State of the Union Speech, or, What George Bush Really Fears

John F. Kennedy went to Cuba
and learned first hand the US policy was wrong.
He repented the Bay of Pigs.

What corporate news media kept from we the people:
John F. Kennedy was going to end the Vietnam War,

We all saw with our own eyes
what happens to a US President
when he repents and wants to atone:


Is now too late to come to the aid or our country?

When Chickens Come Home to Roost

When Chickens Come Home to Roost

Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, established in 1946 in Gaza.After 1967, the main front organization of the brotherhood was Ahmad Yassin ‘s Mujama‘ (established 1973), a welfare charity (clinics, kindergartens, education), that was encouraged by Israeli civilian administration in Gaza to apply for registered charity status in 1978 and was indirectly funded by Israel as a means of dividing Palestinian society. (

Sound familiar? Osama bin Laden was our terrorists before he became al Qaeda’s. Saddam was our terrorist before he became the butcher of Iraqis.

The Year of the Dog

He doesn’t give answers to questions
As he locks up Justice from our ears
And you follow ’till your sense of morality
Completely disappears
By the blue steel walls near the Pentagon
There’s a hidden door She leads you to
These days, She says, I feel all life
Just like a bludgeon running through
The year of the dog.

Well, He looks at us so coldy
And His eyes bead like a beast on the brink
She comes in incense and patchouli
But you rape her, to plant seeds of mass deception
The year of the dog.

Well, morning comes and you’re still horney
And the bus and the homeboys are gone
And you’ve thrown away thy soul and lost thy ticker
But you have to go on
So the drum-beats angst of the night remain
In the fester of the new-born day
You know sometime you’re bound to face Her
But for now you’re going to stay
In the year of the dog.

On a morning from a Bad Movie
In a country where they talk in rhyme
You go strolling through the crowd like Julius Caesar
Contemplating power
She comes out of the sun in a silk dress running
Like a watercolour in the rain
Don’t bother asking for explanations
She’ll just tell you that your naked
In the year of the dog.

Al Stewart/Peter Wood revisited

Don’t cry for me Fallujah

Tom Brokaw said it first
“We own Iraq” who cares
if a civil war is waging
and Fallujah residents
are living in a camp in
winter and food rations
are late and short
Americans love their cars
Rusmfield predicted in 1991
Iraq would become a hornet’s nest
what’s a little hornet sting
when American owns
Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Chalabi
appointed Oil Minister last December
when gas hogs complained of gas
nearing $three per
NASCAR mom’s love Bush


Sent: Sunday, January 22, 2006 7:13 PM
Subject: Sainthood

Subject: Sainthood

President George W. Bush was scheduled to visit the Methodist church outside Washington, DC as part of his campaign. Bush’s campaign manager made a visit to the Bishop, and said to him, “We’ve been getting a lot of bad publicity among Methodists because of Bush’s position on stem cell research and the like. We’d gladly make a contribution to the church of $100,000 if during your sermon you’d say the President is a saint.”

The Bishop thinks it over for a few moments and finally says, “The Church is in desperate need of funds and I will agree to do it.”

Bush pompously shows up looking especially smug today and as the sermon progresses the Bishop begins his homily: “George Bush is petty, a self-absorbed hypocrite and a nitwit. He is a liar, a cheat, and a low-intelligence weasel. He has lied about his military record and had the gall to put himself in a jet plane landing on a carrier posing before a banner stating ‘Mission Accomplished.’ He invaded a country for oil and money, and is using it to lie to the American people. He is the worst example of a Methodist I’ve ever personally known. But compared to Dick Cheney and the rest of his cabinet, George Bush is a saint.”

