Senator Larry Craig

it is a price his soul spirit was willing to pay
with his actions he proved
his preaching’ words were false
as he, himself didn’t practice them.
Larry Craig spoke the truth when he said
“I am not gay!”
the truth being
gays are NOT predators.
Well and of course not
before his public exposure
which changed his “guilty” plea
to “not guilty”, not even
a nice try
The news frenzy will stop when he stops
listening to sleaze lawyers
that only want to pick his pocket.

Hell, Mary, How is Rose?

breaking from the waist again
perfume departed long ago
today sex now selling
macaroni and cheese on TV
pickle heads believe all they see
how do you get an ever expanding economy?
create desires where there are none
sell it with a catchy tune, sex and prestige
rose buds dying in their bed of thorns
fly and buy ourselves to war
when rose was taken off to war in yellow ribbons
was put in a mansuit of aggression
“I’m yer siesta, I’m yer girl.”
Sisters, Mothers, Daughters
asserting is not the same as aggression
Who’s that stomping on Rose’s back?

“Impeachment is a Requirement, Not an Option”*

truths that are self evident are truths of a selves majority
against a government solution
if government is of the people so too the solution
when the government’s solution
is not the people’s solution
we have a royalty making the laws
“it’s all the fault of the welfare state”
royalty creates two welfare states
welfare for them
which creates the need
for welfare for the poor
both states, rich and poor’s leaders
are lead into temptation amen
royalty hates to do their own dishes
cook, grow, harvest, sow
drive their own cars
will we the people ever unite again
abortion is only an issue when we are not at war
gay is only a problem when we are not at war
we are at war and it is a cultural war
between the top who’s God is Usury and
the bottom looking for the God of Compassion
lies the middle class
caught in the falsehoods of just what is
“self evident”
when you mix red with blue
you will not get purple until you add white
*like the caller this morning on C-SPAN declares,
“Impeachment is a Requirement, Not an Option.”

John Wayne, the Supreme Chicken Hawk

with the Ballad of the Green Beret
he song and danced us into Vietnam
Who’s left to remember
the oil embargo on Japan preceding Pearl Harbor
or that Cuba did not blow up the Maine
“Do not speak ill about the dead.”
ok, maybe John Wayne gets to watch
“Good Morning, Vietnam!” for an eternity
or choose to reincarnate

“Delta Force and CIA
Marines and SOCOM clear the way
Covert missions now in play
Special OPS like the Green Beret”

maybees John W. and Johnny Cash
are soul mates since 2 ought 3
Hollywood is not all left Bill O’Reilly
(neither is the ACLU)
it’s hard to get the masses to support a war
sing them a catchy tune that echoes in the brain
make ’em happy and proud
to march their sons and daughters
off to the killing fields of war

or were you just a devil
with blue suede shoes?

Will Bill O’Reilly Have the Guts?

it never rains in Minneapolis in the summer time
and god didn’t make little green apples
they were only picked too soon

and Bill O’Reilly show us you really care
and make your bid on Kieth Olberman’s cast
(that you too signed)
let your feet walk the talk
support our troops
support the yellow ribbon campaign
does it matter where the message came from
when our government doesn’t do the right thing
we the people must.

“till we all break down and cry”

that simple, that’s all
break down and cry
cry for the human species
hardened to harm an other
cry for love lost
on the material girl
and the material boy
cry for all the fear filled people
who gird themselves with neckties
with gated communities
the daisy turns into a mushroom cloud
little Johnny running thru the streets
on fire and bare naked
How can you be that angry
with someone you once loved?
when we all break down and cry
an ocean of tears
Will this be enough
to wash the pain away?

Empire, Door #2: A group of states or other territories that owe allegiance to a foreign power.

boots all around
boots on the ground
then along comes Poland
“A people,
will never be defeated.”

let go of the pride and the fall
will not be so precipitous

the whole of human history
is one of empire building
sometimes religious sometimes secular
but ever more and ever more
falling, falling, all fall down
in Poland
in country
after country
“A people,
will never be defeated.”

the people’s revolution is, often,
stolen by the man of the hour, in power.
Castro and Chavez
Learned from Their history, if they did not comply, as a
“state(s)…that owe(s) allegiance to a foreign power”
that power would use covert means
to replace them.

Musicians and politicians are screaming,
“Wake up America”
Mourners are crying,
“We know you aree awake America,
have seen the gory instead of glory
from the deeds our “leaders” have done
it is as our founding fathers warned
“A secret government”
our ’60’s revolution opened eyes
step by step it opens more…

Dear Big Brother Bush Cheney

thank you for listenin’ up
to all our emails, posts, et al
’cause we got a lot of questions.
do ears get pointier as they burn?
is as lonely as they say at the top
where even yer dog bites the hand
that fucks the world behind its back?
no dear Bushites Cheneykins
with our lungs chained to an oxygen tank
come on babe light our fires
we felt the witches when you burned ’em
the lash when you lashed our brother’s back
know why dogs bark in the middle of the night,
one answering an other?
they’re wondering how bad it will git
before it gits better?
happy anniversary you ol’ fools
fallin’ in love over and over
it’s only yellow metal Floyd sang
come on over Rove’r
we make ourselves in the image of our God
in the nuggets of our Rivers in due time
find all the gold coats.
like the lizard who loses its tail to a predator
too the dog
will sacrifice a tail
when wagged to the extreme.

Pigs Feet In A Pickle

As long as our electorate is divided between the range of 40-60
the rich Money Changers in the Dem’s and Rep’s parties
will control US foreign policy
with their carrots and sticks will lead party
to vote their way or get the stick
to vote their way and get the carrots
history was over in 1989?
(meaning capitalism is severed from governance)
declared the Capitalists who are Pigs
(Forgive me Babe,
for i know you understand the concept
of one pig being more equal than an other pig).
then along came Tiananmen Square, from 1989
unto today with many Tiananmen Squares
the Bush and the Dick have topped the scale
way over the limit of 60 percent of we the people
awake Americans
but can we get awake enough
to smell the burning coffee, burning oil, burning flesh
we feel the terror of the mothers and wives and children
of miners trapped in Utah nine days and counting
but can we get awake enough
to taste the burning flesh, sandy metal,
coffee bean labored sweat?
American bridges falling down, my fair lady.

May I Hack Yer Homily?

hack homiliers here
among them’alls ad hominems,
don’t drink from that bright colored cup made in China
you’ll die from lead poisoning in 20 years, he said
to a COPD tobacco puffer,
a souvenir from St. Louie Louie,
but when she sat the cup atop her Bugler can
and taps it with her fingernail it chimes
she wanders if
when emptied it will sound different
or will she sound different,
on caffeine how can you tell
who honors one another?
it is in the tenor of the human voice
a musical instrument that needs no cases,
no strings, no plucks or hammers,
it is the ting of the heart strings we hear
when we remove the banana from our ear.