Evolution of Wills Full of Power

assassination of character over corporal
those the people still refusing the official JFK explanation
given enough lock kneed lemmings
angrier and angrier over exposure
when knees unlock cause kick in own ass
The only fear is fear of self
causing via applauding perpetual war
and Heir Burning Bush
shooting the CIA in the foot
forgetting to release the cock
expect crow for dinner
It is not so much the lies, though dangerous,
the danger comes when lies become truths
marching off to war.

What’s missing in this picture?

(• indicates headlines on cnn.com today)

• ‘Raging Grannies’ want to enlist, go to Iraq
• Pentagon wants to raise age limit for recruits

• GTO, Mustang and Charger bring back the muscle
• Expert questions existence of rare woodpecker

• ‘Everybody Hates Chris’? Why?

Missing pieces:

Muscle car drivers want to eat Iraqi oil
and Chris will confuse them.

The Bush Is Burning George

Israeli fighting with extremist Jews over Gaza land
extremist Christians hold a candle vigil
for new supreme court nominee
Iraqis killing Iraqis at the behest of America
Extremists so extreme they believe their own lies
summer family reunions spoiled with politics
normalcy is cheating on tests from grade school
thru college thru government officials
to glutton upon the federal trough
oh Mr. Washington go to the Smiths.
“Nerve Will Focus” the Burning Bush demands
“cold blooded killers
with ideology the opposite of ours
they want to shake our conscious”
a description of both ideologies Mr. Burning
the makings of Perpetual War
your finest hour, the same temptation of Jesus.
If it is as you say BB
“To whom much is given much is required”
then what is required to whose who took so much
half the world starves on less than $1 a day?
“You got to understand…”
We understand you Mr. Bush, do you understand
support for your ideology is down to 30%.
Are there still rails in Washington, D.C.?

Newspeak Spoken and Not Spoken

the night
they bombed Iraq down
64,000 children were blown to bits
175 million Americans use cell phone
get Karl Rove off the front page
name a supreme court nominee
with no record with no answers
to questions asked by those
whose consent he needs
give him a rugged all American look
the anti-Christ to the Queen of Swing
take a good look at polished cock & bull
congenial, unruffled, conserved
spawn of Rehnquist, solicitor in general
should be illegal surely immoral
what pushed the Burning Bush
to announce before his appointed hour
it’s like there was a planned shoot out at high noon
and Bush shot five hours early
the voice of the majority will be heard
“Answer the questions John Roberts Junior!”

Occupied Checkpoint

the mind cries
second checkpoint the cries are delayed
third time never
mind now steeled against humiliation of occupation
turn around don’t drown
you could be another victim US of A
of course occupiers need face of victim
but victim as a life style is deadly
the ring of fire
who walled in Jerusalem 28 feet high
except from the East?
will the Whitehouse be walled in too?
we have a right to know what’s going on
who is expecting what from the East?
what happens when the sun no longer dries up the rain?

Lou Dobbs CNN calls Karl Rove vs Joe Wilson a “silly leak”

the silly leak it was not
it was about yellow cakes and lies
and discrediting Joe Wilson
yellow cakes being part of the Iraq war evidence
there’s nothing silly about that
how many lies to eat does it take
before one vomits?
what does a spinner do with a lie exposed?
cover it with another lie here it comes
“Mr. Novak told Karl Rove
Wilson’s wife was a CIA agent.”
are you ready?

Blame America First

is that to be pre-emptive
it truly is suggestive and defensive
America is a country
Americans are its people
it is semantics Bill O’Reillys’s
as is it always usury that breaks our hearts
lover or governor it is the secret truths
and the public lies that kill us slowly
sometimes fastly
preemptive newspeak strikes
split tongues needed to speak
out of two sides of the mouth
plausible deniability
Blame America First?
and who second California?
billy goat gruff sings
“hand me down my talking points
i’ll belt out of my echo chamber”
cough up those shirts and flag the train
down came the rain and down it came again
grace is amazing but never a given
hate becomes itself
ask Rush Limbaugh who hates addicts
ask phone sex users who pontificate chastity
asked the crucified by angry priests
who preferred money changers in the temple
hang down your head boss mon
hang down your head and cry
even salty tears eventually
turn to warm caressing
love only is immortal
those who love America the most
are critical when she is wrong
no lie to go un turned
speak up Karl Rove
we can’t hear you.