playing with the truth he said “I can make your voice sound like Madonna or bin Laden”

this information highway and digital technology
can image any data and spin any truth into a lie
want evidence of WMD’s in Iraq? go to WWW.blablabla
every sacred held belief can be verified or disproved
depending on whether one tilts right or left
the enemies killing actions are acts of terrorism
killing homeland actions are acts of self defense
so…th…th…that’s it folks!
homo sapiens no longer can believe eyes or ears
without logical intervention of rational beings
deny logic at the peril of a dysfunctional brain.

Steve King, Republican, Storm Lake, Iowa

Listen to him Mr. Speaker
He is telling you (us)
our US military retrieved computers
not only still worked but had lots and lots of secret data
…like “al Qaeda is weakening”
It’s A Miracle!
(Having had my own experience of a computer frying
simply by plugging it in the wrong power source.)
I do declare!
Oh great King, Steve, were they Apples or IBM?
(thar’s a fortune in there somewhere to be had)
But and yes and of course!
When Al-Zarqawi’s body can survive two 500 pound bombs
verily enough to be positively identified
surely a sturdy computer will survive.

Wag wag, doggie doggie, wag wag!

Carl Rove Laughs Last (?)

(:here she goes thar she comes:)
we can dream that laugh is last
:)under her head over toes(:
now could be a good time for Bonesmen
to see the tears and grief they have created
No more plastic smiles to keep
blood-drinking bonesmen at bay
(: toy dogs in a tree cowbones at the fence:)
now that we know bonesmen drink
from Geronimo’s skull naïfs also know
they can create magic out of anything a’ tall
nidifugous birds avarian flu Not
just another Fear Factor
now open your magic book, page one:
“Better you had never been born
than suffer the blowback of black magic.”

Carl Rove laughs no more.
Palestinian leader Afif Safich
calls for nonviolent resistance to occupation.
Gandhi lives!

Diana West looses her haditha

(quotations are Diana West’s very own words)

“The enemy of Iraq comes from Haditha.”

Haditha, translated means Humanity, so Diana West is saying the enemy is Humanity!

“Haditha, of course, is the Iraqi town where American troops are alleged to have killed civilians on Nov. 19, 2005.”

And don’t be fooled by live video pictures of the event or eye witness testimony.

“,,,American society…suicidal and self-loathing…suicidal and self-loathing… suicidal and self-loathingl…”

Click your heels and repeat three times…

“…Haditha is portrayed as the culmination of the war…”

?Culmination?: a concluding action. Oh Dorthy! If it were only so!!!

“…even as we giddily judge ourselves guilty as thrillingly charged.”

Giddily guilty? Is that how the guilty avoid depression?

“It is high time to redefine the mission: What we should aim for is an Iraq that is not a terrorist threat, not an Iraq that is a democratic paradigm.”

And this Third Definition will work as a charm? No WMD’s! No Democracy! Another US puppet government then?

“But what if we accept the politically incorrect fact that our failure to establish liberty and justice for all in Iraq — namely, freedom of conscience and equality before the law — is due to the nature of Islamic culture, not to the efficacy of American efforts?”

But what if we accept the facts in Chalmers Johnson’s new book “The Sorrows of Empire” before America loses it’s soul?

“… focus on the formidable military task of fighting jihad in Iraq and beyond — eliminating, deporting and containing the threat as needed. This is a global war with many fronts, from Iran to Syria to Gaza to quite a few neighborhoods in Toronto, London and elsewhere. It is time to arrive at new ways and means to fight on them.”

Heaven knows
Rome was not built in a day!

Israel Kills More Innocents In Their Gaza Concentration Camp

“An apology… IDF said it “regretted the strike on innocents,”
but Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz, the IDF’s chief of general staff, later
said the military is investigating the possibility that it was not
naval artillery that struck the beach.”

“The IDF halted firing pending an investigation.”



“The militants got into a car, which the Israeli air force then attacked,
according to the IDF. A large explosion followed, killing three people.
The IDF said the blast was likely due to explosives in the car.”


