Iran War When?

leaked report about US war plans prep:
24 hrs to Iran Shock and Awe
called “wrong, misleading, and mischievous”
by our stute would be ruler

When Swiss Miss comes calling one quarter
of a century later will you answer Arby?

Have you returned to Iran which
you politically could not then?
Are you now the age of your mother then?
And did your wish come true
before she left us if she did?

Swiss Miss did not know then
Miss America’s involvement
in your woe and Iran’s
for This and Thee she now burns
blue candles at 3 a.m.

Were she in Switzerland now
passing secret messages between
Miss America and Mr. Iran
years best Oscar song?
“Wake Up America!”

Let’s remember Iran/Contra
Illegal money to illegal Contra
let’s remember bombing Cambodia
both high crimes and treason
Instead of impeachment we get
Nixon downed by the lesser crime of Watergate
while the Reagan White House got white washed.

Let’s remember the clatter of impeachment
tax dollars spent for a lie all false lovers
are bound to do…

Now remember
all our politicians thus far refusing
impeaching Cheney and Bush.

Is this really the 25th anniversary
of the stupa building consciousness
in that lively rural community in Colorado?

It is dream time in New Mexico Arby…
I’ll trade you a million man march on Washington
and another million women all against war…
for equal rights for women in Iran.

When the People Are United Beyond States

there is Nelson Mendella and Ghandi
reminding us there is a people’s power of the purse
Ghanddi taught us non violent resistance
Nelson taught us not to hate the oppressor
and when the oppressor agrees to stop oppressing
to find compromise
when there’s peace in the heart there’s water in the soul
differences in culture or belief need not be deadly
tick tick tick tick
waiting for the tock tock tock tock
keep your titles just give us our raises
your net gain 1’000’s of % times ours
when the elected state officials
no longer serve both nation and state
must we to have another bloody civil war
it is always the poor who lose most of the blood
it is always the rich who think there blood is worth more
when there’s money in the heart there’s calcium in the soul
come on people now
let’s get together now

!March 8th, 2007 Start Withdrawing US Troops From Iraq

Does the sunshine bright on your ol’ Kentucky home
Mitch McConnell is no Davey Crockett
he, your Mitch, your Minority whip
will block our Senate
from bringing our boys home.

O Paducha little Jimmy dickens
O Kentucky blue grass
Who the horse and who the whip
and who the McConnell that runs your state?

I only know how history corrects itself
like the Golf of Tonkin, when confronted,
“I…thought they were shooting at us!”
so will your history O Kentucky
correct Mitch’s mistake?

No I guess not he’s a rich good ol’ boy
what can rural country folk do?
Today’s news:
Iraq buys $5.8 Million Mansion in Washington for Diplomats
that’s what politicians can do for themselves
be they Iraqi or American we get
political pockets lined with pork.

More today’s news from Senator McConnell:
“morass presidential election” – translated:
a soft low-lying area of land that sinks underfoot
The land is America. Who the foot
and who the Fool that keeps her there?

Oops I got the date wrong…
the proposal will be for March 8th, 2008
to Start removing our troops from Iraq
well no, it may be a mistaken date,
but who will count the bodies
of our children and their children
that fastly bleed to death
every day after March the 8th, 2007
till our troops, safely, come home
to their little brown house in Kentucky
or their adobe where
the deer and the antelope play.

“Congress’ approach is no way to win a war” By Charles Krauthammer, with rebuttal

note: Krauthammer in quotation marks, rebuttal without them

“Congress did exactly that (authorized the use of force – October 2002)
with open eyes and large majorities.”

The Congress did not have open eyes they had lies. The small majority of
congress that DID have open eyes knew they were being lied to. The
majority of congress followed their whips – and in this they are culpable – but
it is the whips who’s hands are most bloody, both Dems and Reps.

“Now, more than four years later, the Democrats want out of the resulting war.”

Now, most Democrats, and SOME Republicans want out of the resulting war
which is a quagmire, which is why the majority of Americans voted the new
members into office.

“Most….They think the war is lost. If you believe that, then getting out is the most
reasonable and honorable and patriotic policy.”

