son of a gun but no daughter

(“support our troops” made in China bumper sticker)

Natalee Holloway
Jennifer Wilbanks
gilded geldings going gong
murder with no body
yet thanks and praises but
go ahead and search but
nobody admit to anybody
wanting to escape
cash cows
allowing the variance between
bugged out eyes and not bugged
possible differences are
planned and unplanned
heartfelt hopes
can only wish the later.

Robert Zoellick Darfur calling

one full year still you bicker
“is it a “crime against humanity” or genocide”?
talk talk holocaust
either compels action
stop the raping killing dying
how many full moons passing blood filled
killing fields are happening happening
washing hands in toilet bowls
let Africans solve Africa
knowing they have not
the wherewithal without help
a mobile quagmire Empire building
Robert Zoellick believes
white boots on the ground would smell like colonizing
while these self same boots in Iraq does not?
how many more blood full moons will pass before
those who claim to be compassionate become so?
how many eureka moments does it take
to transform US foreign policy??

Solstice Wheel of Fortune

Kenneth Timmerman releases book
“Countdown to Crisis :
The Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran”
claiming Osama sighting in Iran make
to sound authentic put an I.V. in his hand

Fox News asks invited guest
where is Osama to illicit the answer
Osama is not in Afghanistan
he might be in Syria or

Whitelie whitewash whitehouse
“…know exactly where Osama bin Laden is
but can’t tell – can’t just go in and get him
due to countries sovereignty.”
Peter Goss marries Yellow Cake Bolton

Spinning wheels spinning newspeak
where will the stopped needle point?
Syria? Iran? Both?

Only clue available to this Moonbat:
is Iran holding an election – a run off
with clamoring claims of fraud.

Stay tuned to your Fair and Balanced
Corporate Fox News Media
for the next newspeak pronouncement.

or CNN Quick Vote, today’s poll question:
“If U.S. intelligence officials have an ‘excellent idea’
where Osama bin Laden is,
should they go get him?

Eisenhower on Social Security

“Should any political party attempt to abolish
social security, unemployment insurance, and
eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would
not hear of that party again in our political
history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course,
that believes you can do these things. Among them
are…Texas oil millionaires and an occasional
politician or business man from other areas. Their
number is negligible and they are stupid.”

— President Dwight D. Eisenhower, November 8, 1954

Father’s Day Questions

how many countries
need to be controlled to claim Empire?
how many “shut ups!” to recognize nazi?
what percent of the US population turned fear
into abject anger after nine one one?
generations of quiet desperation
turns into desperate housewives
Social Security marries Iraq
George Bush marries Osama bin Laden
if it takes 112 Iraqi and one US troop
to fill our SUV once
and a B 32 bomber uses 360 gals of gas per hour
how many women are abuse every hour
around the globe?
why do we not have a photograph
and profile of just who buys children
kidnapped for their pleasures?

Frank Gaffney

Center for Security Policy President

in the name of accuracy call it:
Center for Oil Security Policy

newspeaking on C-SPAN:

military: “following orders of their own volition”

Wrong. They joined the military of their own volition,
they follow orders because they have no other legal choice
and we all know it is also illegal for them to speak out
against the war and government policies.

“insurgents using faith for political purposes”
is as well said about George Bush as Osama bin Laden

enemy body count in Vietnam War was inflated
because the US War Lords thought Us populous
would believe that was a sign we were winning the war
now we do not do body count
because the War Lords learned high body count
decreases support for their war mongering
and dub innocent victims collateral damage
Gaffney’s aside is to allow there is a shortage of oil
which threatens Gaffney’s love for SUV’s eta al
how many dead Arabs does it take to fill a gas tank?

Intelligent Design

believing they are made in the image of God
they will all come to believe they are Gods
each conceiving “they” are the only one
therefore infallible
respond with hellfire when disproved
first with newspeak which has no effect
thanks to George Orwell
screaming “shut up” O’Reilly’s stammer
“I only said it one time.”
Bushes everywhere and all afire
indeed let us teach our children Intelligent Design
how the human species became Great Gods of Vengeance
and Little Compassion, if any
intelligent design that led to the hairless monkey
every inch of the body subject to sensuality
restraining reactions with chastity belts for women
while bearing the heads of men for cleanliness
creating diseases of the body, mind, and spirit
the Devil surrenders to Michael
“I give up – the human species are more evil
than ever I could imagine.”

Evil Empire List

“We are such
As dreams are made of, and our little Life
Is rounded with a sleep.” – Thomas Carlyle

happy birthday Mr. President
take it from the top Mary Carrey
how does North Korea get removed from your list?

it takes a right wing and a left wing
for any self respecting eagle to fly

the evil of nuclear power
is every bit as much, if not more evil,
than the abject poverty of the people

carrying the biggest stick ever imagined
has not been a viable option
more than half a century
nor the fear thereof

sing your cell song now Mr. President
it is re birth day time.