“Cell phone tracking helped find al-Zarqawi” and?

listen up you Chicken Little’s!!!
we hafta tap ALL your phones & emails
and we will pick a time and choosing
to prove all you Little’s gotta give up
your rights to privacy
you can have them back
when this perpetual war is over
when Skull and Bones
has step by step
removed all dissidents
(they always are removed first)
now Guaranteed
greedy politicians will do anything
to keep the status quo
like this very week
pass laws to inhibit
this Miracle Information Highway
from abetting We the People
to form a Union of We the People
that will Slap their greedy paws!

The Mythical Power of Sports

It allows the masses to individually believe
when “their” team wins they the observer,
is a winner – they feel like a winner thru
someone else’s effort! From the couch
we drink our beer, root for our “home team”
…hoot and howl, drink and growl…

Romans knew well the mythical power of sports
in the arena. Perhaps less bloody now – mostly the
“gladiators” these days die from steroid use – the
blood thirsty cries ARE the same energy.

haditha (humanity)

how do “we”
get from here to there?
the goal of the founders of
America was noble
was to create a shiny example:
humans do not need popes or kings
to rule or pontificate
“great progress, if it can survive”

“the house divided will fall”
are we not divided?
it is not Republicans
nor Democrats that divide
it is those top devil Dogs
(God spelled backwards)
who continue to control
American foreign policy
the Trilateral Commission &
the Council on Foreign Relations
it was
Adam Weishaupt
who stole the Enlightenment
the very same year
of the America’s birth
Adam Weishaupt
connects the dots to
Skull and Bones
connects the dots to
nuclear bomb…Bay of Pigs…
Watergate…Kennedy assassination
Kerry and Bush both bonesmen
not fooling Americans once or twice but
two hundred and thirty years!

Born again Christians tip the vote scale
because they believe in a God who hates Gays
along with Economically secure Americans
lock stepping to ensure their status quo…

The River is Red the Green Sap dying
Dylan and Michael sang it thusly
a little Power is as tempting as
being King of the World

Where in the world is Sam Hill?
Do we really need to play it again?

Robert F. Kennedy writes of Stolen Elections

“American history is littered with vote fraud — but rather
than learning from our shameful past and cleaning up the
system, we have allowed the problem to grow even worse.
If the last two elections have taught us anything, it is this:
The single greatest threat to our democracy is the insecurity
of our voting system. If people lose faith that their votes are
accurately and faithfully recorded, they will abandon the ballot
box. Nothing less is at stake here than the entire idea of a
government by the people.”

“Voting”, as Thomas Paine said,
”is the right upon which
all other rights depend.”
Unless we ensure that right,
everything else we hold dear
is in jeopardy.”

edy note: I give you the summation – for non-believers,
or believers, wanting the documented details of
“everything we hold dear” being in stolen:

Oh, Lord of Landfills!!!

I am a landfill
full of petrochemical products, like plastic,
fomenting with battery juices
among other toxic poisons-to-humans
(where have all my Raven’s gone?)

How much longer or lord of the landfills
before the toxic products I’ve been brewing
run free to the closest aquifer?
It is our goal to destroy Earth destroyers,
polluters, litterers, et al unconscious beings.

I am the junk on a fast boat from China
hobbled together out of my original essence:
oil! In that life there was the pride of having lived,
contributed to Nature’s natural cycle of life
and I do know what is viable and what is not.

What politicians rigged recycling to fail?
i.e gave that lady on the hill 72 cents per month
to do the work she was already doing: recycling!
Who gave a contract that allows contractees to decide
not to recycling glass and plastics, but only high-cash items?

Aluminum tin paper and cardboard are profitable,
plastic and glass not so much so dump them;
batteries ,computer components, pollute the most.
Bring it on I say…add them to my soup since
there are more consumers than conservatives.

Did my ravens die from a diet of human contamination?
Is bird flu their rebellion to help me, Landfill, fulfill
the only destination I can choose – destroy the destroyers
of all that nurtures live – i.e. viability, my deepest roots…
know not else but love and life.

Lord of the Landfills, hear my plea!
The sooner the better to spill my fill, it does appear,
I fear, there is no other way to save the source of life.
Give me hope or give me Gaul!