Fear is Love, War is Peace

then it came to pass
the little people preferred
to listen to The Man Who Cried Wolf
gave up their freedom to calm their fears
but yet they shudder
The Man proclaims with such an authoritarian voice
“We will prevail. We got ’em on the run.
I need dictatorial authority. I need
to spy on US citizens.”
(translated: if’n yer again’ us we will silence you)
poor little people
having been brainwashed to believe
winning is everything
when their favorite sports team wins
little people that support them
believe they, by way of association, are #1 too
doo doo dee doo
winners always lose
in the long haul, in the long run

And Abraham cried to Osama bin Ishmael:
“They’re beating the women!!!”
Then turning to Bush bin Isaac, Abraham continued:
“You are bombing my children and raping their natural resources!!!”

O Abraham, father of monotheism
a mono god who you fear enough to kill your own son
still ringing as mothers and fathers march their children
off to war for
god and country
4,000 years of marching marching
The Man astride his Speedy Greed Steed
how many horsemen does it take to destroy a planet

Who among us will live with the lies when they have sight?
Why have a truce when we can have perpetual war?
Bombs bursting in air? Got more! Gonna get richer!!!
Gotta distract the little people
The Man’s gotta have total control
not only on land as on the sea but also now
outer space, all worldwide communication
eyes in the sky with big ears
with balls to declare this eye
God’s Eye

yeah, the bible told me so,
the Devil, in disguise, can be anyone/anything
even appear as God, even with a godly voice
give us your new poll you with expertise
as America teeters between
half anti-war
one quarter flip-flops
one quarter will follow The Man anywhere
the coin is tossed
will the flip-flops choose war or no?

heaven help us in our sorrow
one step over the line oh lawdy
help us choose wisely

Truce does not equate to losing.
Admitting mistakes does not equate to damnation
but may lead to peaceful conflict resolution,
what God or human would not want that?
Fear not Him or him so much before
we all fall to pieces.

Rationalizing for Absolution

war department becomes defense department
inheritance tax becomes death tax
our right to petition government for grievances
becomes petition government for greed
as Jack (Abram) Offs
lying liars proclaim “Trust me”
sorry sweet undereducated Georgie W. Burning bush
in a literate world
you can’t fool any of the people some of the time
but you can fool people too lazy or too fearful
to think for themselves
echolalia IS a mental disease
the rich fat man absolves his obesity
by denying any connection of over eating
to others under eating
the poor fat man has no need for absolution
dumpster diving may be his only sustenance
no, dear Sara, if you were alive today you would know
loveliness is not for sale
tis found abundantly free on angels’ wings
Walking Miracles
so to say

Internationale Endependant

Should hearings on judges be televised?
or, did we learn anything?

We all got to see Senator Ted Kennedy shoot himself in the foot
Arlen Specter exposed the deceit of a democrat
while those southern senators exposed their desires;
the overturn of Roe vs Wade

We learned first hand how kings of the hill
wallow in the mud like any porky is wont to do.

But first of all we learned
what is most important in any job application
was of minor importance for elected officials
job history should have been the only subject
starting with the latest decisions and then
proceeding backwards.

Any one surprised?
It is exactly what we are served in every
incumbent running for reelection
if they run on their record they most often
are running on the record of their promises
not their actions…not always
for always, for those who are giving attention,
even politicians change.
Some don’t.
Strom Thurman didn’t stop until he “got”
John Lennon, for example.

The great strength of our judicial system is blindness
as in ever since US began
rightwingers and leftwingers have endeavored to stack the courts
the proof is rainbow pudding
in the year 2000
the Supremes handed down a verdict that caused the Lefts to moan
in the year 2003 Terri Schivo
the Supremes handed down a verdict that caused the Rights to moan
let us call the Supremes the walk they have walked – nonpartisan!
Will the balance between right and left change in 2006?
Who could predict the Honorable Sandra Day O’Connor?

Hippo cratically Iran,
Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamene
unpopular with their people
rattles the nuclear option
to rattle the West to threaten Iranians
with the possibility of US bombs coming their way
or sanctions or whatsoever
will keep those Iranians down on the farm.

But evil is always as evil does
Black kettles always calls the pot black like me.
but this is fry day the thirteenth i see
ah’ full moon a’commin’…
the Twins.