Serving at the pleasure of the President

when one is chosen to serve and they accept
who gave the president the authority
to fire at his pleasure
without cause?
and who believes any firings were just a “whim”
translates to he can fire with a political reason
and claims it is only at his “pleasure”
well of course dummy 101
his “pleasure” is his party slinging
manufactured mud
via his pleasured attorney generals
if Mr. President only fired 8
that leaves 75 appointees he
is not displeasured with…
More importantly
George Bush built his own tree
full of his pleasured choices
now look at the fruit, of this tree that George built,
fallen to the ground and rotting from corruption,
(and yes, of course, we know there is corruption
in the Democratic party too)
still, the more important is the appalling degree
of incompetence in the choices
of Bush.

Who will change this unfair legal loop hole
of hiring, then firing for No cause?
Any worker, when told they are axed
must have the right to ask,
“What did I do?”
And more,
their humanity deserves an answer(.)

Happy Birthday Mister President

at the stroke of your veto pen
every ensuing US military death
will become solely yours
it will no longer matter if
you are someone’s puppet(s)
who’s threat is death,
or in the least exile,
on your life and/or loved ones
Today the Washington Post quotes you saying,
“the American people will know who to hold responsible
if funding for the war stalls, the Democrats.”
“This war without end has gone on far too long,”
Pelosi said, “and we are here to end it.”
it is Their Power that checks Your Power
handed to you by known elements of
American Corporate Power
with the temptation of The World’s Super Power
p.s. courage and compassion are common sense
p.p.s we all get as many birthdays
as learning from eurekas we allow
ourselves and others

yrs sincerely,
Marilyn Monroe

Peace Between Palestine and Israel Why Not?

when today the Queen of England can apologize
for her country’s involvement in the slave trade
and the benefit to England from it

succeeding in producing peace in Israel/Palestine,
George W. Bush will have atoned, somewhat,
maybe a lot…tomorrow will evidence enough…

Evangelists are screeching now
for doomsday between America and China
or was it Russia, oh no…that is those Evans’ history

Please Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father
help them Evan’ies not emulate themselves
in their fervor to be “right” without evidence

Lead us away from prophets for profit
into the message of the Messenger
(always crucified).

“Forever Stamp”

41 cents guaranteed to be good forever
cheap sugar guaranteed on the backs
of the Haitian sugarcane cutter
guaranteed fear of Muslim’s flying
com’on Women Voters
ANY woman is not better than NO woman
when given only a Hillary to chose from
ignoring Nancy Pelosi’s with no monetary controllers
com’on Voters of Charisma
what is it you do not understand
of the symbol of the Apple…and American Apple Pie
give me the innocent intelligent candidate
and i’ll give you the road to freedom
the facing the fears implanted upon US
lead US not into the temptation
of lazy summer time
and deliver US from all slick snake clicking tongues
there is an antidote for poison
Take down those Walls, Congress
those controllers are building that do not
keep out the “undesirables” but do keep in
US citizens … locked in fear
giving up their freedom for security
of which they recieve not —
later, if not sooner, we all die…
get over it.
The more we consume in this slave-filled world
the dirtier we get!

666 Days Left in the Bush Regime

Hillary will leave a “security force” in Iraq
Tom De Lay relays, “he who attacks me is a Nazi”
psyche 101 calls it “delusions of grandeur”
Bill O’Reilly describes himself while blaming others
for not having a barometer for truth and asserts
a difference between “lying negatively”
and “lying positively” – what do you call it Mr. O
when one lies positively about a negative war report?
Newt Gingrich is “astounded by false reporting”
the Newt that led the prosecution of Clinton
while he, Gingrich, was partaking of the same
“sexual discretions”.
Pander is not good
for the Goose Gingrich.

One-Thought Limited Texan

Republican Texas Sen. Dan Patrick proposes
giving any woman going to an abortion clinic $500,
to be paid no more than 30 days after the baby is born
and given up for adoption.

His proposal would violate Texas and federal laws
against buying babies, which Patrick rejected as
“typical ridiculous criticism.”

Meantime back in the real world – worldwide
there are 143 million orphans…Buuttt good ol’
white folks want newborn infants and/or
is it only war hawks realizing
they are running out of fodder? or is it fear
momma would have aborted them if she coulda?

Please! Patrick! We don’t need more adoptive babies,
we need more Christians doing the work
assigned them by their Jesus, to paraphrase,
“What you do not do for the least of them,
you do not do for me.”

Between Iraq and a Bush

Oh my Nancy Oh Pelosi
give us back our habeas
corpus. The Patriot Act
is unAmerican give us back
our shining light…
and they call it ’84…come a’Boar’d
2001 – was it not a Spaced Odd’essy?
When we let go of the pain
others have caused us
we can stop fearing to look
at the pain we caused others
Eli Bear says the bottom “level”
is the fear of dying, to which
Oh my Darling Clementine asks,
How do you explain
a suicide bomber’s
lack of fear of dying?

We are all Americans when it comes to
peace and war and democratic republics.
Will we be the shining Lighthouse on the hill,
giving hope to the oppressed or will we fall?

The whole world is watching…

Elizabeth Edwards, A Shame To Cry Over

to find a lump on her breast
and not let her husband know
or do anything about it
until his presidential campaign
was over
to late for surgery
how did it get into any female human brain
to play roulette with their own life so as
not to jeopardize a husband’s ambition?

May we all hang our heads and cry
over the shame of the Western mind’s obsession
with human female mammary glands
that motivates young and not so young women
to submit to a surgical knife
for bigger and bouncier breasts
which only attracts
grownup baby boys
orally fixated.

The Slow Bleed Is of the US Treasury

or, how to take down a country that values
money over human hearts
they will spend themselves into slavery
until they are owned by the slaves
call it their Money God who leads them
“the only way up Jacob’s ladder is down”
the more America spends itself to death
the more Osama bin Laden wins.
Call Osama Satan if you will, whose
original definition was Protagonist,
or call him a personified devil
who tempts Bush with undreamed of power,
or take the Pentagon that assures him
they can take out any person or nation
he so wishes.
The fear mongers cry,
“Wake Up America and never forget
The peace chanters chant,
“Wake Up America! Man or mouse,
you are blindly following a Pied Piper
fluting the ditty “fly and buy”
and the cliff is fast approaching,
Wake Up America,
and remember the meaning of

Iraq is not a civil war it is a War of Revenge
It started as a War of Revenge for Bush
Now it is a War of Revenge on the Iraqi Sunni.

Divine Is A Verb, Who’s Nature Is Love

O Spring
hopes eternal

Barak Obama: “Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people.”
Ed Koch prefers his readers to believe they brought it on themselves
by opposing the carving out of Israel from Palestinian land, since 1948.

Even if Koch believes “they brought it on themselves”
it does not negate Barak Obama’s statement, as in,
the Palestinians have more death and suffering than the Israelis.

It’s still Springtime in the Rockies
Thumper seys No
the public will not be distracted from the war in Iraq
all Bush minor-Gates only polish the looking glass
into all the illegal activity of the current US government
that have committed this most vile of crimes:
mass killings perpetrated with lies

O Spring
some flowers will freeze to death before fruiting
and some will not
some songbirds will be eaten by cats
but others will continue their song.