Pen Chant response to Economic Hit Man by John Perkins

the first temptation is little
yer a good ol’ cowboy
all you hafta do to stay out of Vietnam
is become a fly boy
Son you’re so special head on down to Atlanta
and take the helm of a fighter jet
Mock I is guaranteed to scar the shit out of a home boy
“You can either go to jail for missing guard duity or
become a Governor of the great state of Texas”

Governor Bush, prince in waiting,
followed the directions of The Great Persuader
now Texas is in the state our Molly Ivins decries.

The stage is set, our once innocent cowboy
now is given the temptation to be the king of the hill
he can become “The most powerful ruler in the world.”
All he has to do is let Cheney pull the strings
Now cowboys have a way of slicing thru the bull
Cowboy George still could see
we saw him look and feel the Twin Towers disaster
and he spoke to we the people sincerely
and promised to get his man “Dead or Alive”
But was turned aside by the power brokers that brought him here
he followed, he saw, he heard
today his popularity dropped to 34% in spite of the advice he receives
down from high 60’s or 70’s

has it happened yet – i think yes
in comes the Jackal and gives Cowboy George the choice
“In this pocket is the key to all the riches in the world
In the other pocket is a gun.
If you don’t choose the riches, you choose death.

Now the cowboy loves his children, and maybe loves his wife,
but he sure likes livin’ (even if not Mock I)
Who has there been to vote for since John Fitzgerald Kennedy?
nobody – now surely
George Bush growing up in Midland and Huston
studied history at Yale, graduating in 1968,
learned of the assassination of JFK
and the controversy still alive in 2006

Mr. President can follow orders
but Cowboy George was country too
before country was born

The Master Manipulators Grand plans
crumble beneath their feet
the nature of the beast exposed
and all the world is watching

Beautiful America is what we have
if we can restore her wings they broke
yes storm clouds brew on the horizon
one we recognize
paranoia is contagious only if it is true
past abuses of presidential powers we know
we were fooled once, shame on them
If we are fooled in 2006
or whenever it is “they” figure Bush a liability
will we be fooled again?
Shame on us if we are.

Speak to us Cowboy John Wayne Bush fan,
watch your popularity rise to the highest ever
for a sitting president.

If you try we will remember, always.

Holy Cussing by Robert Morgan

When the most intense revivals swept
the mountains just a century ago,
participants described the shouts and barks
in unknown tongues, the jerks of those who tried
to climb the walls, the holy dance and laugh.
But strangest are reports of what was called
the holy cuss. Sometimes a man who spoke
in tongues and leapt for joy would break into
an avalanche of cursing that would stun
with brilliance and duration. Those that heard
would say the holy spirit spoke as from
a whirlwind. Words burned on the air like chains
of dynamite. The listeners felt transfigured,
and felt true contact and true presence then,
as if the shock of unfamiliar
and blasphemous profanity broke through
beyond the reach of prayer and song and hallo
to answer heaven’s anger with its echo.

First printed in Southern Poetry Review, Vol. 43, No. 1 2004
© 2004 by Robert Morgan

Yet another Bush rationalization

Bush in today’s stubby speach:

“Osama was firing rockets at the fly overs
patrolling the Iraqi no fly zone.”

Don’t we all feel safer now?
With all the rocket fired on our planes
in all the years they paroled the no fly zone
NONE ever came near hitting our planes.

Question of the moment:
If the UAE royalty loves Osama
and Bush loves the UAE royalty
does that equal Bush loving Osama?

If the “enemy of our enemy is our friend.”
Are Bush, Osama, and UAE royalty
our enemy because they are friends?

Or is Rumsfield proved a prophet,
predicting in 1991; if we continued to Baghdad
there would be a civil war in Iraq?

UAE firm’s exec says ports will stay safe

End of investigative reporters
at least in the main stream

who will connect the dots between the 2004 event
in Afghanistan when Osama was not bombed because
the Royalty of the UAE were visiting with bin Laden
and the control of our ports turned over to UAE 2006?


an unnamed 44 yr old musician gets Anthrax
from animal hides from Africa to make drums
we could call it
do unto others as they have done unto you
blankets with smallpox : hides with anthrax
if one had never cured a hide

Ben Ferguson of Radio America

Wants the Death Penalty
of COURSE not for himself
In the name of compassion for the victims
he wants death penalty
Ben derides those against the death penalty
as having compassion for the wrong people.

