I Laughed At Your French, Paulette

it was Fraizer’s fault
i forgot the line but i got
a right out laugh at the French

yes you know how to woo
for various favors
from the ladies

was i laughing at your nationality
or your culture? there is
yes of course
variety in France?

the southern belle said,
“He wanted me to be a whore in the bedroom
and a lady in the parlor.”

but that’s another story.
or is it?

this is another story
for the end of the beginning

he was my hero
once or twice
close enough to hear
a thought or two

now i’m not blue
so far and time away

it is the dusk of another day in June
indoors and out doors
are in bloom
crickets follow
the night birds’ song

i think i’m alone now

but i won’t be alone for long

when sweet can’t get no satisfaction

honey drips in old clich├ęs
with Pepsodent smiles
white sparkling stars

be weary be wary
someday the sun
just gonna explode

mother’s eyes turn
warm then cold
baby cries

Father’s day is another tie
see (really see)
how he

lady Madonna
hanging on the wall
mirror eyes

do not fear/afraid
honestly looking long enough
will take us back
to the free loving spirit
of our birth

day by day
is always new
“go and do what thou will,
and harm no one”