The question is even bigger than whether the war is lost or won. It is illegal for
the president to lie to the Congress about going to war. There is no way to win
an illegal war and there is no way to save face.

“Congress has the power to do that by cutting off the funds. But Democrats will not,
because it is politically dangerous.”

And who spins it ‘politically dangerous’? Fire up your base KrautHammer! Put your
talking points into the Fox News echo chamber. Make it un-American for our
Congress to use their Constitutional Power to stop an illegal war, or at best an ill
construed war. Echo out “they don’t support the troops”.

“Instead, they are seeking other ways, clever ways…. Unless the troops are given
the precise equipment, training and amount of rest Murtha stipulates — no funds.”

Tell me about the marines who are going to the front lines after two weeks
training and tell me about the troops who are refused medical help when they
have traumatic stress syndrome as if they are all Corporal Clingers.

“Murtha….has chosen conditions he knows are impossible to meet…”

Yeah Charles Rumsfield Krauthammer, ‘You go to war with the army that you
got, not the one you wish you had.’

“But think of what that entails. It leaves the existing 130,000 troops out there without
the reinforcements and tactical flexibility that the commander, Gen. David H.
Petraeus, says he needs to win.”

translated: ‘Currently we do not have reinforcements and tactical flexibility.’

“Of course, the Democrats believe that the war cannot be won. But if that’s the
case, they should order a withdrawal by cutting off the funds.”

The majority of Americans agree 100% and feet will be held to the next
election fire.

“Slowly bleeding our forces….It is no way to end a war.” (more echo chamber)

Over 70% of VOLUNTEER ‘our forces’ and over 70% of Americans believe we
should get out of Iraq, WHO, WHO, WHO, I ask, is ‘slowly bleeding our forces’?

Who else does Charles Krauthammer write for? The Jewish World Review

Question: Which of these secret organizations does Charles Krauthammer belong?

A) Council on Foreign Relations
B) The Trilateral Commission
C) Bilderburger
D) All of the above

(Can’t answer that. It’s a secret.)

The Sound of Torture

TV Fox “24” makes torture sound
like the feel of masturbation ending.
Want the sound of torture break a leg
then move the broken leg without support.
The ethicist goes to sleep at night smirking
believing he has rationalized torture
because the person being tortured
has a human moral duty
to save the lives of his enemy
by betraying his friends.

What would the ethicist deem most evil
the violent death of 3,000 or
the violent death of 650,000 plus and rising?

Hear the clamor over building 18 Walter Reed
then see the size of beds in hospitals in Iraq
see they are no wider than a gurney rowed
upon row and growing lacks of medical supplies.

The lowly cockroach, whose species will survive
the deadliest nuclear attack – the “civilized”
shudder at the sight of even one,
Meanwhile back in the third world they eat them
for nourishment to the body.

A 16 year old innocent boy died 5 years ago today
in this rural New Mexico town
and thousands in their silent grief
created a wave in spirit waters
imagine the tsunami created with Shock and Awe
then lift your feet
the in breath is coming.

To What Do We Pledge Allegiance To America?

is it to the land of which we pledge
and to the spirit of which it was born?

and to the flag for which it stands what do we pledge?
to the cloth that bears the stars and stripes
or of the liberty for which it stands?

will we be one nation or two?
that is still the question.

ok, so “they” inserted, “under God”
“they” want us to pledge to a Christian God?
and call ourselves a Christian Nation?
turn a democracy into a Theocracy?
thee o crazy?

But we are pledging to this Republic and for which it stands!
With liberty and justice for all!!!

All righty then
describe this Christian Nation of America.
That’s too vague of a questionnaire.
Describe the current most powerful sect of Christians today.
wasn’t that easy: Evangelican
And what do we get when we get Evangelicals
we know what they expect – to get rapture and on their way
they expect to look down on the rest of us
burning in brimstone and hell fire
Do they look forward to this sight?

Yes there other Christians in these, so far, United States
the ones that understand what Jesus meant when he said,
“What you do to the least of these you do unto me.”

So if we pledge allegiance to the land
why are we polluting it with our toxic waste
Do we pledge allegiance to the land because
it grows our food and how about the water?
When we were young we could drink from any flowing stream.
When we were young there were not so many breathing diseases.

