The White Washing of New Orleans

like a miniature Israel bulldozing down
structurally sound housing of the poor
who made New Orleans New Orleans
rent up 70% since Katrina
Louisiana Senators, Reps and city mayor
(some oreo’s in every crowd)
turning their backs to the dirty math
that would destroy 4,534 housing units
and build fewer units with tax payers dollars
that were earmarked for Katrina victims
and the dirt goes on…
Bill Quigley, Attorney is threatened
disbarment if he doesn’t stop using
his freedom of speech re corruption
as he notes on Democracy Now this morning:
“Like a Reverse Robin Hood –
stealing from the poor and giving to the rich.”

Zion Conspiracy Theory?

the taboo dance
“make someone fall in love with you”?
If Mohammad is the Merciful One
why do some followers in His name
chop off heads and torture?
If Jesus is the Prince of Peace
why do some followers in His name
blow bodies apart with cluster bombs?
If G_d is the creator of all as equal
why do some followers set themselves above others
as “teachers” of the whole wolrd and as “the chosen”.
Maybe not, a Zion conspiracy,
maybe neither is al Qaeda.
Maybe it was a dream Abraham had
to sacrifice his son to God.
Absolute power may corrupt absolutely,
but it is man who absolutely corrupted the divine,
corrupted that which is sacred.
Highly enriched uranium? Anyone can
put it in their pocket, save it for a rainy day..
The ultimate humanity test:
There can be no question, we each have the power
to love or kill, the ultimate test is –
Will that part of our reptile brain (still part of the human brain)
be the final controller over our actions,
or will the human part of our brain (compassion e.g.)
win world peace thru non violent conflict resolution?

One Foot Over the Line Sweet Jesus

our military sang in Vietnam
“I’m dying to get out of here.”
“Every day above ground is a good day.”
our military are singing in Iraq
the major difference being
most of our military in Vietnam did not know
Nuclear Weapons were sitting off-shore
this time they know “all options are on the table”
best we all be singing
“Every day above ground is a good day.”

This morning’s sun shows sighs of rising here
Already has risen over there…over there…
Bring our boys, bring ’em back from over there
15 “insurgents” more this morning NOT above ground
2 US military more this morning NOT above ground
“Somewhere between raising hell and amazing grace”
some country singers sing to our troops
at the dedication of The Center for the Intrepid
And God will grace them for raising hell?
Boom! Boom! Atomic Boom
Ashes ashes ALL fall down!
Who would Jesus bomb?

300 “Militants” Killed in Iraq Yesterday

what, not “combatants or insurgents”?
7 Americans also killed
are they not “militants” too?
OK then
307 militants death toll
added to 3 yrs 10 months of stay the course
my friend says i’m all doom gloom
i say there, it is our very DNA affected
when sperm and ovum reside in residence
their carrier insipidly responding to fear
(another black hawk helicopter down)
How many times will they force our children
to hide under their school desks before we chase
those fox out of our hen house?
“Iraq is seeking yellow cakes from Niger,”
Bush lowers his voice as if reading
some horror story.
Does Mahmoud Ahmadinejad do Bush bidding
rattling Nuclear Sabers at Bush Nuclear Sabers?
Will their be a civil war in Iran?
the 64 million dollar questions?
How many countries currently are fighting a civil war?
Will this Second Civil War in America be bloodless
as our founders planned?
If we nucleate the birthplace (sometimes called Eden)
to insure the ownership of the birthplace and “holy places”
of the Three major Monotheistic Religions
will they laugh again at the multitude of death and destruction?
God/Devil Devil/God Dog/Lived when we humans love our children
more than we hate our enemies
we will learn to love our enemies, at least enough
to be the good neighbor and do unto them
as we would have done unto us(.)

Israel, US, Hezbollah and Cluster Bombs

Israel has said it only deploys cluster bombs in accordance with international law-
but what about American law that governed their sales to Israel?

“Arms Export Control Act, Tittle 22, Sub Chapter 1, Section: 2754:
Defense articles and defense services shall be sold or leased by the United States
Government under this chapter to friendly countries solely for internal security.”

David Siegel, of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, on its use of cluster munitions
“To halt Hezbollah’s unprovoked rocket attacks against our civilian population centers.”

Let us have the whole truth David Siegal (the whole world was watching)
Israel filed the FIRST rockets into Lebanon! The Israeli/Lebanon war started over
two Israeli soldiers being taken as hostages and Israel came down with the
vengence of a God – destroying infrastructure and 1,000’s of Lebanese lives,
and a few Israeli lives.

“In November 2006 , a new international law came into force requiring countries to
undertake or facilitate clearance of explosive remnants of war and to provide
information on location of explosive remnants of war in order to make this
clearance possible, but the law includes no specific obligations on cluster
munitions, which are not mentioned in the text of the instrument.”

That chicken won’t pluck! Cluster munitions leave “explosive remnants”.
Not only has Israel not complied with this international law,
they still refuse to tell Lebanon where they burried land mines.

