidered

tell me how does it feel
1st generation to declared
“don’t trust anyone over thirty”
to now have children
over thirty?

but i struggle
thru the Dylan story
how can knot know i,
breaker of lines
a scallarwag of words
filling in the lines
filling in the lines
down to the bottom
Page Two!

ha ha little laugher
a paranoia
a holy shiver
Where to you want to go
little one?
Would you be handed the answer
from someone’s
little black book?

i’m a billy buck from sugarmarou
playing with sound
(i’ll ask you again)
will you come and play?

Dylan Says, “Do it.”


thank you Constantine Fitzgibbon
for writing The Life of…
for every poetry lover
loving Dylan Thomas
the man who would
go mad
rarely but
pretty much justified
and a good time to remember,
“Choose your battles.”

there it comes again
tingling till I
could care less
but don’t
it’s the space
love and God damnit
where we learn
to remember
the size of the bolt
must not excede
the crime

and yes
giving answers
without questions
thus one does also
experience some
degree of the growing
pain per se

nerds expermient
holding hands
“Nope, no tingling.”

what? “Real
California milk.”
how now crazy cow?

Blood Limes


blood limes
not exactly like
blood diamonds
for sure the blood

“Everybody gets something.”
– Robin Roberts

“I could have been a chicken tender.”
– Steven Colbert

way down in Old Mexico
stealing the crop
stealing the land
killing the lime farmers

preparing for the season
of gin
of tonic
of lime
do we really
need to go there
this 2014 season?

Yes, I still go mad-
only this morning I yelled
“God Damn!”
then my shoulders hunched
my head kinda ducked
even with nary a soul in the house
it was an embarrassment

does one ever
gain complete control
over testosterone-like reactions
(isn’t that where
peace lives?)

The Need To Do


how do you do
and how
in a stew
once held blue
flowers/bird songs
the stew became we
we gotta get outta here’s
humanly created
thru all our eras
the need to do
what we came to do

from the words
of the prophet
on the wall
“we each choose our own path,
it is our birthright”

we are of the web
spinning outward
together to form:
a more perfect universe
steward our most perfect planet

and i am dupped and dizzy
wanting you wanting me
wanting us wanting them
peace to begin

Daniel Rowed A Boat Ashore, Hallelujah


of Pope Francis, it has been said,
“If he does not inspire you,
you’re not listening.”

a new version
of the old St. Francis
taking Christians
back where they once

will we
have ears to hear?
the courage?

i want to hear,
“Jesus never wanted
plots of land
to commemorate him,
or people to feel better
visiting them,
he wanted
and all the peoples of the world,
to walk their talk…and his:
feed the hungry
care for the sick
love thy neighbor,
thy neighbor being
all of us
and yes…
be good stewards
of this Earth.”

Shame on You Fraizer Crane.


shame on you, your writers too
and the lady who played the idiot
natural child birth instructor!!!

how much research does it take
to find the truth of the beauty
of home birth.

the truth of the matter
is a baby born – UN-drugged
eyes wide open to receive
her mother’s smile
her father’s
and/or all that have been invited
to this magical moment
in a child’s life.

to be repeated…
yes there are those who choose
who change their mind
and what better time in life
for a mother to choose to lead
the miracle of life?

You’ve created some very
socially redeeming shows.
May I ask, respectfully,
never to see it again.

Thanks for the Nightmare, Dream Maker


to sleep, to dream, to learn
to learn the divide
between walking and talking

every man’s home is his castle
until the homeless come in hordes
with nothing to lose
and not enough police to enforce

what truly exists
in this material world
that cannot be lost or taken?
what actions might we willfully take
to retain what we deem
we own?

human history is repetitive
with violence begetting violence
to get what we want
by all means possible

who can say this Earth
will not become violent
when treated with such violence
as to destroy Her?

will the final epithet
of the human species read
“They never truly learned
to share.”

you think
The meek will inherit the earth?
It is logical.
It is reasonable.
It is Love.