Out Out, Old Year

oh pain of waxy ebb and flow
ringing inner outer ear
not to worry trixie nun
your true mother and father
will never allow
the turning into stone
not the prodigal son
nor the prodigal daughter
even so
one of the ex’s ask,
“Have you ever met a rock
that was not a pretty rock?”

wine without roses poor rose
so ready was she
to return

hush mother by and by
chick e chico
remember home
the homecoming
the coming home

was it not your wish
they spread their wings in flight
learn the seasons learn the world
learn the ways of human via/versa human

rosy dawn this ending of another year
chalking it up, reading it twice
discerning false and true

Run away, run away, run away all,
somewhere already
they’re striking up the band
dancing the year away

be happy

O Scream


How long, how loud
ear piercing anger
ear drum banging
“what can I do?
what can I do?”
till dawn
we do depart
with dusk
to truth
the humane way.

Hemingway and his little bird
saved tucked beneath his vest
lovin’ those good ol’ fashion beans
dart dart little heart
midnight gone
and dey commin’ home.

CatholicsComeHome.org ???

<..) like the prodigal son we would come home to tell you what we've learned but you would not listen perhaps you never will this life time but there is always hope "too frightened to do anything else" "hey mon, it's just adrenalin some outsider's ideals pumped in" when did Jesus ask for christian soldiers marching off to war who can not say/hear the defamation of character of the gentle Jesus in the bible is he both war and peace? then why do we call him The King of Peace and not The King of Peace and War? bring back, bring back the jingle bells of peace and joy sleigh bells do ring are you listening?

The Greatest Gift of All

<..) argue with myself till one of us says, "neither point really matters" the point is one step forward from the beginning of "crazy if you hearing voices" to knowing when given the freedom our inner voice will give us a second opinion fully knowing final choice is the stronger when both voices agree now let us all go walk our talk after we've had a good talk with our selves silent night, holy night a starting point to voice within silence a l l hearts are fragile love is something if you give it away give it away, give it away give away some time it'll come running back to us in time or even instantly when everything is equal

needy joy

Dear Mr./Ms. Conservative,

it is hard to be needy
don’t you know
well i can tell you
being there now

) it is harder to receive than give
maybe except when
the receiver does often perceive
the giver with an attitude
of “better-than-thou”
the embarrassing givers attitude
of “lesser-than-thou”

) when receiver and giver
feel of equal worth
well then

joy on earth
joy to the people
joy to learn
we are all one
in different guise

might we, this night
see and hear
one human heavenly chorus sing


yes, i’m a tyranical dictator –


Daniel read that right
as the propieter of mi casa
visitors are visitors
i’ve spent the time
for this title
my family knows me
and visitors do…or not

living as a hermit
has the reputation
of being too stuck
in his own routine
but/and/wherefore i say
there is the equal and opposing hermit
who will say
“i reserve the right to change my mind
in an instant if deemed necessary,
…some change-my-minds
some yeah, i’ll say it

Love is a Verb not a Noun

<..) the heart once touched forgets-you-not brave heart, strong heart heart so built to heal itself stronger & braver than pre breaking making making more lovin' real those times we cage our human heart we hurt ourselves and those who love us do not be/mislead please nor jealous or rejected when one you love does not wish to abide en su casa this does not kill love you do as long as you need to stay in your heart cage do so until you are knowing: the heart once touched forgets-you-not.