Presidential Candidate or When Less Experience is Better

Missed your national and/or local peace rally yesterday-
out celebrating Mozart’s birthday perhaps? Not to worry
they shall return in force and full March 17th. And you
will be doing the Irish Jig instead of mourning the beginning
of the 4th year of occupation in Iraq?
The Irish, they say, are scrappers not killers
and you didn’t know which birthday Mozart was celebrating?
You say 250th I say 251st, “But who is counting,”
Amadeus avers.

C-SPAN queries listeners:
“Anyone but a Clinton or a Bush?”
Who knew foxes howl?
Where is the Christian Crusade taking place today?
Well right here in the good ol’ U S of A!
Guess what and imagine that?!
This time the Crusade
is Christian Right against the Christian Left.

Identification Tool:
Who hawks war and who doves peace?
Who are they, who became like children,
therefore may enter the kingdom of heaven?
(little children scrap, big bullies go for the throat
with deadly gore)
Who wants to stymie you with “End Times”
and who wants everybody to go to heaven?
Who followers their leaders lock-step
and who asks questions?
Hitler knew how to brainwash the masses:
Preaching, Symbols plus Rituals.
The Christian right demonizes opponents
while the Christian left loves opponents
and saves their hate for inhuman actions(.)

Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad

O Israel we understand your reasons “why”
but your “why” does not forgive your actions
Like a mother to a child i tell you
O Israel you have never been, and will never be,
all right or all wrong (nor will Palestine)
yes your culture has been wronged griveous ly
Your wannabe next Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu speaking to a Christian Evangelical
on “God’s Learning Channel” today said that
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran
wants to have 250 nuclear bombs in 10 years
but more, much more, Mahmoud, you accuse,
wants to rebuild the Persian Empire.
And Benjamin would be Alexander the Great; wishes
to use the UN to Bring Ahmadinejad to trial for
“Inciting genocide”
It was the Persians who did not kill the Jews;
allowing them to return to Israel
Pardonnnez-moi! “Inciting genocide”??!?
When you put your stick in a hornet’s nest,
kill 650,000 and counting,wasps, and add to that
a Crescent of more wasp nests,
and your stick turns into a nuclear snake,
it is YOU Benjamin Ahmadinejad,
who is “Inciting genocide”!

Questions, Mr. Wannabe next Prime Minister:

1) Why did Israel refuse to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty?
2) Why does Israel keep Mordechai Vanunu in jail when, after all,
we all know Israel has about 250 nuclear weapons?

Two hundred and fifty???
Ben! Oh Ben! it is a looking glass
Are you really ready
to go down that hole?

Judith Miller: Dick Cheney’s Fall Guy

Judy Judy given a pipeline to Cheney/Bush talking points
WMDs et al “evidence” to march US into Iraq war
gets a little time in jail where is she now?
Not to worry, Bryan York aka Fox News,
enters the echo chamber of yellow cakes
and discrediting Joe Wilson.
Who would not ask why the continued
attacking the messenger when Big Bush himself
has allowed he should not have used the forged document.

Why has the media not asked the questions
“who, what, where, when, how”
of the forged documents?

Give us something honest to fear please like
a Vice President Cheney who only yesterday proclaimed,
“Iraq is an enormous success.” or a
Bush proclaimed right to declassify secret government documents,
but only if Libby takes the stand – equating to…
secrets are not secret if they protect Cheney.

Bryan York accuses anti-Bushies of “not believing
anything Osama bin Laden said.” Osama SAID
Palestine/Israel and US troops in Saudi Arabia.

Reading assignment for B. York:
“Anatomy of Deceit” by Mary Wheeler

Admonishings For Brother Bill O’Reilly

Born into Protestant Work Ethics singing
“Nobody gets a free ride
pull yourself by your own boot straps
if you are not working you are lazy

now billy it isn’t the same. back when
even factory workers were proud of their production
the boss was a friend and gave you job security
it still took Unions to raise the wages, in that
True Capitalism is bleeding the turnip till dry
(all is never enough)

but then along grew looking down the nose
at manual labor and forced to paying taxes
on a war we the people do not support
snobs on nob hill demand humble servants
remember billy when
we became of age in the work force
and the talk was more leisure time for the worker?
Shorter hours better pay pride in a job well done

billy you took the money prestige road
i took the question everything way
now listen, If
the worker was paid an honest dollar
i would agree with your Protestant Work Ethics
(even though you are Catholic and i am 3 times x)
What would a true Christian Work Ethic be?
To NOT BE a slave to Mammon (.)

Cheney Washes Hogs

Hogwash? “Hogwash, what does failure
have to do with credibility?”
Cheney responds to CNN Wolf.
“If we pull out ‘they’ will think
we don’t have a stomach for fighting.”
6 times draft dodger Dick is afraid
wants us to very afraid
not to “stay the course”
like a Custer? well not exactly,
Custer, at most, put his own life
on the battlefield, Cheney himself,
“had other things to do”
like getting richer
“The world is safer now because
we went into Iraq” says Cheney.
And we make the world safer
by taking away US civil liberties?
The world will NOT be safer Mr. Dick
until we overcome our deadly addiction
to oil. A start would be getting over believing
our personal car is part of our identity.