79 Million Egyptians jus’ sayin’ they wanna be free.

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Grazers have to rely on instincts.

Nawal Al-Sadawy

Industrial male complex
Military female complex
plexity plex

octogenarian Nawal
peace be upon you
shame upon this septuagenarian for
not near matching your zest and vigor?
Yes, then No
say hello to Sakina Fouad
listen to the music
“the night Fatima was arrested”
yet another version of
“don’t cry for me Argentina”
or Les Misrables

here comes Marble Mouse to save the day
on the shoulders of Giant Fish Walking

“all people saying we just wanna be free”

Raggedy Ann, my Avatar


Raggedy Ann, my Avatar

she’s got attitude
’bout every thing what comes meet her
when she’s whacking ya verbally
she’s crying alone
candle light suffices Ben wonders
are we crazy
connecting electronically?
imagine what?
in cyberspace world one
can be themselves or a rag doll or
whatever is their fancy –
animals, plants, heroes, villains etc et al
male or female
young or old
handicapped or siren/hulk
clown or sage or both
and Ben
those that play facebook games together
learn bunches and heaps about themselves
admit their addictions – deny them
be called generous – be called greedy
fall in love – be tricked
spend money and win
don’t spend money and win
meet dear friends – meet dear enemies
fall in/out of love
what we learn about ourselves:
a great wonderful gift.

Comfort Rooms


so comfortable was i with
everyone friendly until
i wanted something then
leaving the ultra comfort
to the not so much still
it was getting late, time
to go home with
no way to get there i
needed a phone but
the guard at the gate spoke,
“You’ve come to the gate several times
I think you should go out now.”
the tone was “risking arrest”
outside the gates lots of private
groups passing time chatting
at tables of 4 – 6 – looking
around for someone with an unused cell phone
on the table i asked to borrow it
as she pushed it towards me i said
“It’s a local call.”
she pulled back the phone looked
at me suspiciously and asked,
“You haven’t been tested, have you?”
i started to explain i was a nurse
and needed to call a friend to pick me up
no one was listening I pounded the table
and said, “I’m desperate!”
and woke up panting…

“God will wash this nation with blood if he has to.” – Glen Beck

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“God will wash this nation with blood if he has to.” – Glen Beck

yes, Mr. President
we are all guilty of uncivil discourse
and as the president of US all
it was honorable of you to call
for unity and civil discourse

if only…but sadly…
the Glen Becks of Fox News
“they would not listen,
the would not hear”
Hitler killed no one
his words led others to do so

so far, Glen Beck et al,
only have blood on their hands
is standing in it
right up to his fat wallet.

oh give us a home
where peaceful people roam
and children and antelope play
where never was heard
a discouraging word
and hope is alive all day.

“What if words had no meaning?”

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“What if words had no meaning?”

in the beginning was the WORD
and the word became spoken
by babbling bobble heads
and some words became vitriol rhetoric
in the brains of the deranged


we scrambling for rational(s)

a Christ a Tiny a green
born on 9/11
September 11, 2001
Father John
Mother Roxanna.

Glen Beck would wash his bloody muddy hands
with words, “We all do it.”

maybe so, maybe not, That point is mute
there is only ONE point:

in the beginning was the word
words have consequences
it is as my Dr. Seuss poet friend pens,
“Watch your vocabulary.”

The Tower of Babel is a myth to learn from
perhaps as in…
babel long enough in untruths
one will not even understand what they are saying
nor will anyone listening
there is hope Louie,
if there is life there is time to turn to truth
May we all find truthiness
before we

KABOOM ourselves
and all living things
upon this blue orb
we call home.


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time to turn the mirror around Fox News
polish with true reflectiveness
time to sit up, hope for change by changing
your news source Fox News patriots
blood-on-hands by association is easier
to cleans than blood-on-hands by calling for it
we can see clearly now deranged minds
respond to the calls for blood, targets in sight…

suggested redemption for US all:

contact Fox News advertisers
here are a few as of 6:30 a.m. moutain time
)LandRoverUSA.com ([email protected])

9:00 a.m. mt

)21st Century Insurance

anyone want to expand this list please email us

Polymorphing Betty Crocker

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Polymorphing Betty Crocker

“he’s not heavy he’s my turtle”

scratch belly button
prep 4 battling bungled bulges

Bam Bam exhorts Gops to put
“politics aside”

betwixt 10 and 20
no blame.
buts say and hey! and yeah
a cook book. ‘n all ya gotta do is
1) pull factory canned cans from the larder
2) measure white sugar & white
bleached flour
(they oh so lived white)
and 1 & 2 are only the beginning…

Oh sob, oh sad…

Where are you?”