Tammy Bruce, RadioTalk Show Host, on C-SPAN

we are like a married couple, the left and the right
seeing each others faults while denying our own
you admire Ronald Reagan because he showed us
“We can be all that we can be.”
and i groan at the pain the was caused the Sandinista
by the Iran/Contra Affair and the illegal funding
for which Ronald Reagan should have been impeached.
well here’s thee rub
our Ronald did some good
but he also did great harm
But was it him?
Not who shot John F. Kennedy, but WHY?
How do our politicians get elected,
both the left and the right?
By raising gigantic sums of money
which in turn buy the best speech writers
and broadcast the most ads
as long as foreign policy is left in the hands
that has held/will hold this purchased power.
After all, Tammy Bruce,
it was our American ancestors
who took this land by force
and in the face of our great wealth
it behooves US to feed all the starving of the world
You are correct, that thus far,
socialism hasn’t worked because
their revolutions have always been stolen
but you are wrong to say the cause was socialism
the reason socialism does not work
is the same reason that capitalism does not work
The safeguards our founding fathers put into our Constitution
are not working and will not work as long as
we are divided among ourselves
Calling the kettle black has never won a debate.

Show me a country that has military bases in 140 countries
and I’ll show you a wanna be Empire.

We are in this mess together.
Do you really want a divorce?

notes from a clown to Charles Krauthammer

Reader’s Digest got it half right
“laughter is the best medicine”
the second half is
“after love”
(but i do love your your Mona Lisa smile, Charles,
ok, appreciate…wouldn’t want you to confuse
this letter of love with a love letter.)
this clown be’thinks Chuck is being cheesy
re “the honor of his (the president’s) office”
Look! It’s under the chair!
No! Maybe behind this drape!
“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”
Oh Charlie! We are looking, have looked, will look..
the information highway is our yellow brick road
and all the world IS watching and hearing US today
I know how hard it is for super white male right wings
to fall after their pride and/but
after the fall you will find
we’ve always loved you’all
we only hated the gigantic pain you caused
with your malnourished logic.

University of Colorado & Fox News O’Reilly

uses research misconduct
to fire Ward Churchill
for research misconduct
David Lane his lawyer
Ann Erica Whitebird his relative
declare the Devil’s
Original Sin was denying
the Original Lie which was
in the case of Ward Churchill
refusing him freedom of speech
in his case comparing
Nazism to our current
foreign policy
Who are the top Republican contenders
to continue this foreign policy?
All White (Aryan) Males!
Who are the top Democrat contenders
the first Woman
the first Latino
the first Black
And, which will be less likely
to continue this nazi foreign policy.
(and no, not all white men are part of the problem,
and yes some blacks and some women are part of the problem)

How Many Orphans Did You Make Today?


what is a $2,000 cash back
mean if you sign the line to buy a car?
they flash back cash and did it take
any cash up front to get the $2,000 back?
how much fear is behind the wheel
of the first dent on that shiny new car
full insurance is how much time how many years
and how much will you really be paying
with payments lasting 5 years or more
and that’s for a new car smell that
smell you can buy in a can
but it’s image, protests you?
“those that look like they got the most
get the most”
the most what, we wonder…
most toys? check
most expensive house, no make that mansion. check
who buys children for sexual toys
while buying the most expensive armanent
how many orphans did you make today?
how much suffering does it take to bake
that baked dream of American Apple Pie?
$2,000 is only a flash, a neon sign
open for business come get yet another
slice of the movin’ on-up pie.

American Dollars that become Terrorist Dollars and Prison Dollars


it was 7 o 9 a.m.
and i barely overcame the fear
of speaking out against the “drug war”
when Washington Journal’s “open calls” ended.

as a great grandmother i wanted to respond
to the caller grandmother
who rightly fears for our children
due to failures of our “drug war”.

it is the nature of our youth to challenge
that which their elders declare “dangerous”
it is in the earliest adult years
when challenge/dare has the strongest pull

dear grandmother caller…
Addiction is a Disease!
please join me in decriminalizing drugs
we Are compassionate Americans(?)

it is 7 22 a.m.

“…day draws near, another one, do what you can.” — Czeslaw Milosz


the day draws near
Americans will make the connection
between Oil Wars and Drug Wars
as heroin users supply the dollars
for terrorist attacks which fight against
stealing Arab oil
when America stops the drug war
and treat addiction for what it is
a disease.

dreaming of my dearly departed
i see them wearing a favorite face
they’ve planted in my heart
last night it was a bygone love
who hid the tent in his hospital bed
when our fingers touched
of course when they have no corporeal bodies
there’s no need for sexual determination
of course there are boy and girl flowers
not so with angels
but they can take any form
their former loves dream them in
i do what i can as the days draw nearer
to being with my beloveds, anew.

Catholic Lou Dobbs and Redemption

Back to Latin Masses
ritual mantras, need not be understood
by the recitees, to gain power

immigration no redemption, your accuser, Mr. Dobbs,
was not using the Christian definition
he was trying to bring a point home to you
re immigration and the TRUE problem: NAFTA and WTO
even as important also,
laws ALREADY on the book are not being enforced
WHAT makes you believe (and others calling for a new law)
that the congress is not just shuffling papers
until attention of the fickle masses turns, again
here’s a suggestion for some redemption Mr. Lou,
check out the “terrorist training camp” flick
we keep seeing over and over…
the “training” we are being shown
has NOTHING to do
with the type of terrorists attacks
that have been made against the US
how long, oh Lou Dobbs, will you continue to be complicit
in feeding us what think tanks feed you?
we are all walking wounded
we all need redemption
(some moreso than others)
today is a good day to come to the aid of your fellow citizens.

Children of the Millennium Changeover, Number 26


every evolution changeover brings pain and sorrow
growing pangs so to say
time speeds up when a species feels threatened
by extinction, for the human species
they called it “future shock”
now is the future
and the past
turning to salt is only how dry one feels
looking back looking back at
past faulty rationalizations
seeing fully why we do not wish them
in our future
water is the staff of life and all of it is holy
these children of the millennium changeover
give elders comfort as they are able
and their children the freedom
to be children
with loving safety nets
the days of
“Do as you’re told not as I do”
are dead and gone
when coming into this garden
of the children of the millennium changeover
come as a feather or a bird might

JAWS: what will happen if we fail in Iraq?

it is not in God Stockholders trust
it is in US all mighty Might
to secure the oil that feeds their greed
not greed?
What percent of divorces are devoured
by money fights?
Where is the line between what we will or will not do
for money before we face The Money God?

sucker us all down the drain
70% of us want US to COMPLETELY leave Iraq
our politicians jawing
dis and dat
but not
giving up control over Iraqi oil
Did we get rid of the burkas in Afghanistan
no, what we did
was return the burkas to Iraq

the Lady Representative
asks for a bi-partisan bill
we all can vote for

who deserves to be the next President of US?
“We must have success in Iraq.”
what does That mean, Mister Representative

Rep. John Lewis – “We are only asking
to take the first step – Out!”

Iraq stability is critical to our economic security. – Paul Brinkley


Hello July!
oops there goes another 12 billion dollars down the drain
how many months plus years will it take before
our jolly politicians spend our grandchildren into slavery
Osama might say “It is the white race’s turn”
No, that would be Malcolm X?
Oh yeah…Malcolm was a martyr
O Marty er, how many martyrs does it take
to make the America our founders dreamed of?
John F. Kennedy would have changed foreign policy
while down in Jena Louisiana they are hanging nooses
on a tree on their high school campus
while conservative moral police politicians
are outed by D.C.’s Madame
are there enough roses
to still the guns of August?