And if we pledge allegiance to the Republic
how do we protect it?
Especially in these dividing days?

Go figure.

Cheney Dreams of Yellow Cake

it was not “flimsy” evidence as said on Hardball
it was FORGED evidence of yellow cakes
who would forge this evidence or have it forged
the who who wanted to use it and did…duh…
how many lies can a Bush stand on before he is pinned?
When taken to war on lies there is no V in victory
there is no-save face for the powerful
Senators or Representatives
who whipped Republicans AND Democrats
into voting for the Iraq war
Judd Gregg, Trent Lott, Lindsey Graham
Kay Hutchinson, Mitch McConnell
and yes…Hillary Clinton
to name a few…
“Every time we don’t like somebody
we call them a terrorist.” Chris Mathews
Why do we fear the loss of habeas corpus
and surveillance of US citizens?
Those who would be a Dictator always goes after
dissenters first.

President’s Day: Good Bye Cruel World

it’s been good to know you
not in my lifetime will i see
America change it’s evil foreign policy
of empire building
John Fitzgerald Kennedy would have changed it
Bobby Kennedy would have changed it
who has a profile in courage today?
not the 10 Senators who refused to vote
nor the 34 who voted against
changing Bush’s policy in Iraq.

Yesterday’s news:
America now has 2 and 1/2 million millionaires
and 371 billionaires

of course Empires seek to control
the “known world”
today’s Empire builder, America, know the entire world
and since greed knows no limits
our top Dogs would weaponize space
with satellite technology and precision strikes
obliterate all opposition

adieu adieu

Rand Corporation, Ayn What?

Eugene Weber, UCLA and Bill Bosehaer and Angel Rebas

“Ideology allows a person to kill”

This is as true for Islam extremists
as it is for any member of any military.

“There was a political element to Osama’s actions”

The first element being get US military out
of Saudi Arabia and stop supporting
Israel over Palestine. (note: he did not say
US should support Palestine over Israel)
The second element was religions extremists,
with which he used as weapons to accomplish
the first.

Angel Rebasa explains the Sunni Shi’ite split
with each choosing which passages of the Koran
they would follow…

Iman / Jesus take your pick
both have believers of Apocalyptic ends and swords
both have believers of peaceful ends and plowshares

American Democrats and Republicans and Independents win
if “The Surge” works in Iraq – violence stops –
the President of Iraq says – “Go home now,
turn over your permanently built military camps,
and hands off our oil.”

If we really want to dry up funding of insurgents/terrorists,
by any other name the funding is the same,
illegal drugs and crime, then give up
the failed war on drugs and treat “terrorist attack”
for what it is, a crime.

Using the Power of the Purse

100 monkey suits called to order
“You’re either against the Iraq war
or you are not.”
A “closure” vote is binding on each Senator
who will support an illegal war of aggression
and who will not – no twisted words need apply

“Give us one last chance!
2 out of 3? 3 out of 5?”

Washington Post – February 15, 2007

“One Republican lawmaker close to the leadership, who spoke
on the condition of anonymity, said GOP leaders have 50 to 60
Republicans on their watch list, with between 40 and 60 expected
to break with the White House tomorrow.”

It’s called a fuzzy feel good of relief when
only 17 Republican Reps. jump ship.

One Republican argument
“It’s a meaningless resolution, therefore
we strongly oppose it.”

Rep. Craig Thomas, Wyoming on C-SPAN

“not as many Reps jumped ship as ‘some’ thought might,
that ‘many people’ thought would”

“We had to go into Iraq because we had no way
to work with Saddam.”

Translated means: US puppet Saddam
stopped following orders.

A caller to Washington Journal, C-SPAN,
“Why don’t we set up permanent military bases around Iraq
like we did in Germany and Japan, like around their oil fields
and just take what we want.”

Yepper, caller, that’s the whole Point of the Spear –
which feeds US addiction to oil, which allow their leaders
to wage war, which allows war profiterings to get dirty rich,
all of whom turn their backs on the worldwide suffering,
caused by our deadly US Foreign Policy(.)