Katy Hogwash, Texas Style

A man unhappy (Craig Baker, 46)
with an Islamic association’s plans
to build a mosque next to his property
has staged pig races as a protest
during afternoon prayers.
Resident Susan Canavespe
said the pig racing wasn’t mean-spirited —
“It’s just Texas-spirited.”

“Houston, we have a problem!”

The Karankawa Indian tribes want to know,
“Where are the great herds of buffalo,
where the flocks of wild ducks, geese,
sandhill and whooping cranes, and the
longhorn cattle, deer, and wolves?”

What is the difference between
“mean-spirited” and “Texas-spirited”?

NONE! (if your name is Susan Canavespe or Craig Baker
and/or the other 100 pig-people that joined them)

Gerald Ford and James Brown

two more actors leave the stage
on their way to somewhere else James sings
“How are things in East Timor Ford?”

Who’s in Tiananmen Square now?
But Peter! Gerald did allow our American children
to come home from Canada.
Yeah and then he tried to impeach
Judge William O. Douglas
and the jury is still out whether Ford made a deal
to pardon Nixon if Nixon would step down…

The actors have left the stage
but the curtain stays open
enters many bio scribes
May we have his story fully
Who dies on Christmas Day
in the international information highway
Did President Ford “heal the nation”?
will 2007 be
The Year of the Unfolding?

Bah Humbug!

deck the balls
with halls of folly
peace on Earth
to men of good will
hunting fox of no hair
the other day
the world broke out in peace
and found the human species
allergic to it

let’s pretend
we never need say no again
as men of good will
never again
starving abused children
no lopping heads
or shame before the pride fall
1/4th of our world sighing of spring
1/4th of lazy summer
1/4 of autumn harvest
1/4th of winter’s spirit
in some corner of this Earth
is the season of all tides
the yule of peace to come

Diamonds are NOT A Girl’s Best Friend

perhaps you are right Ollie
some able bodies do cheat welfare
but how does that compare
to zillions of deaths and slaves
fighting perpetual wars decided
by the Privileged Class?

but no, Charlie,
their are no perpetual wars
seein’ as how greed has no limits
all wanna be Empires run out of gas
er, that is, Money,
eventually…you see…
even when they know they can not win
see how they continue to war?
They know not else but “Stay the course.”

How long will they play Vietnam in Iraq?
In their World War I the ratio
of civilian deaths to soldiers deaths was
10 soldiers to 1 civilian
In their World War II the ration
of civilian deaths to soldiers was 50/ 50
today it is 80% civilians to 20% soldiers
and they call it collateral damage
to sound more “humane”.

Oh Ollie
see the man in the fashionable suited tie?
He does not look happy
but he does look proud he made all his money
in stock market investments.
Is he proud of not doing slave labor?
Did he save a life today, or any other
random act of kindness?
Did it wash the blood from his diamond hands?

Diamonds dripping with blood
are NOT a girls best friend Marilyn
I’m sorry they made you sing that
I’m sorry they could not let you live
but that’s the way it is for those who worship
the Money God.

“What is the exact number of US troops you are willing to see die in Iraq?”

William Boettcher and Michael Cobb,
of the Washington Post, ask in a poll
with their findings finding 500 deaths the mean number
of acceptable troop deaths. This twosome did not reveal
the highest number. They did reveal there were zeros,
but not how many.

While their methods may have been commendable
their conclusion was a lie:

“When the US military stormed into Baghdad,
public opinion was solidly behind the war.”

Shake ’em and wake ’em I say!

It was the first time in American history
of an anti-war movement BEFORE
the first bomb was dropped BEFORE
the first life was lost (theirs or ours)
AND the largest world wide anti-war protest
in human history.

General Westmoreland on the Educational Channel

General Westmoreland

“It is repugnant to think of the news media
showing film of our military getting killed.”

The Iraqis had television sets and computers
that showed them what OUR news media was showing,
the Shock and Awe, and the musicality …..
And to mention also, daily doses of live killings
for the last two years and nine months.

That was more than “repugnant”!

Truthiness, That’s the Word

C-SPAN caller:

“The people that are against the war
want something for nothing…they want
the money spent on war to be spent on them.”

Begging the questions:
Who are the greatest abusers of “something for nothing”,
Ken Lay or my friend on food stamps?
(btw – why did Ken Lay have to die?)

Caller #2
married 22 years:
“The wife says choose: Rush Limbaugh or me.
I’m not going to live in a police state. I
choose Rush Limbaugh.”

You mean that Limbaugh who confessed
to being “their” watering boy?
The man who prefers “cut and run” to “retreat and regroup”?
The Rush that imports prescription drugs,
a republican made, illegal act, or
the Limb augh
addicted to prescription drugs, advocating
jail for his fellow drug abusers.

Caller #3
“No one knows how much money is spent on defense
at any given time.”
If the money was low wouldn’t they want us to know
what a bargain we get?

Einstein – “If there is a 3rd World War
the 4th will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Truthiness is just a word we needed,
created by a brave word warrior,
Stephen Colbert,
to fight word crafter spinners,
circa 1984.

And blessed be the creator, Lisa Jensen,
of a Christmas Peace Symbol Wreath.
If the world broke out Christmas morning
full of these new wreaths,
would Peace break out all over?

The Night Bush Father Cried

The Night Bush Father Cried

was it pride in Jeb or shame in George?
it was heavy the feelings were real
or was it 150,000 US troops hostages in Iraq
created by his own flesh and blood?
Hate between the Shi’ite and Sunnies is ancient
Do Protestants still hate Catholics
for selling indulgences?
If they had the power to do so
would Christians chop my head off if they could
cause I had an abortion or was gay?
The line is thin between to lop
or to wish to lop.
Be on notice Shi’ite Sunni men
when you stop abusing your women
Be on notice American men
when you stop abusing your women
ask Uncle River
“Mother Earth Bleeds”