Ruse the Muse

“Is that you Chatty Cathy?”
aproned Mrs. Cleaver calls.
“No! It’s Ruse the Muse.”
echoes thru echo chamber
mirror shiny upon the wall
come calling never did i when
the bridal dream of flying phalli
buzzing everywhere pay loaded
the groomal dream of hoary teeth devouring
it was corrupt priestly class that got us here
it is eyes those who have to see will take us home
where the heart is, where the neighbor
meets neighbor and wants to live in peace
all ideologues are on the table
anger is no proof of right
if we really want the fence to come down
the country be not divided and fall
some pet logs end up on the fire
rules to live by without a fence
of necessity will thusly be…
“Oh stop with the imagining!”
i would say i’m solly but but
but thaat’s the road out of any

Rubbing Dubya: Sheen, Sharpton and Sheehan

“Bush has said he appreciates Sheehan’s right to protest
and sympathizes with her, but his aides have said there
are no plans to change his schedule to meet with her.” – CNN

aside: “I get the good lines, you peons get the bad.”

It was Sunday down Prairie Chapel Road
Martin Sheen, the president we all could embrace
meet with Cindy Sheehan as did Rev. Al Sharpton
honoring the fallen dead what can poor Dubya do
he has not the nobility to clarify his “noble cause”.

As August slips away into September
The Burning Bush body count grows
(he only counts American dead)
Reporters: 37
Contractors: 94
Afghanistan troops: 288
Iraq troops: 1,873
Total Bush body count: 2,302
Total body parts: un reported
Coalition troop deaths: un counted
as Oil for Food turns into Oil for Blood.

Does CNN have any news editors?

“saying the United States should “take him out”

no Associated Press, the fire word was “assassination”
where are the CNN editors? or are you just fer show?

“Chavez accuses his political foes, including business
and labor groups, of trying to force him from office
by any means possible.”

thank the Associated Press for that gem
THE reason Hugo Chavez has 65% population support
is BECAUSE he is for the working poor and the unemployed

at least give us a choir
let the wealthy Cuban voices in Florida
sing along with the wealthy voices of Venezuelans
(especially those who already left expecting US violence)
“Castro and Hugo bad bad bad!”
“Meaner than a junk yard dog!”
junk yard dogs get that way
from grown up bullies taking pot shots at them.

15% of American oil from Venezuela?
Prairie Chapel Road
Prays for US lack of nobility.

Olive Branches to Bush Apologists:

tell me how does it feel
to hear your leader lecture like an angry father
threatening pointed voice little boy fear
knowing the belt buckle learning to lie
angry at the lies washed white
does the stench linger?

Prairie Chapel Road, Crawford, Texas
lined on the left and lined on the right
going or coming voices sobbing
anger is the birth of violence
turn around don’t drown.

“Let them eat cake,” the Queen proclaimed.
“Let US eat oil,” King George squeaked.

The road to violence is fiery hell
The road to peace is peace.
Lead US not into the temptation
of controlling Earth
But deliver US from our evil ways.

United we stand, divided we fall

Courage America, Kucinich, Dennis calls
Sheehan’s mother meets Pruett’s mother
let them walk and talk to and fro
grief is grief let the people go
children are dying and crying
along with mothers and fathers and elders
the cut is as deep as the soul
the pain of birth is reward
needless loss of life is loss to all life
innocent sacrificed lives are sacred
honor them
build a bridge.

Just One More Turning Point, between Iraq and a Hard Spot

Look! It’s a constitution deadline!
No! It’s a’past the deadline they got an extension.
CNN Reports: It only is required it be written,
not that it be a constitution!

Look! the neoCons’ media is crying
about human rights abuses in Iran,
in their prisons, and political dissidents

No! the liberal left is mum why?
They fear the neoCons want another war
well there was the replacing elected Mossadeqa with the Shaw
the release of hostages that got Reagan elected
the Iran/Contra ensuing
Project New America: to remain the only superpower forever
proclaims Iran an axes of evil
“They’ll fall like dominoes”
with US guns pointed north,south,east, west from Iraq
in the heart of the middle east in the original Eden
(when it comes to greed, once is never enough
to be thrown out of)

God bless America
bring her back to her basics
lead not our leaders into temptation
of domination of the whole world and everything in it
deliver us from evil foxes in the hen house
now before they bring about
more death and destruction. Amen.

p.s. please send us a solvent
for woolly eyed Bush apologists

Who is Pat Robertson?

Americans are more equal than others
say whaaa? stammered Jesus
who is Pat Robertson asks Hugo Chavez
beats me, responds Jesus
wowser! really!
he’s been slinging your Father’s name
as his Right Hand spokesman
but how how how
did Americans learn to precieve themselves as such? – J
they’ve been saved! by You! they declare
no I declare! i Do declare!
2000 years they’ve heard my words
blessed are the meek
I came, I saw, I wept.

What Is Our Military’s Required Oathing?

She was a weekend warrior
Missouri National Guard
easy money for the over indebted
took me there too almost my son
thought to refuse to sign responsibility papers
for his then 16 year old sister
before he or i decided
i had to lam from alcoholism
more than a thousand miles
and the choice was double mute
remembering Beautiful Ohio
becoming deadly National Guard

retired i hope now my friend
easy became sand storms and killing
10 years post Kent State

my weekend warrior friend
put me in an awkward position
in the presence of a Guard member
who, when i expressed my awkwardness,
by stating “the National Guard is Kent State”
told me they changed their policy
with their oath including
to disobey any order they deem immoral

praying this is so
and all our military are sworn in
with full understanding of the Nuremberg’s Trials
and that “I was just following orders”
is no defense for an immoral act
not with God
nor with Man.

Corporation Owned Media

Is it not amazing the words
spoken out of Bush’s mouth
within hours CNN has a video
of the four Pruett brothers
boots on ground in Kirkuk
with a fuzzy story
of the four strolling side by side
armed and ready
three are ready
one of the three a preacher
forth a bartender says
I hope nothing happens…
amazing timing CNN.
Fox News keeps singing

Pat Rrobertson cclarifies nothing

Pat Robertson clarifies
“Taking out does not have to mean kill
it could mean kidnap.”
Jeb Bush cancels his trip to Peru
Plane crash in Peru killed 41
Katrina headed to Verno Beach and all parts south
Will Pat Robertson pray this one away
as he claimed he did with two other hurricanes?
John Hagge with his prophecy for the 21st century
pontificates “There is a payday coming.”
Bible thumpers are transformed into militants.

time to give up your tax exempt status guys.