SHADES of George W. Bush
use your rational mind Ben Ferguson
there IS another option if you can hear
People that are against the death penalty
have compassion for BOTH the victim
AND the criminal who is also human,
even after committing a criminal act.
Keep the criminal isolated from society
for the rest of his life. It does not matter
whether he confesses to the crime or not,
he Knows why he is being isolated,
guilty, or not guilty.

We have all the evidence any rational mind should need,
to know, in America, we have murdered innocent people.
Do not believe, if you so choose,
the statistics that tell us the death penalty
does not deter crime, but
KNOW, every time an innocent person is put to death
those who support the death penalty
also have blood on their hands.

(Ben is only 21, so there is still hope, for him)

Arab America Shipping Ports

C-SPAN, Washington Journal:

calling in on the Republican line,
in response to Arab countries taking over
the running of American ports said,
“Arabs are Muslims, and Muslims
want to destroy Israel and America,

Not all Arabs are Muslims,
not all Muslims are Arabs,
not all Muslims or Arabs
want to destroy Israel and America,
anyone who things otherwise
must have mush for brains.
But this does not disprove
Bush has mush for brains.

Sprint Commercial

“Duck for cover”

boy riding bicycle
jumps of and ducks for cover
in black and white like the time of old movies
that time when children were taught and drilled
to take cover – in case the sirens signaled
a nuclear attach

flip to a full color specter and get
the rest of the commercial story

Shame! Shame you Sprint
and your commercial and ad personnel.
It is not good to capitalize on fear.

The Just Following Orders Military

when will they ever learn never
Poe never Poe never Poe
not in our names the victims told them
ain’t gonna study war no more the 60’s told ’em too
no one ever again will be able to justify wars
dropping bombs on civilians
NOT collateral damage, out! you lethal word spinners, out!
oh no, the bombs are not to dropped to kill people
it is to acquire land, natural resources,
most especially water rights
now they want the seeds rights of corn and beans
slaves now need to buy their drinking water
if they can afford it or if/when available
and when they turn their military on their own citizens
because they could not control dissenters
and when they kill their own countrymen
will we hear once again the pre Nurermberg trials defense
“I was just following orders.”

Was it true, Ohio National Guardsman,
when I told you the National Guard was Kent State
you told me “After Kent State the Guard added to its oath
it was our duty to follow our own consciousness,
in regards to following orders.

When all military personnel take this oath of consciousness
I’ll listen to your “Defensive wars.”

From this day till that, All wars will be Vile…Offensive.

Cheney, Dick’s Mission Accomplished

“I guess the intriguing thing, Tim, on the whole thing, this question
of whether or not the Iraqis were trying to acquire uranium in Africa. ….
I don’t know what the truth is on the ground with respect to that.
[Meet the Press, 9/14/03]”

Shooting 13 February 2006: “I taut I saw yellow cakes commin’ to git me.”

Posted December 9, 2003: The Humane Society of the United States
deplores the shooting of captive birds and animals where traditional
“fair chase” hunting ethics are discarded and kills are guaranteed.
We are campaigning to outlaw canned hunts through federal and state

Rolling Rock Club in Ligonier Township: 500 pen-raised pheasants released from nets for the benefit of him and his party. Cheney was credited with shooting more than 70 of the pen-reared fowl.

The 40,000 member organization of rich trophy collectors has doled out close to $600,000 in campaign contributions among GOP candidates in the past six years. President Bush appointed a former top lobbyist of the Safari Club to be the deputy director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


One Of The Worst Presidents In History

“one of the worst” in history – H. Clinton

In an interview Mrs. George W. Bush
was asked if comment was
“just politics, fair game or out of bounds.”

“Of course I think it’s out of bounds,”
the first lady said. “But I think it’s politics,
it’s certainly politics.”

Two out of three does not an out make.

But not fair game because?

“So I think there’s a certain empathy
that we might have for each other
that we wouldn’t have maybe for
somebody else who said something
like that.”

One lied about sexual conduct
One lied about conducting war

And somewhere my love Laura
wants “empathy” because?

“We are part of a unique club
that also includes the wives.”

And the name of this unique club?


“The Monied True Controllers
Who Put Our Husband’s In Office
Will Assassinate Them IF They
Try To Change Foreign Policy.” or


NSA et al
will round up and/or jail or kill
all decenters as soon as
hubby declares Marshall Law, or

The bakery truck mother was following read:
“Don’t hit us we’re full of pies”
and the preteen age daughter
in the crowded car of siblings answered:
“Don’t hit us we’re full of kids.”